Sunday 18 October 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 October  2020



Common Sri Lankan Tamil

Many members of the Tamil Diaspora drew my attention to media write-ups regarding the biopic film – ‘800’   about Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan. I believe I am an elder in the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Who is an ‘elder’? - One who is able to invoke natural powers of sovereignty in the community. When I am driven by my true experience, the truth in that experience  merges with Universal truth and hence the Universal Franchise in democracy.

The simple example of me being an elder in the family is the motivational force through which I share my skills with younger members naturally and without current efforts. To my mind that is the heritage value which empowers both in common. All that the young ones need to do is to respect the elders and the Energy of the elder is shared with the young heir as common mind structure. That Universal Energy works independent of the person who generated it. It could be positive or negative. If we are active in the current environment as per its rules – any negative Energy remains dormant.

As per that truth, I could not identify with some claims by Mr Kuna Kaviyalahan in relation to Muttiah Muralitharan and his position in Sri Lanka’s national cricket team. Kaviyalahan for example, claims that Muralitharan was the only Tamil to get a place in the national team and that that was due to his closeness to the Rajapaksa family. Immediately my karmic mind surfaced to remind me about Sridharan Jeganthan who was our neighbour in Colombo. Back then I considered it a great achievement. But such Tamils are left out by the likes of Kaviyalahan who seems to indulge in brainwashing members of the Tamil Diaspora ready to be influenced by the sensationalism of the media handed out as free knowledge. A simple Google search would have confirmed that there were about 10 Tamils in the National cricket team of Sri Lanka. All of them would have faced challenges in various forms to get there. Hill country Tamils’ pathway would have been different to that of the Jaffna Tamils’ who excelled in Public Administration and a few in the Judiciary.

I concluded that to the likes of Kaviyalahan, I was not an elder. Likewise all of the above Jaffna Tamils. His analyses will therefore be without the support of Jaffna elders’ common philosophy. I learnt recently through Indian medium that philosophy meant ‘Love of wisdom’. It made sense. From time to time those in public life referred to my work as being philosophical. I identify with it. One who writes the truth is being philosophical. Truth & Love are different names for Common Energy.

If Muralitharan’s film is his truth – then it is healthy for Sri Lanka which is seriously damaged due to ethnic divide. Muralitharan’s truth may not seem right or of positive value to some in the Tamil diaspora. Kaviyalahan for example seems to classify Muralitharan as Indian Tamil and not Eelam Tamil. This confirms separatism and not commonness. Using the same basis – one has the obligation to rule out all militants trained by India, free of charge, as Indian militants. More importantly those who were funded by India’s Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR, through LTTE leader Prabhakaran, also become Indian Tamil militants. Only an elder in the family has the right to fund juniors. Prabhakaran confirmed this by addressing MGR as Anna/elder brother  and Mr Wigneswaran confirmed that Prabhakaran was his junior / Thambi in politics. The political role of  Mr Wigneswaran is therefore taken as that of militant politics. It was strongly infected by separatism due to living off the past – a past from which LTTE separated themselves when they killed Tamil politicians.

Muralitharan would naturally inherit from Hill Country Tamils like the Hon Arumugan Thondaman who was highly honoured by the Rajapaksas. Heirs of Tamil militants do not have the right to classify those outside their circle. They have the right to play the adversarial role at their level. They have the duty to leave ‘judgment’ on behalf of the community, to common Sri Lankan Tamil elders like myself.

Often latest arrivals in Sri Lanka from India’s Tamil Nadu are classified as Indian Tamils. Their parallels in the new nations that we have migrated to are ‘Asians’ or ‘Indians’. This includes majority in the Tamil Diaspora. As per the system of karma – we receive in these countries that which we dish out in the areas where we think we are the rulers. This means that Natural Justice will settle the score including in relation to alleged war crimes. To the extent both sides did it – the claim is merely philosophical in terms of global management.

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