Monday 13 July 2015

Matter, Issue and Karma

In Sri Lanka, armed rebels of both ethnicities produced such outcomes without paying their respects to their elders. Some elders were killed by armed rebels. Thus such armed rebels killed their own deservedness to be promoted to the higher levels. They thus shortened their vision to deny the heritage owed to the whole they claimed to represent. Arms helped them ‘show’ brawn power and suppressed and killed the ability to project beyond the immediate. Hence – Sinhala-Only followed by Tamil-Only. Likewise White-Only in Australia. No group went far due to the true belief some of us have in the unknown powers of the root that supports the whole of Sri Lanka/Australia.
Within the ‘rebel’ groups were included some such believers and within the Government/official leadership were included many such local-only combatants. But the benefits enjoyed were from global shows of power.

Now – protesting physically has become common occurrence amongst school-children in Northern Sri Lanka. Parents interfere with Government appoints of staff and principal and use their children towards ‘shows’ of how they went against the Government. It’s like premature union action through workers against management. One of the lessons I share with students and parents as well as workers -  is that if they ‘tell’ seniors / government what to do – then the structure is limited to their height.  Thus, Parents who themselves did not go beyond primary level schooling are wasting their resources by sending their children to school for higher education. What they have taught in action is to rebel against authority prematurely. I share with those who care to listen – that by accepting the actions we dislike - of elders/seniors/government/management -   we are paying our respects to them through that difficulty to ‘keep-going’ in that system. Thus we complete the relationship and naturally open the doors to the next level opportunity. One who so accepts disagreement and unpleasantness from the top – invests in the root of the big picture and therefore has the self-confidence to project beyond the immediate. Such a person identifies the higher opportunity and when this opportunity is taken and the person performs in full capacity – the gap between the real and the apparent -  becomes ‘ownership’ power. Where this is negative – it isolates through separation.

There is often criticism of the Caste system practiced strongly in Northern Sri Lanka during my times of growing-up. It still prevails as an influencing factor of thought order but is less visible in action – including due to armed action which gave prominence to the lower caste groups driven strongly by the brawn. By living in Thunaivi, a toddy-tapper village in Vaddukoddai where the first political declaration of self-governance was made in 1976 – I have learnt that the lower caste folks are also missing out on the higher thought order developed by the higher castes. Often those who accepted their lower positions as per the official system – which included caste until recently – had the blessings of seniors through genuine partnership. I enjoy this very much in Thunaivi where I take my position as per the job performed and where that job  fits in ‘their’ thought order. Without such ‘service’ – these folks would rebel again and again against authority when they do not ‘get’ what they think is due to them. Each side would calculate as per their own thought order and the two would not meet in a society where caste is no longer closely linked to  work-category. The loss is greater to these folks whose vision tends to be limited to their own experiences and the gap being filled by the ‘seen’ and the ‘heard’ which is often  taken as the ‘owned but not received’.

Under the time-based hierarchical subjective system – children were entitled to do as parents did to their parents – the children’s grandparents. Under the system of democracy – the children return to the parents once children become ‘free’ of their parents and parents rely on children for maintenance in old-age. Hence the cover of  Confidentiality is removed and its place is taken by Transparency. Likewise,  under the old system of  management  - workers did to management what they observed management doing  to shareholders/governors. Under Democracy workers return to management that which was done to them in the language of the worker. Given that there is likely to be conflict between the manager and the worker in terms of interpreting ‘why’ an action was done or not taken as the case may be – each side is required to produce their own outcomes as Equals – as in sports. Each observer would assess and receive the ‘outcome’ as per their own needs. Towards this the receiver/judge needs to be independent of all sides producing outcomes. Where one ‘tells’ the other how to interpret – one confirms acting in breach of the rules of Democracy.

 I believe that through my genuine work and sacrifices to strengthen the ‘system’ I was acquiring this sun power of self-sufficiency.  The ‘system’ is like Savings Account. Knowledge of its strength protects us through our own mind and its ability to enhance or shrink opportunities and problems. I learnt to lead a fairly satisfactory life through the little I had in hand – relative to others in my environment.  But often when I showed the way – those with lesser order of thought but higher positions relative to mine – tried to bring me under their system – as in assimilation.  That is the convenient path but it weakens the Independence/Sovereignty of the whole.  It is to prevent such moves that there are Equal Opportunity laws for multicultural societies and that is a right in the system of Democracy. If the status is allocated outside merit basis – often due to seniority on the basis of time – it becomes difficult to maintain one’s own higher order of thought. That was when I usually resigned from relationships/institutions – to become Common Public without special portfolio. Now I realise that I did not renounce the real values of my work – but just converted it from income to savings. I was in partnership with those who developed the higher common systems such as Equal Opportunity Laws for Democracy.

I feel that at the University of New South Wales, my real work in researching and finding the real causes for the effects through my own experiences – were taking shape through the core purposes of a university – i.e. – Research & Teaching. As a high performer – I was able to deliver as per the stated requirements of my position – much more quickly than my parallels at that place. I went further and developed systems that would support the users beyond current times. That became habitual. I did not however know then – that those contributions to the system – beyond the benefits I had received – were turning into savings and beyond into Energy when they were used and were of use to others – including those I had never met or was likely to meet.  I felt this when I saw an old guy in Thunaivi – in Northern Sri Lanka, resting peacefully in our family temple after it was renovated. At that moment I realized that it did not matter whether that person was grateful to me and my family for the facility but that if he was facilitated  - the credit was automatically given through the system of Truth.  When we do so beyond conscious expectations of status and money benefits – they become ownership Energy.  Ownership renders moral authority.  Anyone who damages this through human authority brings the losses down upon her/himself. This did happen at the University of New South Wales and travelled up to Federal Government level when Mr. John Howard was Prime Minister.

To the outsider, it may seem that my efforts were wasted – given that the Courts dismissed my complaints as lacking in substance. But as I was a believer – the position through which I sued Mr. Howard was purified of negative karma in relation to racism for other believers in racial equality seeking the support of that position. If Mr. Howard were to come back to that seat – he would invoke his negative contribution. Likewise Australians who follow in Mr. Howard’s  thought  order and Sri Lankans who follow in Mr. Rajapakse’s thought order.

We develop our real relationships through our natural actions. Calculated relationships through a particular system often differs from natural relationships.  In the end both sides of  that natural relationship are ourselves. Those who realize this are ‘free’ of relativity from then onwards. Others who continue to depend on others to complete the relationships tend to feel depressed or overly excited – both of which carry the risk of development of  mental disorder.  Sometimes the umpires/ governments/ judges  contribute to such distortion. To the extent the leaders did their best as per their position requirements – they do not personally  get a share of the negative karma / Energy. Where they failed to do their best – habitually or for a particular purpose – and the genuine participant suffers – the karma is shared at the personal level also. The other side happens at the same time. Hence the likes of Gandhi enjoyed higher quality life even though the umpires demoted them.
There is a saying in Tamil – an active person ‘turns the nit into louse and the louse into Perumal/Lord Vishnu.’ Once we neglect our responsibility – matter becomes issue and issue goes into the Natural system of Karma – which, like the Sun acts impartially and does not ‘wait’ to receive or give accolades. Just keeping going is the enjoyment.

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