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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 October  2020



Not Preference but Proportional Voting system

Those who follow my system, including in Vaddukoddai, Sri Lanka – know that there is no free money from me. We make beggars of those to whom we give ‘free’ money. When we pay for purposes outside the system – it amounts to bribery. The Universal Energy continuously balances itself as per the core purpose of visible manifestations.

At a time when the current government is investigating the deeper causers of the 2019 Easter bombings, the following manifestation has been reported – including by Wion news, under the heading ‘#IshiniGate: Sri Lankan influencer accused of siphoning $82,000 raised for Easter attack victims’:

[The fundraiser organised by Ishini Weerasinghe, a Sri Lankan expat currently residing in Canada has become the subject of much debate after donors charging Weerasinghe of siphoning nearly $82,882 in amassed funds. The fundraiser on was created on 21 April 2019.]

The bombing happened on 21 April 2019. If one could think of money so quickly, it strongly indicates mala fide purpose. Those who responded hastily confirm lack of depth and possession of easy money. I rarely get moved to give money because I earned every rupee / dollar that is in my name.

The deeper cause is often known through our belief rather than through external evidence. Those who earned money as per reliable administrative pathways would expect such to be the case. Currently, many are quick to use the system of karma to identify with the reason why American President got the virus. This was not the case when the British PM caught the infection.  The difference to my mind is due to the pathways taken by the respective leaders. The latter was respectful of the Medical Service while the former was disrespectful. Likewise, political donations whilst the community is still hurting due to war damages.

Mr Wigneswaran recently released his statement of Election Receipts and Payments. 84% of the total sum of Rs 8.8 million is reported to have come from foreign remittances. 71% of this has been for Advertising & Publicity. One who has placed her/himself in the people s/he claims to represent would not need any external promotion through Advertising & Publicity. Donors  who cared about the People would have expressed their support and left it to the People to interpret it as per their relationship with the People. Those who donate easy money confirm that they did not earn that money in the path of Dharma.

Recently when I discussed the Lankan voting system, a young member of the Tamil Diaspora stated that Mrs Sashikala Raviraj had misunderstood the system and hence the adverse publicity about her seat. I differed and explained that the system of Preferences had failed the voter who voted as per the instructions received in her/his electoral division, which has been abolished by the district based recognition. The new system is based on proportional representation. It is NOT preference voting as commonly understood. Preferential system facilitates the feeling of participation by all voters. The Sri Lankan Parliamentary voting system does not provide for this. It facilitates popular vote for individuals within a party.

The pathway of belief is a natural spread from local to national. One who voted in Chavakachcheri would have voted for the local candidate or the party that the candidate represented. The Ballot paper provides for only one tick and no preferences at party level. The preferences are within parties and for wider purposes they indicate popularity of the individual candidate. Accordingly since SLFP candidate Mr Angajan Ramanathan got the highest preferential votes in Jaffna – one is entitled to conclude that the People of Jaffna have voted to include Central Administration and not to reject it. At the individual level such a candidate is the most preferred candidate in Jaffna. Hence the claim for Federalism is demoted by this outcome.

If the monies had been expended to impartially educate the voter – the above results are likely to have been different. This is why they say ‘man proposes and god disposes’.

Belief is natural. Anyone who manipulates the vote of the less educated is cursed. As Tamil Poet Bharathi said:

[Dharmathin vaalvathanai soothu kavvum,

Dharmam marupadiyum vellum/

Life of  Dharma will be bitten by Deception

Dharma will win again]


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