Tuesday 18 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18 October   2016

Who is a Traitor?

Mr. Granville Perera, publishing his mind through Colombo Telegraph asks ‘Sirisena A Political Traitor?’  The Tamil Tigers killed their opponents claiming that they were traitors. The Chief Minister of Northern Province – the Hon Wigneswaran has quoted as follows in regards to the informant who had warned him against threat to his life: ‘The informant phoned again, a few days ago and said the Director, TID, one de Silva was harassing him for having given the message to me. He had asked the informant as to why he was helping a Tamil and that he should be ashamed for being a traitor by trying to help a Tamil.

The way we interpret an action or silence – could be unique or common. Where common belief is strong, we would tend to make common interpretations. Where common  belief is weak we tend to draw our own individual conclusions. The latter should not be used in areas covered by former. As a Tamil I have the duty to address the LTTE interpretation first. Given that they were transparent about themselves being ‘Rebels’ they had the duty to stay away from those elected officially by the People. When we conduct ourselves through structured rules – even if we do not understand them – we are contributing to common structure. The more we use common structure the more common our thinking becomes. This could be matched by an individual, only through belief which is confirmed by the person by seeking the Truth within. The more democratic we become, the more we would express ourselves on the basis of our belief to the group we consider to be our ‘home-group’. If we are making common interpretations we have to use the limitations of the rules governing our official/apparent positions. Belief automatically binds and regulates us through Laws of Nature – commonly known as ‘karma’. This helps us communicate quietly at mind level. Hence ‘Confidentiality’ at family level.

When I include the LTTE as part of myself in a particular issue that needs to be on individual belief basis. All those who hold official positions in politics do not have this authority except to feel it quietly and confidentially within their hearts – as we often do with independent children.

Mr. Wigneswaran who is highlighting his claim that Tamils need separation is not entitled to protection from the Common Administrative path. Hence it is understandable when viewed through the eyes of a person in charge of Terrorism Investigation Division, TID – that Mr. Wigneswaran was a traitor to the current system of common Sri Lanka.

Politics like emotions needs to be based on belief for it to be healthy. When Politics is healthy – it leads to balanced Administration. Where Politics is based on surface knowledge one often bypasses the route of ‘logic’. In terms of Administration, the pathway followed by the previous regime is the one that the current president would be most familiar with. His conclusions therefore would be very similar to those of his predecessor. What we have learnt is that the new person in the restructured position of President – is yet to restructure his own mind to fit the new position. Hence he is seen as a traitor by some. The more the President limits himself to his Truth – the greater the value of his contribution to that Governing position would be.

The need of the hour for the Nation is for all of us to use our Truth and not external knowledge as interpreted by someone else. Our Truth will certainly protect Sri Lanka provided we ask our Truth as per our entitlements rather than as per unpracticed policies.

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