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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 October  2020



Coronavirus & Governments

Newton’s third law of motion is stated as follows:

[When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.]

This to my mind is true in terms of  Government and the People. To hold true – it needs to be manifested. Any reliable law shows this connection in theory. Any ‘fact’ confirms the completion of that connection. Yesterday, I highlighted the following in relation to the proscription of the LTTE in the UK:

[An organisation may only be proscribed if the Home Secretary “reasonably believes” that it is currently “concerned in ‘terrorism’” (as defined by the Terrorism Act 2000).  However, there is no mechanism by which the Government reviews the list of proscribed organisations to ensure the legal test for proscription continues to be met.  This means that organisations such as the LTTE remain listed indefinitely, unless an application to the Home Secretary for deproscription is successful.]

To believe, the two bodies need to be One. Then we confidentially cure within as if we were one family. A senior is entitled to use ‘belief’ to cure a junior. In the case of TGTE - Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam in the UK – it must feel that it is the junior in law to the elected government of the UK to be eligible to be cleared of proscription. Perhaps what the TGTE may not be aware of is that it then automatically disconnects with the original LTTE that claimed to be independent of Democratic Governments – including Tamils who invested in Democratic Governments through our belief based voting. Such an application should not be to ‘show’. Once we ‘show’ we lose the entitlement to confidential settlement. In response to my article, a Tamil Diaspora leader wrote in opposition:

[Under the UK Terrorism Act the only party that can appeal is the proscribed organisation and TGTE have declared that they are the party to appeal. Therefore, they are not the shadows and they are the LTTE.

TGTE and the shadows must go further and pull their hidden resources to pay reparation to all those who fell foul for not aligning with their mission.

Legal fees in excess of £200k could have been better spent for post war nation building of our war ravaged people. ]

This obviously is a declaration in Opposition. If such leaders have worked to promote law and order within the Tamil Diaspora in the UK – they would be heard by the Tamil Diaspora which has the duty to commit itself to law and order of global standards.

Belief does not need proof. But if we hurt even one believer in that circle – the outcomes would be exponentially damaging to us. They are the curses of greed.

Instead, if we operate  within our own circle of belief we would feel ‘free’ to develop our strengths to benefit our own circle. To a degree, the LTTE did do this in the areas within its belief. Hence their above average shows of cleverness. This however stopped working when they used the skills beyond the purpose of Defence and effectively attacked. To the extent they failed to limit their manifestations ‘outside’ their circle of belief – they lost the protection of Belief. Tamils in UK do not need and should not need the protection of LTTE. The reason is that majority migrated on the claim of war in Sri Lanka. In turn they have the duty to develop within the Community beliefs in that system that gave them refuge. If we develop the system that we ran away from – we become ungrateful and therefore incapable of developing reliable relationships. As stated by the UK Diaspora leader – the victims of war we left behind, have greater need for structures that confirm reliable governance. Yesterday for example when we observed through our camera, a grade 5 student coming to our temple in Thunaivi – to pray before she went for the Scholarship Exam – I felt deeply touched and blessed her. I fully believe that my blessings would go towards her continued education. The manifestation was the part of the other side of the difficulties that I endured to eliminate disorder in that separated village of Thunaivi.  I feel part of the real governance power in that area. This renders insight into other areas of governance in Sri Lanka.

Sunday Times political editorial headed ‘Minuwangoda garment factory fiasco embarrasses Govt. at time of 20A’ confirms belief based connection between Coronavirus and the Government’s moves to change the Constitution:

[A weaker opposition and a powerful two-thirds majority in Parliament have not reduced the woes of the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Alliance in any great measure.

Paradoxical enough, mechanisms within the Government, much to their own chagrin, are causing them devastating damage. This is eroding the ruling alliance’s credibility slowly but surely. It is not only in the public eye but also before the international community focused on governance issues here.

Two such instances of great importance emerged this week. One is the shocking “community spread” of Covid-19, for the first time since April. This happened at the renowned Brandix garments factory in Minuwangoda. It assumed proportions of a national crisis unleashing fears of a frightening countrywide lockdown, food shortages and many other uncertainties. That it came at a time when even those in the opposition too were praising the preventive measures taken by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, was upsetting government leaders.]


There were indicators from March onwards about the haste of the government being blocked by the king virus.  If a citizen believes in Sri Lankan law s/he can confidentially invoke such natural powers which would manifest through the Judiciary.  One who believes in Buddhist laws can do so even more quickly.


The above editorial confirms the following in relation to Dual Citizens in Parliament:

[Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara raised the issue of the rescinding the provision which debarred dual citizens from contesting elections]


The media – especially ‘Face the Nation’ also raised the issue of Dual Citizenship – asking whether this was to accommodate Mr Basil Rajapaksa. The response came from his electorate of Gampaha where in the 2010 Parliamentary election he won overwhelming preference votes. The second wave of Corona attack began in Minuwangoda which is in Gampaha district. One did not need the Supreme Court to recognize the Natural Warning. Politicians with Belief are always protected by Natural powers. Those without belief can easily be defeated through the Common power.

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