Monday 17 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
17 October   2016

Lankan President – Victim of Two Masters

Lord Krishna said after confirming through His strongest Believer  that He was Avatar - that God comes in the form  we believe in. In a Court of Law – the witnesses swear on their own Bibles or affirm. I was informed by our Hindu lawyer Mr. Manoharan of Vaddukoddai origin – that Buddhists did not swear but affirmed. When I was defending myself in Australian Courts against Peaceful Assembly given Trespass form by the pundits – the Advisor to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW who was a witness was asked by the Magistrate as to whether he was seeking to swear or affirm. The quick response was ‘Affirmation’.

The choice of affirmation would, to my mind,  mean one or both of the following two reasons:

1.      The person did not want to look deep within to include his belief but was doing his duty as per his position
2.      He did not have deeper belief  than the secular world to have the power to invoke the religious God

 One who swears is accessing his religious belief. The deeper our search – the closer we are to the Truth / Root Cause.

Was the President of Sri Lanka swearing or affirming when he declared at the UN that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country? If he was stating facts – as per majority picture – then he was affirming. If he was sharing his belief in Buddha then he invoked the real Buddha. But Buddha being Buddha showed the Truth within the President – as if the President was Buddha. In other words, Buddha came in the form of the invoker’s Truth.  

 Truth is the pathway through which a lay participant in Court becomes equal to the legal specialists including that part of the Judge’s mind in that court. When that Truth is invoked – it works to invoke the other side’s Truth. Judge Moore of the Australian Federal Court is registered in my mind as an honorable judge because he said words to the effect that he accepted that I believed the cause of my pain and loss to be due to racial discrimination but that they Courts did not have the resources to make deeper search. But because I shared my belief under oath – keeping in mind Lord Krishna - eventually this resulted in Australia’s share of karma manifesting through Bali Bombing through Australians who were less serious than I in following the Law. Truth never fails the members of Its system.

As per the Sunday Observer article ‘President, UNP discuss crisis at late night meeting: Sirisena vows no one can topple Government’ which appears to be the most popular article amongst the Tamil Diaspora:

[Advice to the media: On Friday, Nimal Bopage, Secretary to the Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media, issued some unsolicited advice to the media stressing the “importance for all media institutions to show their maturity.” He notes in his statement that; “if there is some agreement within two parties and one side fails to fulfill obligation by avoiding doing things in terms of the agreement, in such situation there can be various actions and reactions and the media should go and look at the hidden truth in such situation and ensure there is a just and fair use of the media.”]

In this instance, the media is the parallel of the lay litigant in Court. Only Truth discovered by a medium, gives that medium the authority to take position as an Equal to a Public Administrator who is within her/his portfolio. Members of the Media often use their  own thought  orders as if they were above the Executive.  That is how the media often shrinks the system to its own levels by abusing ‘freedom to publish’. If they have not found the Truth in an issue deeper than other members/groups – they must seek and find such a person/group and include themselves or attribute credit to that person/group when reporting about another person holding position outside their circle. In all instances – the media does not have authority above an officer in another autonomous circle to ‘judge’ that judge. Their powers are taken as  Equal and when Opposite they have the authority to express it at Equal level – to complete the picture of Truth which becomes Natural policy in regards to that issue at that place. Truth manifests Itself only when there are Equal forces on both sides.

This is the basis on which we need to inquire into the provisions needed in the new anti-terror laws. The New Indian Express reports as follows through article headed ‘Tamil National Alliance to modify unacceptable new anti-terror draft law in parliament’:

[TNA MP M.A.Sumanthiran told Express on Sunday, that he would take it up when it comes before the two relevant Parliamentary Oversight Committees, the one on Justice and the other on National Security, at the end of this month.
“I am a member of both and am confident of success,” the Supreme Court Senior Counsel turned political leader said. He said he has several Supreme Court observations to back his claim.]

The parallel family example that comes to mind is as follows:

On Saturday, I made vegetable cutlets (deep fried crumbed vegetables-potato mix) and made them non-spicy to meet the order placed by our  youngest granddaughter. My husband offered to help and hence I allocated the frying task to him. Towards the end I asked him how many had been fried and he said about 25. I said keep aside 10 and we’ll take 15. The rest I decided not to fry because our daughter said she would fry them.  When I went to pack there were two lots and naturally I concluded that they were in lots of 10 and 15. I packed the larger lot and we delivered. During dinner time back at our place – when I started getting dinner ready – I noticed that the lot left behind had only 6 instead of 10. I asked my husband and he said he thought I would count and hence left it to me to divide. Later yesterday – Sunday – I brought up the topic to share intellectually my disappointment that my husband did not do the counting which resulted in disappointment for me and adjustment for both of us. Then later – when we decided to have pizza for dinner, my husband’s service was perfect!’ I pointed out that the difference between the two services was that he did not like the non-spicy vegetarian cutlets as much as the pizza from Arthur’s which is usually a treat for us.

Likewise, to Mr. Sumanthiran and the Media – the issue regarding Article 9 which allocates special status to Buddhism – is like the non-spicy vegetarian cutlets. They have left it to the cooks and servants of Sri Lankan society. But when it comes to Terrorism feed – that is like the expensive pizza from outside which makes them think they are international!

But like the Bali Bombing – the opposition raised by Hindus individually and in groups – to the Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution,  paved the pathway for the Truth to manifest Itself – and that is that the current Sri Lankan President was unreliable due to having two masters – one his predecessor the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa and the other Mr. Rajapaksa’s predecessor Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. The Truth of the above  two predecessors in that top position – as commonly known is - that they are each other’s opposition. When it comes to Terrorism and LTTE – the current President takes the mind order of Mr. Rajapaksa but lacks the former President’s openness about his de facto approach of ‘being from the Southern jungles of Sri Lanka’. When it comes to civil harmony – the current President’s mind seems to be under the influence of Madam Kumaratunga who also tried to justify the ‘Sinhala Only’ policy of her father. When in International circles – the current President seems to take on the latter mind-order – and hence the following of Madam Theresa May in place of Madam Kumaratunga. Confirmation of this is included in the above mentioned Sunday Times article headed ‘President, UNP discuss crisis at late night meeting: Sirisena vows no one can topple Government’:

[…..On the subject of a probe into alleged war crimes by troops and Tiger guerrillas, the result of the US resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Sirisena made reference to new developments in Britain. He noted that Prime Minister Theresa May had told her senior commanders to stop British soldiers from falling victim to “abuse and legal system” by lawyers representing Iraqis who allege they were victims of war crimes during the occupation of their country.

An account in the British Guardian newspaper explained that “it comes amid mounting criticism of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat), which was set up to investigate allegations of murder, abuse and torture by British forces. Former soldiers have claimed they have been hounded through courts on unfounded claims and there are growing calls for the Ihat to be shut down…..A Downing Street statement said ‘The Prime Minister spoke of her pride in the UK armed forces, and praised the work they do to keep our nation safe. She said that every effort must be made to prevent any abuse of the legal system, and restated her determination to protect the armed forces against any instances of vexatious complaints.”

Sirisena drew a parallel from the developments in Britain. He declared that the United Nations should adopt a single standard and not apply different ones for different countries. If there was an insistence on probes into alleged war crimes, he pointed out, he would write to all world leaders expressing the need for a unified approach and adopt the same principle. He suggested he would also follow Premier May’s example. A source at the meeting said Sirisena then turned to Foreign Minister Samaraweera and asked him to take cognizance  of what he was saying. He said that the victory of the security forces, police and the resultant peace in Sri Lanka cannot be disturbed. The remarks are another strong indication that Sirisena is distancing himself further away from moves to initiate a UN backed war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka no matter whether they are with local or foreign judges.
Then Sirisena touched on the issue of ongoing investigations into bribery, corruption and other misdeeds during the previous regime. Referring to the CIABOC’s charges against Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the three former Commanders of the Navy, he opined that it was a weak case and might not succeed. He noted that criminal charges should have been preferred instead. He said the manner in which the former Defence Secretary and the three former Commanders of the Navy were hauled to courts was deplorable. Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, one-time legal adviser to Avant Garde, the company responsible for the floating armoury, for which the former Defence Secretary and the retired service chiefs were charged, was to intervene at this stage to say the Navy chiefs should not be produced in courts. He claimed that they were merely “employees” — meaning those who served the state. Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said some Opposition members were boasting that the photographs of the suspects inside the cell were worth more than Rs. 500 million for them but had been delivered free.
Most of Sirisena’s criticism was centred on the CIABOC. He said former SLFP Minister A.H.M. Fowzie was facing charges of misusing or abusing state vehicles. However, an official circular, in this instance, had allowed the use of such vehicles by ministers, he argued. Former SLFP Civil Aviation Minister Priyankara Jayaratne, Sirisena said, was being charged with providing a job to his daughter. “Who would not find employment for one’s own daughter,” he asked. Sirisena lamented that neither the CIABOC nor the CID or the FCID kept him informed when arrests were made – a charge which sources in the two agencies insist is not a requirement and point out that it would have only invited pressure on them not to proceed with some cases. As for the CIABOC, it is an autonomous body and is not legally bound to keep any political leader informed.
Having spoken in anger at the special meeting of selected ministers on Tuesday, Sirisena went public with his remarks the next day. The relevant parts of his speech in Sinhala appear on Here is an English translation:
“Last year we had summoned the service commanders for an investigation. I cannot recall the particular incident. At that time I expressed my displeasure over their being summoned. They were responsible for ending the war. Two weeks back the former Defence Secretary and three former Commanders of the Navy were brought to courts. I wish to express my total displeasure and disgust over the incident…….]

The question is which law does the President expect CIABOC - Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption - to use? The English Law and its global counterpart – or the Buddha Sasana as interpreted by the highest ranking officer within CIABOC who has codified the rules of  CIABOC to suit Buddhist minds? The greater the reliance on Belief – the stronger the Subjective influence in a decision.

Sri Lankan Airlines is a strong medium through which Truth about confused leadership is manifesting Itself. Mr. Rajeewa Jayaweera confirms this through his article dated 15 October 2016, under the heading : ‘Independent Inquiry @ SriLankan Airlines goes awry’:

[As this saga unfolds, two aspects would appear obvious. Firstly, it would appear to be an attempt to victimize a staff member who is a senior captain and a known critic of the management. Secondly, the airline seems to be totally at sea and unprepared to handle such a disciplinary inquiry.
The company’s working language is English. All manuals related to flight operations are in English. All employees involved in the investigation from Security, Flight Operations and HR departments require proficiency in English language to hold their respective positions. The statement obtained by the airline from the accused upon his return to Colombo as well as the suspension and show cause letters issued by the airline are in English. Therefore, the attempt to hold the inquiry in Sinhala language may be construed as an attempt at intimidating the accused………

A letter of suspension dated August 30, 2016 titled ‘Letter of Suspension from Work / Refusal to undergo a breathalyzer test, UL402 CMB/BKK 28 August 2016’ has been issued to the accused. Flying Staff Instructions (FSI) No 255 dated 25 August 2016 clause 4 stipulates; ‘Refusal by an employee to undergo the testing process is considered a breach of the Alcohol and Psychoactive Substance Testing Policy and will be treated as a positive test result.
Disciplinary action would be taken according to the company disciplinary procedure/CAASL Regulations’. Since the suspension letter dated August 28 refers to ‘Refusal to undergo a breathalyzer test’, the company is in breach of its own circular FSI No 255 clause 4 by permitting the accused to operate UL402 on 28 August.

However, none of the eleven charges listed in the Show Cause letter dated September 11, 2016 refers to a ‘refusal to undergo a breathalyzer test’. The reason for the suspension would appear to have changed between August 28 and September 11.
SriLankan Airlines was awarded a national award for Best HRM Practices a few years ago. The decision by the Human Resources Dept. responsible for all disciplinary matters to appoint an individual with a record of an altercation with the accused during a previous inquiry is a reflection of total disregard for procedures, ethics and best practices. Had the HR dept. representative present at the inquiry not reported the incident to management, it is a serious omission.
Inquiring Officers found attempting to tamper with witnesses are essentially blacklisted. The previous altercation between the Inquiring Officer and accused essentially disqualifies the Independent Inquiring Officer from playing any role in this inquiry.
Despite all the grandiose statements on accountability and transparency by current top management, there seem to be little difference in the modus operandi at SriLankan Airlines, prior to and after 09 January 2015.]

Where feelings of ownership are deep – one does not need high-order laws. Truth when manifested by such owner, defines the pathway that would be comfortably worked by the Institution. This is why Universities have Research as one of their core purposes. The pathway through which Research led to Truth is the highest law governing that discovery. The global level discovery about Sri Lanka is that negligence of ethnic divisions lead to violence and disorder. Since this was undertaken with UN Aid – Sri Lankans are entitled to be heard and judged through UN laws as interpreted by the highest investor/s in Common Sri Lanka.

If Buddhism foremost remains it would result in conflict over interpretations through the subjective path – where Sinhalese language and  Buddhist religion would be used  by minds that have become addicted to welfare. Welfare happens even at policy level – when the label is used to take up high position without belief in the substance. Happens all the time. Ravana Force formed  by Buddhists including monks being an extreme example. In Tamil families also this conflict exists – between the older generation which allocated higher status for religious marriages than for civil marriages or for Natural sharing and the younger generation that enjoys freely the pleasures of marriage often by being open about their Truth than pretending to be religious. They share higher level of Goodwill with each other – when they are left on their own. Likewise, various communities within Sri Lanka who are free of subjective powers.

Those who pray to Lord Muruga with two wives, operate well under this two partner system. But towards this they have to renounce Buddhism foremost because Buddha renounced marital/family pleasures to realize Truth as a single person. Effectively therefore those who go to Kathirgamam as per their belief – are Hindus. Most political leaders in Sri Lanka known to me are therefore Hindus. Hinduism is multicultural. The Presiding deity of Sri Lankan Airlines is Lord Muruga due to Peacock being the logo. The language needs to be English as per our Heritage or languages of all customers. 

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