Saturday 15 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
15 October   2016
Q: ‘What is and is not terrorism’  – American Judge
A: ‘Ravana-following  is Terrorism’ – Indian PM

The wise say that Truth is a Universal power. The way this is confirmed to us is when we are able to connect the causes of a manifestation beyond local borders. The more global we become – the more we need to expect responses from various corners of the world.   Yesterday, I read the report  about American Judge raising the question as to ‘What is and is not terrorism?’ Today I read the report ‘PM Modi’s Ravana terrorism comment draws ire in Sri Lanka’:

["We condemn the statement made by the Indian Prime Minister equalling King Ravana to a terrorist," Ittapane Saddhatissa, a Buddhist monk who leads the Ravana Force, said.]

This could only mean that the Buddhist monks’ group identifies with Ravana – commonly accepted as King of Lanka. Anyone has the right to use another to claim that they are followers. But in democracy, they do not have the right to claim that they are leaders – except when elected by the person/group. A Buddhist monk who has taken position as Buddhist leader – is an appointed leader.  By adopting the name ‘Ravana’ they are also claiming to be followers of Lord Shiva. On the basis of - followers’/heirs’ rights – the highest entitlement is with one who wears the name of the leader. On that basis Siva Senai – the recently formed Hindu group in Sri Lanka is the one with the entitlement to be heard by a Sri Lankan leader. Unless Ravana was Buddhist – no Buddhist of high status has the authority to officially criticize such a statement expressing a link between Ravana and Terrorism. In terms of political power – Siva Senai does include a Tamil Politician from Eastern Sri Lanka and hence the right to Political involvement on the basis of the People he represents.

Interestingly it is to note that the group of Buddhist monks who are protesting to Ravana being described as Terrorist by the Indian Prime Minister, at a time when the Sri Lankan Government is deciding to keep the provision in the Constitution  that Buddhism is the foremost religion. Interesting because when Tamil Tigers were described as Terrorists – these leaders  were not sensitive to the feelings of majority Tamils who are Hindus and both Titles – Tamil and Hindu – were/are part of our  inheritance and was/is NOT earned on merit basis.  When it comes to Inheritance there is no question of logic through current measures. Hence the need for Objective evidence before an outsider judges the carrier of heritage. The Sri Lankan Armed forces of Buddhist Government, placed in Northern Province cannot act until there is objectively measurable evidence of wrong doing. I recall that Mr. Wigneswaran said that he was ok with the Sinhalese Police but not the Army, in Northern Province. The reason is that the Army for their own purposes – have to not feel sorry for the other side nor be taken over by the other side. They have to be blind to all else except their stated purpose. The armed forces being Buddhists – would be better able to do this against other religions – including Hindus who are the majority in Northern Sri Lanka. Hence the enforcement of Buddhist temples in Northern Sri Lanka to keep this separation as a high order. If Armed Forces were Hindus – they could be taken over by Hindu minds – especially where the mind of the officers are low in their official structure. Thus one could conclude that the Buddhist foremost power also contributed to the deaths and injuries by innocent civilians during the war.

The ‘Tamil’ label associated with the Tigers – by purpose as stated by the Tigers and as allocated by the Government who also allocated them the ‘Terrorists’  label affected the feelings of most Tamils who were committed to non-violence. This label was used against me more than 10 years ago – by an ordinary White – Australian  during his first and final interaction with me. This guy asked me which country  I was from? I said from Sri Lanka. He then asked me ‘which part’. I said ‘North’. Then he said ‘that is where the bad Tamil Tigers are from’.  I felt more upset than usual because it was during this time that I was working to release myself from the criminal label allocated to me by Police under the instructions of the Central Administrators of the University of NSW.  Hence I am now able to identify with similar pain by those affected by such ‘quick judgments’ based on hearsay. The risk of Tamils being associated with Terrorism is far greater than the risk of Ravana Force being associated with Terrorism – except in India where Tamils do have a special place in Tamil Nadu relative to  Buddhists and Hindus in all countries where majority practice Hinduism.

When Prime Minister Modi was making the above declaration – he was talking about Hindu interpretation based on the work of Indians who gave us Ramayanam. There is no such legend about Ravana in Sri Lanka by a Sri Lankan – be the person a Hindu or Buddhist. A Sri Lankan Hindu who worships God in the form of Rama or Shiva – has the authority of the religion to question one way or the other. But not so one who carries the Buddhist title.

The Siva Senai leader has declared that the core purpose of their group is to prevent Conversion. If we are not rooted to our heritage it is easy to assimilate with majority power and that majority power is Buddhism in Sri Lanka. When the mind is low, it is easily taken over by the custodian of authority. Lawyers often takeover facts to win cheaply in Courts of low order. Those who are rooted to Truth – as in Root Cause – are supported by that Truth.

Today is the Anniversary of the day Swami Shiridi Sai Baba attained Samaadhi (left his mortal coil). It is also the birthday of my granduncle Duraipillai – the son of A.M.Pillai about whom I wrote as follows to someone I recognize as a successful Businessman and who referred to me as a ‘psychological problem’:

[Today is the birth anniversary of my granduncle Duraipillai, who was money rich. He knew about his business but he was not a professional.  He combined his money based authority with his work – so others – including his wife and children would not dare to question him. His authority was inherited from his father – the great A.M.Pillai who made it from zero base in Burma. He took with him the blessings of Yoga Swami’s guru’s guru  - Kadayit Swami who was also listed by some as a mentally ill person – a psychological  problem.  I accept that to you I may seem so. But if that were so – would you not keep away from me – as it is infectious? I have never claimed that I was the only one with higher powers.  I share my experiences so those in need of the support of higher powers – would not lose heart but would know that the Powers would come at the right time at the right place.]

The Samaadhi of Kadayit Swami is also within a Shiva temple in Jaffna. To me all these are linked to each other through Common Belief. As per Daily News article ‘Religious services of Kadayit Swamy’:
[Kadayit Swamy was born in South India. He grew up there and became an educated man and them he became a magistrate. When he was holding this office in Bangalore, he had to hear a murder case. The jury unanimously found the accused guilty. But the magistrate felt in his heart of hearts that he was not guilty. His conscience was speaking to him.
In the silent conversation he heard his silent conscience - “Who is he? Who am I? What right have I to condemn him to die by hanging”. Such questions and many more rose in his heart.
The result - he quit his job as magistrate and sought a guru. He found one who led him on the spiritual path. He attained the status of a Sithar and was named Mukthiananda.
He left India for Sri Lanka - then Ceylon. He came by boat and landed at Kayts. Then he walked to Jaffna. On his way he stopped at Mandaitivu. The reason for him to come to Jaffna - was an ardent devotee of the Swamy, named Vairamuthu Chettiyar. In order to safeguard the religion, Chettiyar pleaded with Swamy to come to Jaffna.]

To my mind the above report of the Tamil Magistrate back then,  is confirmation of the parallel in the mind of American Judge Raymond J Dearie, in the case of  accused LTTE members. If those who have included the Tamil Tigers as part of the community, pray to God – the influence happens in similar manner. This could also be the root force that influenced Indian Prime Minister – the Hon Narendra Modi when Siva Senai declared itself. If Kadyit Swami could come to Jaffna when Chettiyar called him to save the religion – why not Mr. Narendra Modi in response to the call by Siva Senai? Those who preserve the sanctity of their religion would not fear such entry. 

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