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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 October  2020




Rajapaksa Brothers & Chinese Citizenship

They say that the Journey is more important than the destination. I learnt it through Bhaghawath Geetha which is globally recognized as the Hindu bible. As per Geetha – Krishna says to Prince Arjuna to kill his opposition in combat  even though they are his family elders and gurus. Krishna says that they (family elders and gurus ) would expect this of Arjuna. The reason is that at mind level they are eternally one due to completion of their relationships. From then on – they are Common and naturally empower their juniors. That which is common has no other particular form. This is the basis for celebrating war heroes.  We then celebrate their war experience.  Those who celebrate victory are confirming that they are destination-driven. Likewise those who mourn defeat. The higher the pathway, the less visible the destination and the stronger the common experience. Death is part of that common experience. We will know this to the extent we had the actual war experience.

Both sides to the Sri Lankan armed war were destination driven and therefore did not have the common experience. As per the Sri Lanka Brief report headed ‘Some Reflections on the Twentieth Amendment Bill – Asanga Welikala’:

[States based on the concept of popular sovereignty hold that governments that are periodically elected to serve the public, and the more permanent constitutional arrangements through which government itself is established, must be founded on the freely expressed consent of the majority of the population. In order for a democracy to be regarded as a constitutional democracy, this principle of majoritarian rule must be balanced by the constraints that are imposed by the constitution and the rule of law. It is only when both these features are present that we can call a country a constitutional democracy.]

What happened becomes admissible ‘fact’ only when the consent (destination) is at least equalled by the constraint (experienced difficulty). Where the value of  the experience is stronger than the value of the outcome – the Universal value raises Itself to lead such a person. Such a person could never be defeated. This is known as Soul-power in religious circles and Governance-power in Politics and Law.   Discretionary powers are rendered on the basis of this power. When consent factor is stronger than the constraint factor – our intellectual powers deteriorate and we become frivolous. When we then  protest against the official system we become vexatious and damage the earned rights of law-abiding members of our community.

Majority vote based largely on belief confirms leadership by the power of Pirapanjam / Universe. A leader who is elected by voters of this calibre would naturally lead and therefore does not need the law. Hence the leader is covered by immunity provisions. Dr Welikala quotes as follows in the above mentioned article:

[M.A. Sumanthiran, an ethnic Tamil lawmaker, said the weakening of Parliament would result in minority communities losing their voices.

"There will be power changing hands from the legislature to the executive. In the legislature all sections of the polity have a say, however small they may be," he said. "Even if presidents win election with votes from minority groups, past experience has shown that they will only look after the interests of the majority community, from whom they received most of their votes."]

If the votes were obtained by showing particular benefits AND the minority / opposition believes in the whole more than the majority and they declare that through their votes – the Universal power becomes their leader

 Those who lack governance power need Executive powers and not immunity. One who asks for Executive powers as well as immunity from prosecution is a coward.

Now Sri Lanka has become a land through which Americans as well as Chinese governments are trying to show ‘Executive’ powers. Sri Lankan governors who have global experience can diffuse them. Those who seek Executive powers through Sri Lankan positions do not have this power. Dual citizens in Sri Lankan government do not have this power. Two Rajapaksa brothers as ‘free’ citizens confirmed preference to become American citizens. They have the duty to oppose governments that are opposed to the American government. Next time around – they have to emigrate to  China and not to America. They would if they were truly grateful to China.  



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