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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 October  2020



China Loan v American Grant

When do the judicial system and  the system of Karma work in harmony?

Daily Mirror  editor has raised the questionWho won the first US Presidential debate?’ which editorial is concluded as follows:

[But all of this has now been thrown to the winds. Trump, his wife and numerous members of his team have contracted the virus. They now all wear masks, it as if ‘karma’ kicked back. ]

To read through the system of karma – one needs the truth as experienced by her/him. Karma, as per my experience waits for the closure by the deeper or stronger investor in the issue and then kicks in to manifest its outcomes as per one’s feelings. It cannot be measured merely through ‘mask rules’. Ideally, when we can do no more through the official system and we escalate the issue to  the highest level in the structure, through our truth based belief – karma is assured to work in our favour, at that level or higher. We in fact get lead positions in the system of karma. Karma continues to lead – through us also but not ‘only’ by us. Those outcomes are Dharmic / Righteous.

Daily Mirror has published also the interview by Easwaran Rutnam of US Ambassador under the headlines ‘Sri Lanka should engage with China in ways that protect its sovereignty - Alaina B. Teplitz’

Sri Lanka’s sovereignty can either be determined by the level of Independence of the leaders or the People. Both need not be the same. In democracy, the latter is stronger than the former. When this is so, the People will lead Lanka’s karma.

The American Ambassador shares as follows:

[A 2019 World Bank study concluded that more than 60% of People’s Republic of China (PRC)-funded Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects are allocated to Chinese companies and stressed that tender processes are opaque. The World Bank called for open and transparent public procurement to increase the likelihood that BRI projects are allocated to the firms best placed to implement them. Sri Lankan think tank Verité Research analyzed 50 high value loans from the PRC to Sri Lanka. All but one loan (where data was available) were 100% “tied” – meaning the loan terms dictated that contracts and tenders be awarded to Chinese contractors, limiting the ability of Sri Lankan and global firms to compete for these projects. Fair competition would lower prices and ensure better quality.  ]

As per my experience with Sri Lankans in war affected areas, loans are taken as ‘free’ money when the lender seems affluent. Left to those kinds of Sri Lankans – the BRI project would become much more expensive than if the Chinese were to do it. The Ambassador is reported to have stated also ‘Our development programmes globally are about 90% grants and not loans’ . When they are loans the relationship is Creditor-Debtor. In the case of grants it is highly likely to be taken as quid pro quo transaction.

As per my experience, I was driven to take senior positions over debtors when I felt that they would not repay. This is what happened with Hambantota / Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port. Wikipedia reports:

[On July 28, 2017, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe announced that lease would be signed the next day and on July 29, 2017, Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and China Merchant Port Holdings signed an agreement on the Hambantota Port to lease the port to China Merchant Port Holdings for 99 years. The government of Sri Lanka kept the ownership of the port and lease it for 99 years. The deal gave the Sri Lankan government $1.4 billion, that they will be using to pay off the debt to China. This will stop the Sri Lanka Ports Authority paying off debt of Magampura Port from the profit of the Colombo port. The deal had been delayed by several months over concerns that the port could be used for military purposes and also government had to face huge opposition to this deal from trade unions and opposition political parties who called it a sellout of the country's national assets to China. The large Chinese loans, inability of the Sri Lankan government to service the loans, and subsequent 99-year Chinese lease on the port have led to accusations that China was practicing Debt trap diplomacy]

Effectively, through this changeover – Creditor-Debtor relationship has become Senior-Junior relationship. The main person who leads the junior side is Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa who brought about ‘closure’ to the armed war between the government and the Tamil rebels – about a year prior to the opening of the Hambantota / Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port. This closure would have opened the doors of the system of karma. Hence out went Sri Lankans and in came Chinese who continuously attract Indians to fight against them.

Is there nothing that the common Sri Lankan can do? The Common Sri Lankan becomes the strongest driver of Karmic vehicle when the common Sri Lankan believes in her/his land. This in turn will invoke the Energy of ancestral powers that have long protected Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. THAT is the core value of the Constitution.

Opposing the 20th Amendment and practicing the 19th Amendment including on de facto basis – would naturally invoke powers of democracy. A practiced principle is far more powerful than an idle law – especially one through which makers take benefits.

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