Thursday 13 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
13 October   2016

Terrorism and Sovereignty

Terrorism is an important issue for all those seeking to get involved at global level. Both nations I feel a part of – Sri Lanka and Australia – have experienced Terrorism fears and/or anxieties. At individual level – unless we have had the direct experience, we are driven by the interpretation of our leaders. Such interpretations come with the leaders’ fears and desires. I am one who did not fear Terrorism in Sri Lanka nor in Australia. When we dwell deep into the problem and make it a part of ourselves we are protected by our True contribution and hence there is no fear. When this is not included by leaders at policy level – those who follow their leaders blindly tend to increase the level of fear due to failing in their duty to discover the Truth at their level. There are some who think at the level of leaders  - and hence are unhappy when one who seems like a junior attributes credit to leader on the other side.

Yesterday I discovered this in relation to a Malaysian Business leader who to my mind was ‘telling me’ as follows:

[Dear Gaja
We mostly believe in God but don't claim to be specially blessed with the Divine Spirit ! That to me,  is Arrogant n Egoistic and ,  therefore Not Spiritualistic ! Humility is part of Spiritualism! Please ponder!]

I responded as follows

[Dear Xxxx,
I take you back to your first response:

Has PM Turn Bull Seen Red in your Spirit UAL ? Any  response from Him To keep his  Policies Trim ?
There were many points through which you could have identified with my appreciation of Mr. Turnbull’s contribution to Australia. But what did YOU do? You disregarded not only Mr. Turnbull’s efforts but also mine in sharing my feelings based thoughts with the PM.  Most of the morning went into that letter I wrote. Then I had other duties to attend to. Later we listened to the speech by Mr. Turnbull to the Minerals Council of Australia. I placed myself in his shoes and thought of his commitment to Public Life. I did not logically follow the speech due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. But I identified with the Mr. Turnbull emphasizing the value added in terms of Human Resources.  I was able to because of my own contribution in the morning – as if I were the Prime Minister of Australia.

I must say I was a little upset that you kept up your ‘attitude’  of superiority – but it so happened that during our family TV time – I watched the first few episodes of Kaaka Kaaka  Tamil TV serial . That was about Kathirgama Murugan.  I knew that this unplanned viewing happened due to my need to recover from your flippant ‘attitude’.  I recalled how in 2005 when I went to Kathirgamam, after presenting my Tsunami proposal – one of the priests there mistook me for a Sinhalese lady and gave me the Prasadam (sweet rice). I had not had lunch but went  there for the evening pooja. I was hungry and the Lord sent me sweet rice from the pooja itself.  Now these are the experiences that I share. You are likely to receive it differently to others. Others who believe would identify with it – and that would mean that they are never alone. Almost daily  - those in need contact me for such sharing. Even in your case – that is how I took your response.

Talking about humility – I live in Coogee with a glorious view of Coogee Bay and above average Australian comforts. I go to Sri Lanka – about three to four times a year – and most of the time – live with Toddy Tapper community – as one of them. They call me ‘Ammah’ – even those older than I.  During Tsunami Reconstruction work which I believe  happened due to the blessing of Kathirgama Murugan – I lived with descendants of Veddha s – in the village of Mankerni.  There was no running water nor electricity.  If you have made similar contributions to become part of the victims and strengthen their minds – which requires humility -  and you shared them – I would have eagerly read and include as if I had done it myself.  Thus far I have not received any such material from you.  To me renouncing my comforts to be with the victims protects me from that very Arrogance that you accuse me of. There is a saying, that even when the whole nation is flourishing the beggar picks the pot of Thaviddu / husk.  That is the way of the mind. The arrogance you see in me is your own. If otherwise, let’s hear your parallels of humility. By the way  in 2003  I lived in Vanni under slightly better conditions to the above when I was  called through Yoga Swami devotee to assist Tamil Tigers structure their Administration.  All this is because of my belief through Murugan. I am happy to share with those who believe in such Spiritual Powers.  You may see it differently but like with religion  and politics you need to state your own independent of me and not relate to mine from above]

The more I thought about it – the more my mind went to ‘Recalcitrant’ discussion during Prime Minister Keating’s time about which the following came to my attention:

[The word 'recalcitrant' has been woven through the Australia-Malaysia relationship for two decades — denoting opposing views of Asia, middle power competition and clashing personalities. The shift beyond the recalcitrant era is illustrated by the Gillard Government's vain quest for something dubbed the 'Malaysian solution'.
During the long years that Mahathir Mohamed reigned in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was no solution for anything in Canberra. Recalcitrance ruled. These days, the sting is out of 'recalcitrant' to the extent that it has become a wry emblem of the Malaysia-Australia relationship.
When Prime Minister Najib Razak visited in March, he declared: 'We will delete the word recalcitrant from our dictionary. None of us are recalcitrant: every one of us is very positive.' He was responding to the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, who declared: 'When it comes to the relationship with Malaysia, we stand united in our determination never, ever to be recalcitrant.' The Najib-Abbott comments mark a bit of history that still echoes. ]  The ‘interpreter’ article of 21-October 2011, headed  ‘Mahathir agrees he was a 'recalcitrant'

If the above Malaysian connected easily to the status of Mr. Mahathir as Prime Minister – then his mind-order would have resented the ‘Recalcitrance charge’.  Hence the resentment against our smart Prime Minister – as if the above writer  was Malaysian Prime Minister. That is the way of virtual reality without closure through time and/or place. Recently when discussing the core theme of the film ‘Groundhog Day’ I was able to relate to it through my own experiences. Screenwriter Danny Rubin states in regards to his discovery:

[Two years after first getting that repeating day idea – just a gimmick, really – I had found its deeper purpose. Now it wasn’t just about a man repeating the same day but a story about how to live. Whose life isn’t a series of days? Who doesn’t feel stuck from time to time? I had found a way to portray eternity not as a straight line, but as a circle. ]

That ‘circle’ as per Hinduism is Absolute value – with no beginning nor end. Those attached to the relative system that helps them dream about higher benefits keep traveling along the straight line. They ‘see’ straight lines. Those driven by their urge to make money and status – see the benefits at the end and think they have a purpose. But once that urge is no longer there – often due to environmental changes where others become more important to the system – they look to the lower level. Let us take for example the Lanka Business Online report headed ‘Australia launches program to support Sri Lankan women in local government’ with the following:

[Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM, today launched an Australian-funded program to support the new quota for female representation in local government.
“Supporting women in leadership is a priority for Australia, in our foreign policy and overseas aid program”, said Ambassador Stott Despoja during her first formal visit to Sri Lanka.]
Should Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM who did not make it to Prime Ministerial level within the Australian Political system be making the above statement as part of an aid program. According to her actions  – Sri Lanka needs to learn from Australia. But according to official records – we Sri Lankans as per my knowledge produced the first Female Prime Minister as well as the first Female President. Should Australian women in Politics, not be learning from Sri Lankan women in politics? This kind of disrespect for Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty happens due to one or both sides not being true to themselves and closing the cycle.

When in 1998, I felt lost and heard Ms Pauline Hanson asking Asian migrants to go back home – I stopped walking the straight line of relativity and started completing  the cycle. It was painful alright due to my allocation of high status to the institution through which I suffered loss of status that I had earned even in Australia. Recently during a meeting with Australian officials – I shared my conclusion that I could no longer hope to get to higher positions on merit basis because living in the past has become the curse of Australian Public Service. That was my discovery. I was able to complete the Australian cycle due to having completed the Sri Lankan cycle and not relating to one through the other. Without that respect for Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty – I would not have been empowered to perform independently at the higher level in Australia where I started from the point allocated to me by Australian employers. This meant that to the extent Australia gained through my work – it owed Sri Lanka. It is to promote this that we have Equal Opportunity Laws which even Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM – seems to have ignored,  despite her title ‘Member of the Order of Australia’.

To complete my Australian cycle – I had to forego opportunities through Australian relativity/straight line. It was painful but that was when I started taking note of the deeper connections confirming that I was being supported by the Higher Powers. Now I feel that our experiences through which we realize our inherent Sovereignty are our leaders to Truth. The Common Law is the express pathway to having this in wider world. Truth is Sovereign and operates independently to support those who support Truth. It is limitless and hence the deep insight of those driven by Truth.

We are all capable of completing this cycle. When each one is facilitated to do so at the highest level of structure one has contributed to – the whole becomes civilized. In Sri Lanka’s case the Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution limits the status of Buddhism to that below the Secular system.

The best example of UN structure available to us is the Solar system. Each planet revolves around itself and around the Sun where Sun represents the Truth of the whole and the planets represent member states. The planets rotate around themselves due to their own magnetic forces and around the Sun due the Sun’s. The moment two planets connect – are made to collide – they lose their power of Sovereignty. They then become part of the Sun. Likewise in the UN system -  a country that is legally named as a Sovereign  nation, when it becomes dependent on another it loses its ability to revolve around itself. Likewise communities that claim their privacy legally – lose their Sovereignty when they depend on another community with majority power – for example White Australian community of British origin in Australia and Buddhist Sri Lankan community in Sri Lanka and Farmer caste in Northern Sri Lanka. Buddhism ‘foremost’ makes the Buddhism label relative and automatically makes juniors of other religions. The conflict between the current President and the current Prime Minister is due to their Truth – that one is natural with Buddhist values and the other is natural with Western values. Hence they are leaders of Divided Sri Lanka – one leading Buddhists and the other leading Secular Sri Lanka. Separation of Powers need to be based on Truth – for structures based on them to work like the Solar system.

When my husband and daughter were knocked down while crossing the road my husband’s boss Mr. Egon Kalotay who came to the hospital to comfort us said to me that the mother was like the Sun and that the rest of the family revolved around her. One who does most and enjoys least in a family is the Mother. Likewise the real governor of a Nation.

Those who know the Truth about themselves after including the other side through relativity – would not think that a part of themselves is terrorism prone. Those who are quick to take their benefits without recognizing the others’ share – lose the ability to include. They need to then operate on their own and this is more and more difficult in nations that are committed to Equal Opportunity Laws. If the leaders separate themselves from a group by calling them Terrorists – when by nature their voters have the same tendencies – the Terrorism they fear is of their own making. It usually is the return of our own Truth – when hearsay knowledge becomes ‘attitude’ and is difficult to weed out. I was listed as Sri Lankan by the Australian Police despite my strong protests that I was Australian. It happened due to this ‘attitude’ that spreads easily when majority nature becomes the law and minority becomes dispensable. When the two sides in the current government are true to their own election mandates – they would show each other’s other side – as the earth shows night and day alternatively  to the same place on the meridian. In Parliament – the side that sees the ‘other side’ independently is the leading opposition. The instructions to punish me came from the Vice Chancellor who demonstrated American ways and was  not rejected by the University. It was my commitment to Truth that drove me to act independent of that American label also. Eventually the American was dismissed by the Governing Council which confessed to not knowing a particular reason why. That is the way of Truth.

Leaders influence us as per our own level of Truth. The more we leave governance to leaders the further away we are from self-governance. Australian Government needs to get its own backyard into order before it seeks to preach to Sri Lanka. Likewise, Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka need to get their own backyard into good order before they even think if unity government after this ethnic war which has confirmed the natural borders of cultural sovereignty. Truth will keep coming to those who have completed their cycle as Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims or common Sri Lankans through the secular pathway. Towards this there ought to be no lines of relativity between these groups. Hence any group that uses religion to discover Truth must lose consciousness of its relativity to the other. This is easier for  non-Buddhists than for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Hence the key to Sovereignty is with the group that not only suffered most but also internalized that suffering by placing a ceiling on its relativity – not only with the Buddhists within Sri Lanka but any other group outside Sri Lanka. Once we become Sovereign we would  naturally harness the global powers through all other sovereign bodies.

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