Thursday 20 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
20 October   2016

"In the meanwhile the people at Tiruchendur gathered a force consisting of four elephants, 50 to 60 horses, and 500 to 600 men to oust the Dutch out of the temple. The attempt was unsuccessful with the loss of 50 men of the Nayak forces. The people were utterly helpless and sorely tried" - Story of Jaffna Now?

Indian Protection for Lankan Hindus

 “Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, where Theravada Buddhism is practiced. There are solutions in Buddhist teachings to most of the problems faced by the people in this world. Similarly, those who follow other religions like Hinduism, Islam and Christianity too can find answers to these problems by these great religious philosophies.” -  Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena at the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly – 22. 09. 2016 

Rita Izsák, the UN Independent Expert on minority issues:

In a press release dated 13 May 2013, the four experts emphasized that the seven are held solely because of their religious beliefs, that their continued imprisonment is unjust and wrongful, and that Iran’s treatment of religious minorities violates international law.
The Iranian government should demonstrate its commitment to freedom of religion by immediately and unconditionally releasing these prisoners of conscience,” said Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran. “These cases are apparently characterized by failures to safeguard fair trial standards and jeopardize overall religious freedom in Iran.”
Joining Dr. Shaheed, with each contributing a short statement, were El Hadji Malick Sow, head of the UN’s Working Group on arbitrary detention; Rita Izsák, the UN Independent Expert on minority issues; and Heiner Bielefeldt, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief. “ – OHCHR

Rita Izsák-Ndiaye also stated that the foundation for people coexisting is laid out in the constitution and must therefore be adhered to.” – News Radio,  Sri Lanka, 19 October 2016

As per the latest order by the UN through the above representative – ‘Buddhism Foremost’ which is clearly spelt out in Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution is part of the foundation for people coexisting in Sri Lanka. In 2013, the UN called on Iran to exercise the Freedom of Religion. But in 2016 – the same UN Representative is effectively ordering Sri Lanka’s minority religions to ‘coexist’ despite Buddhism being afforded foremost place in the Constitution.

One could only hope that the UN Representative would at least now study the Sri Lankan Constitution to direct the parties concerned to facilitate religious Independence. Freedom could be bought for money and return benefits. Independence has to be earned – inch by painful inch. Once realized its blissful.

As per my experience – every person/group that is sovereign is naturally supported by their true earnings. This morning while cleaning my cooker,  I thought about Cousin – Baby Acca (Dhanalakshmi Visvanathan Thavasingham ) whose home in London has  always been open to us.  I recalled Baby Acca particularly because my brother who visited her recently said that despite her age related physical difficulties, Baby Acca was living in her own home. My brother said it was a home she has lived in. To me it was/is a home Baby Acca loved through her work. I recall in particular that Baby Acca would come home after a night shift at the hospital where she worked as a nurse and then she would clean the cooker, instead of going to bed. Cleaning the cooker was a job Baby Acca enjoyed very much. Hence it was an extension of her work as a nurse. This work has also been an investment in her Independence.  The awesome aspect of this is that someone somewhere has been accumulating that investment Baby Acca made in being self-sufficient in home-making to facilitate her enjoyment of her own home in senior age. Even if Baby Acca went into a nursing home that would be her ‘home’ due to her commitment to her work as a nurse. Between us - our highest common source is our great-grandfather A.M.Pillai who carried in his heart his Guru – Kadayit Swami all the way across the seas to Burma as seen in the photo – taken during our Great Grandfather’s  funeral:

When I watch the recently commenced Tamil TV Serial Kakka Kakka on Raj TV – I am reminded very much of my Great Grandfather’s dedication to his Guru. Saint Yoga Swami of that lineage is also in the above TV Serial. I felt the urge to watch it not because I was looking for entertainment but like Baby Acca with her Homemaking investment, I regularly invest in Guru loyalty. I included my Kakka Kakka experience in my recent article ‘Terrorism & Sovereignty’ – so others following in the pathway of Belief – would feel hopeful.

The above Kakka Kakka is presented through Wikipedia as follows:
Kakka Kakka  (Tamilகாக்க காக்க) is an Indian-Tamil Mytho - Thriller soap opera that airs on Raj TV.  The show premiered on 7 September 2016 and airs Monday through Saturday at 6:30PM IST and Re telecast at 9:30PM IST, starring Deepa, Jeeva RaviSuzane George, Kamal, SVS Kumar and among others. The title song of the serial is sung by the famous Playback Singer and Carnatic Music senior Vocalist Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan

To me it was no coincidence that I noted this at that point in time. I was sharing the connections I made between Natural Forces of Causes and Effects and was ridiculed by a Malaysian Businessman. It was as if Lord Murugan Himself was sending me that message that I needed to continue. To me it was no coincidence that the Sri Lankan President declared that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country, at the time he did. India was already showing its Hindu Cultural power through the above TV serial which premiered in September 2016. Kaaka means Protect. The timing is awesome. Only a true Sri Lankan would make that connection.

From Kathirgamam in South to Selva Sannithi in North – the two ends of Foot Pilgrimage/Paatha Yaathrai -  by Yoga Swami followers -  I identify with many areas that I go to during my frequent visits to Sri Lanka.  To me the surface value of the story is of little importance – except that it must be logical which it is in most parts I have watched so far. In addition – the other side in India – Thiruchendur Temple is also so very special due to how I felt when I was there. To me it was like a reward from Lord Muruga for sharing my own experiences. It came at a time when I was being discouraged from doing that.

The serial includes the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka also and tries to show the common shape of the Spear of Murugan and the leaf of the Bo tree under which Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. The President mentions Theravada Buddhism. My search led me to the following in New World Encyclopedia:

Theravada and Mahayana Perspectives
The various Buddhist schools hold some varying interpretations on the nature of Buddha.
Pali canon: Buddha was human
From the Pali canon emerges the view that Buddha was human, endowed with the greatest psychic powers (Kevatta Sutta). The body and mind (the five Skandhas) of a Buddha are impermanent and changing, just like the body and mind of ordinary people. However, a Buddha recognizes the unchanging nature of the Dharma, which is an eternal principle and an unconditioned and timeless phenomenon. This view is common in the Theravada school, and the other early Buddhist schools.
Since Buddhahood is open to all, the Buddhist scriptures distinguish various types or grades of Buddhas.
In the Pali canon of Theravada Buddhism, there are considered to be two types of  Buddhas:  Samyaksambuddha (Pali:Sammasambuddha) and Pratyeka Buddha (Pali: Paccekabuddha).
Samyaksam buddhas  attain Buddhahood and decide to teach others the truth that he or she has discovered. They lead others to awakening by teaching the dharma in a time or world where it has been forgotten or has not been taught before. The Historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, is considered a Samyaksambuddha.
Pratyekabuddhas, sometimes called “Silent Buddhas,” are similar to Samyaksambuddhas in that they attain Nirvana and acquire the same powers as a Sammasambuddha does, but they choose not to teach what they have discovered. They are second to the Buddhas in their spiritual development. They do ordain others; their admonition is only in reference to good and proper conduct(abhisamācārikasikkhā

Given that we are all capable of Divinity – I classify myself to be of parallel makeup to  the Samyaksam Buddha group. If I were to ask about the  President of Sri Lanka  whether he is Teaching Buddha or Silent Buddha – the response as per his UN message – he is becoming Teaching Buddha.

Then we need to ask as to what was taught in terms of the Independent Commissions of Inquiry? Given that they have invested regularly in Law & Order – through use of Secular Laws – should the President not have waited until they completed their allocated ‘jobs’ followed by  the President seeking and discovering the Truth in their findings before showing results of the whole group to the wider world? Would that not have been an example of developing Sovereignty as a whole group? THAT would have confirmed that the President is becoming Samyaksam Buddha.

Thiruchendur Temple, like many Hindu temples in Sri Lanka  was also one of the targets of Europeans who invaded India. Sri Lankan Armed forces which fail to respect Hinduism and the Sovereignty of Hindus, Muslims and Christians – in their Home Areas will continue to be resisted by those Native to that Land. 

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