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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 05 July 2015

From Vaddukoddai Tiger to Nallur Peacock

As per New Indian Express article ‘Former LTTE Militants To Contest Polls As 'Crusaders For Democracy' forwarded to me by a Democratic Australian Tamil:

[Former militants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and their supporters have decided to form a political party named “Crusaders for Democracy” and seek tickets from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to contest the August 17 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections.
Militants and their supporters from the Northern and Eastern districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya and Batticaloa gathered outside the famous Nallur Kandswamy temple in Jaffna on Friday and took an oath to fight for the rights of the Tamil-speaking people by democratic means such as  participation in elections through a political party to be known as “Crusaders for Democracy.”
CFD’s Coordinator Nadesapillai Vithyatharan said that a request will be made to the TNA to give nomination to at least two former militants in each of the districts of the Northern and Eastern provinces  where the TNA holds sway.]

This gave me immense hope on behalf of LTTE supporters – many of whom died and were seriously injured in the war. To the extent they believed that they were fighting for Independence from servitude – their work is our Tamil heritage.

When I was looking for an avenue to go overseas to earn some money to build a home in Colombo - a Holy person from Thiruketheeswaram Temple who was visiting my aunt Pathma Sanmugrajah’s home in Colombo said to me ‘Like Murugan on the Peacock - you are going to fly’. The holy man responded to my question about going overseas. But at that time I had also applied to work with Airlanka. I was not conscious of this when I was asking the Holy man and he did not have knowledge of my application.  Soon arrived the call for an interview and I was able to work for Airlanka after being trained by Singapore Airlines. I completed my work experience satisfactorily and progressed to go overseas and I do own a home now.

Thus far Nallur Murugan has not refused me anything I prayed for upto now. An excerpt confirming that the above is also an answer to my prayer to Nallur Murugan:

[In 2009 – I wrote an open letter to LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to surrender to Nallur Murugan. I doubt that Prabhakaran would have seen it. But the LTTE in my mind was influenced by it.  Once we surrender to the Higher Power – we would become Observers. From then on – I became an observer of anyone who claimed to be LTTE. My mind was no longer influenced by them and v.v.  Those who sacrifice earned benefits to help others – become common system – even when the others do not know it. One who claims to be of such higher mind would be able to accept such surrender.

If as reported through the ‘White Flag’ matter – LTTE leaders did try to surrender – but were killed in the process – then to my mind, that is confirmation that the Government Leaders on the other side – did not have the higher mind to accept that surrender. One who sacrifices earned benefits, develops the higher mind to bless when the junior surrenders.  One who seeks to win through competitive action at the same level – would not see value in blessing the junior. They would prefer the physically visible victory over the other. They are more like Soorapathmans than like Murugan when they take positions above the higher minds that sacrificed earned benefits.] Tamil Mind at -

I am also happy to note that this new group is seeking to include members from various parts of Sri Lanka. The greatest challenge would be to produce Objectively Measurable outcomes without enforcement. Towards this one needs to renounce status from Subjective system of the past. The following, I believe would help those who seek to go global from the Vaddukoddai Resolution:

The problem with using subjective assessment without belief in the cultural past is that it keeps the issue within the control of low level individuals – without real structural power. My husband’s sister for example said to him when he refused to cooperate with her taking shortcuts in a testamentary matter – that my husband brought shame to the family through his marriage to me. (This is my second marriage).  Whether true or not – my husband’s sister had the right to say it – given that her marriage was arranged by her father.  But this sister said it NOT in the Vaddukkoddai environment where that might have been common law and/or True of majority in the environment common to her and her brother (my husband) or in her home – developed under her leadership.  If that had been the case then for his sister’s sake – my husband also would have had the responsibility to not reject or retaliate – so that the structures his sister had contributed to would not be damaged. This needs to be confidentially dealt with – within that small group to facilitate those who lack exposure to wider world. It was to prevent such assumption of unearned authority with a person of wider world – that Tamil elders had the customary law of Thesawalamai  which is officially integrated with the Judicial system in Sri Lanka. As per Thesawalamai Customary Law – males inherited from males and females from females.   In the ancestral home – my father in law – Mr. Nallathamby Subramaniam was the leader. My husband mentally sought the blessings of his parents before marrying me. Hence my sister-in-law was damaging this blessing for her own selfish reasons.

The parallel of that at the University was that I had the blessings of the Chancellor to see the Vice Chancellor.  The Vice Chancellor himself did not have the moral authority to go against it. By having me punished through abuse of the legal system – the Vice Chancellor damaged that blessing. Eventually that Vice Chancellor was dismissed by the Council due to mismanagement of complaint by migrant staff. Karma never fails.

 The Community  extension of the family example -  is the LTTE saying that those who claim that Sri Lanka is ‘home’ to them are ‘Traitors’ – bringing shame to Tamil Eelam under their control. This is valid in areas where LTTE developed more common structures and systems than any other group and a resident expressly accepted the LTTE leadership .  But this cannot be said of someone who left Puthukkudiyiruppu/New-Residential-Land (which as per my knowledge is the only area that qualifies as LTTE area on this basis)  to live in wider areas. It certainly cannot be said of  any of the Tamil Politicians killed by the LTTE nor the likes of Neelan Thiruchelvam who was murdered by the LTTE. Through those murders – LTTE became Traitors of  the Common Tamil Community.
My sister-in-law’s example is a much needed lesson for migrant families – where parents / elders are sponsored by children / younger relatives. If my sister-in-law had come on her own rights and she had sponsored my husband – then she had the authority to discipline her sponsored relative  - as per her interpretation of that which is respectful and that which is not. But this lady lives in Australia due to my commitment and dedication to our sponsorship (my husband’s and mine) of her family. If not for our marriage – she would not be in Australia. This is the way it has been recorded through the events. Hence as per the Common values – we have the authority to discipline her and not the other way around. Parents who are sponsored by their children – need to consider this role reversal before leaving the homes they developed – however damaged it may be by war. War can damage outside but nothing can damage true contribution developed through self-sacrifice.  Sacrifice is the basis of heritage. In the above Testamentary case – we are fighting to preserve that heritage from my father-in-law – who as a widower sacrificed much to groom a family.  Sacrifice of physical comforts, pleasures and benefits earned – raise the mind to the higher level. This makes our mind Common to those covered by it.  Hence they can draw from it – including beyond our physical life on earth. Those who do not have such ‘savings’ through higher minds – end up hoarding.
Where there are wide gaps between cultures – it is important that we lose consciousness of our past authorities – and use current observations. Towards this one needs Objectively measurable evidence to mark someone right or wrong.
Our marriage and the values on which our branch of the family was developed is of higher value as per Australian culture – upholding multiculturalism in the system of marriage. In our family - there are those who married only once; There are those who married more than once and there are those who never married. They are all family and they are all entitled to their share of the Common status of  the family.  Likewise in the Tamil community with diverse political affiliations. Once the LTTE claimed it represented Tamils, it did not have the right to separate within and call other Tamils ‘traitors’ – except when they were ‘caught’ damaging the Common Values. Given that the most Common value that Tamils contributed to was Education – the LTTE needed to first punish itself for actively damaging our investment in Education.
The moment my husband left Vaddukoddai to live in Colombo and beyond in Australia – he had the responsibility to restructure his thought order to suit his new environment. Likewise, all migrants to new environments. A good migrant does not replace – but merges – as in sharing. New debts to systems are developed through education and training by seniors in new environments. The more independent ones would tend to learn on their own. Such persons contribute to the wider Common society – as I believe I did in Australia. Our debts are therefore not owed only to our biological families and communities. Until we pay off our debts – we do not have the power to work the common system. Everyone has the power to pay off by paying their respects.
Hence in the case of my sister-in-law,  SHE was disrespecting the Australian law which endorses our marriage; Worse – she was disrespecting the Higher Common Values that my husband had contributed to. If she were true to herself – she would now go back to Vaddukoddai where it is possible that there is a group which would identify with her. Now that I live as a  Vaddukoddai Resident when in Sri Lanka – to my mind my sister-in-law’s group would be limited to a few close relatives and neighbours. It’s like the Muslim mother who left her children in Australia to join the armed group fighting for Islamic State.
If my husband or I had been ‘caught’ in an act that would be considered shameful by our common culture – for example making love with other partners – then such assessment is on merit basis. Likewise if I had acted violently at the University – the University Security had the right to take action to remove me. If I had acted violently outside the gates of the University – the Police had the right to take action against me. Given that there was no such action – I had every right to be at a Public institution. It is a clear case of the University Administration being at the mercy of the citizen to leave on her own accord. Likewise, in a family – every member has the right to be in common areas/subject matters. 

Vaddukoddai is the homeland of Mother Kali whose vehicle is the Tiger.  That was appropriate to get even with unlawful physical attacks by Sinhalese including the armed forces – on Tamils. Nallur is the parallel of Palani Hill  where Muruga established Himself after renouncing parental wealth. If Sri Lanka is that Hill with Murugan on Top at Nallur and at Kathirgamam in South – then one who renounces / sacrifices the past heritage to go global has Murugan’s Blessings.

When we seek blessings – we surrender at the same time – the wealth that is particular to us. It then becomes Higher Common Wealth from which we are ALL entitled to draw as facilities. If this group  - Crusaders for Democracy – is genuine in seeking Muruga’s blessings – they already have the motivation and drive to go global – like I did.

During the time I was helping LTTE through a UNDP project to develop Public Administrative systems – I went on my own to Nallur on the morning after Sivaraathri vigil at Killinochchi. At the meeting the following day at Vattakachchi – I said I did not attend the meeting the previous day – because Nallur Murugan called me even though the LTTE organizers did not. During lunch break - Mr. Balakumar of EROS asked me ‘Nallur Kanthan Ungalai Eppadi Kooppittar? How did Nallur Kanthan  beckon you?’ There was so much fondness in that tone and that was beyond any calculated assessments. We must preserve all their contributions to Freedom and pool ours to raise the value to global level. 

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