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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 July  2015

Ms Dawn Frader - Ms Pauline Hanson II?

It was indeed very disturbing to read  that ‘Sporting icon Dawn Fraser has told tennis star Nick Kyrgios to 'go back to where his parents came from' following his stormy exit from Wimbledon’ As per Sky News the following is the background to the above emotional expression by a Senior Australian:

Asked to comment on Kyrgios' antics during his fourth-round grand-slam loss Fraser accused him of 'tanking' and setting a poor example for 'the younger generations of this country. ''If they don't like it they can go back to where their fathers, or their parents came from. We don't need them here in this country to act like that,' Fraser told the Nine Network on Tuesday morning. Born in Canberra, 20-year-old Kyrgios is the son of a Greek-born father and Malaysian-born mother. He was booed on court during his loss to Frenchman Richard Gasquet after he appeared to deliberately fail to return serves during the third game of the second set. Kyrgios hit back on Facebook accusing Fraser of being a racist: 'Throwing a racket, brat. Debating the rules, disrespectful. Frustrated when competing, spoilt. Showing emotion, arrogant. Blatant racist, Australian legend. 'A short time later, Fraser stood by her comments during an interview with 3AW, saying Kyrgios wasn't 'a very likeable guy'. 'When he goes out and does his press interviews to the media he's not a very likeable guy, as far as being an Australian is concerned,' she said. She compared the young tennis star to hot-tempered US player John McEnroe, and labeled  Kyrgios' outbursts 'disgraceful'. 'We all had a go at Lleyton Hewitt but his outbursts were to himself, not to the officials,' she said. 'Are we seeing John McEnroe over again? ''It's just disgraceful.

The question I ask Ms Fraser is ‘Are we seeing Pauline Hanson over again?’

Being Australian means that we accept  the rest of Australia – as is – for better or for worse. No one has the right to ask another to leave except by law.  Going down to fundamentals of Natural Law – Indigenous Australians have the right to ask Ms Fraser to go back to where her ancestors came from.

Ms Pauline Hanson said this in August 1998 and I received it as being said to me. I felt  so - since I was hurting due to the type of conduct by senior White Australians – similar to that of Ms Fraser -  in relation to  my work at the University of New South Wales – which I believed was because I was from Third World – being smarter and more ethical in my professional work then they were – despite holding positions as my seniors/supervisors. I resigned from my position at the University and was ready to ‘Go Back Home’. But genuine Australians of various ethnic origins asked me to stay. Leading amongst them was Dr. David Garlick – then the Director of Sports Medicine at the University. David felt with me – as if he was hurt by what had happened to me. Gradually – through my faith in True powers – especially in God – I realized that I Gajalakshmi Paramasivam  belonged more than Ms Hanson and the supervisors who failed in their duty as per their jobs. Ms Fraser had every right to criticize Mr. Kyrgios – including calling him a racist, if she believed him to be one. But Ms Fraser did not have the right to ask later migrant to go back home.  Some of us have two homes. To me Australia is home and  Sri Lanka is also home.

If indeed we go down to primary level politics – then each time Indigenous Australians feel offended by Ms Fraser’s Home Group -  Ms Fraser must go back home – the home of her own description.

My above experience happened during the festival of Nallur in Northern Sri Lanka. The Deity is the same as the One in Sydney Murugan Temple. My article ‘From Vaddukoddai Tiger to Nallur Peacock dated 05 July 2015 at http://austms.blogspot.com.au/   was based on the news report  ‘Former LTTE Militants To Contest Polls As 'Crusaders For Democracy' .

The Sri Lankan Government listed the LTTE as Terrorists. That Government did not ask LTTE to go back to India. If they had done that – then they ask all Sinhalese Armed Militants also to go back to India – except Indigenous Sri Lankans – Veddas.

Common Law is above personal law ;
Path of Truth Universal Law;  Some call them Scientific Theories

 Out of human laws – at the fundamental level – there are two criteria that confirm validity and as to who has the authority to use that law to reward or discipline the other:

(1)   Time based – as in Frist come first served.
(2)   Place/Land – as in majority occupation.

The laws used officially by Australia are of the second category. Customary Laws – such as Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka are of the first category. Under this category – an Indigenous Australian has the right to ask Ms Fraser to go back to her Land outside this place called Australia.

Where an area / subject matter is covered by Customary Law – the right to judge rests with the member of the group covered and supported by the Customary Law over - a non-member. In terms of Tennis – this power rests with the founders of Tennis.

Where there is disunity in a group to whom a block of Land – say Sri Lanka – is common place of residence – the ruling is time-based. Hence an Indigenous Australian has the right to rule over Ms Fraser.

Where there is harmony –say Canberra within Australia – the Natural Law is majority rule. But those who ask others to ‘go back home’ lose this right due to having disturbed the harmony – be it due to race, age, disability or other time based or looks-only based seniority.   They are thus rendering themselves to be judged by the other side. The other side automatically turns the judgment against them – to the extent the other side is genuine in its use of Democracy. To my mind, this reversal happened to Judge and dismiss Mr. John Howard who failed to take disciplinary action against Ms. Hanson.  I believe that my Energies were part of the marginal forces needed towards this reversal. I learnt through those experiences – that each one us has the power to so reverse judgments. Towards this we need true seniority over them – through our deeper investments. I thus leant that I am senior to Mr. Howard in Democratic Australia.

Both Ms Hnason as well as Ms Fraser – as politicians in a democracy have the responsibility to stay within the rules of this lateral system if they are to not reverse their judgments on themselves and damage their own investment in democracy and in Australia. The first rule is to renounce all time-based seniority when judging expressly. If they seek and find the Truth and as per that Truth later arrivals must go back home and Indigenous Australians must stay within their allocated areas  of land – and they seek to express it publicly – it has the effect of all those who have been true to Democratic Political system by majority Administering the whole – turning the verdict against them.

The laws of Nature work – irrespective of whether we are conscious of their pathway or not. The educated person would seek and find how this law works for the whole in common. Below is this morning’s conversation with a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan origin in this regard. To my mind he would eagerly consider Ms Fraser as his leader:

Canadian Tamil: (In response to my article ‘From Vaddukoddai Tiger to Nallur Peacock with the picture of Lord Muruga and Air Lanka’)  Gaja,  I think your personal stories should be kept within your family. I personally have no interest.
It looks though your god Murugan is biased. He answered your prayers but not the
wallowing of thousands who  died at Mullivaikkal. I wonder why?

Gaja in Response: Thank you Mr. Canadian Tamil. If I had kept my experiences to myself, you would not have had the opportunity to express your own as you have done now. Each one is allowed space in the Public area. How YOU take it needs to be as per your own Truth. In this instance - you have revealed that you are using my work to have an opinion - not by agreeing or disagreeing with the SUBSTANCE - but by devaluing my work. Thereby you devalue your own. That is the built in justice system.

Canadian Tamil:  Sorry, please answer my question. Why did Lord Murugan favoured you but not thousands of others.
As an educated person you should not believe in sorcery, mind reading, horoscope  etc.

Gaja:  There you go telling me again - what I should believe in.  Educated or not - BELIEF IS
BELIEF. Education helps us get to the higher belief faster so that wider society also
would benefit.
Lord Muruga would have helped all those who believed in Him.  Don't forget that LTTE
leader did not.  EROS Balakumar did - and Muruga helped him die a hero and merge with
Muruga. We all die and we all have physical pains. Those who BELIEVE will have minimum anxiety through death and injury to the body. This would help us enjoy the sweetness of our achievements when the body is not as active as it was in younger days. Those who believed in some other form - would have found their solutions in some other way. I suggest that you look within you as per your own instead of wasting time to damage others'. If that other person is genuine - then your criticism comes back to you.

In contrast to the above Canadian Tamil a Sri Lankan Tamil – Mr. Kathieravelu- to whom Sri Lanka is still ‘home’ wrote in relation to the Substance of my article about the two bases on which Equal Opportunity system could be worked, wrote about self-governance:

In my suggestions it is not "delegation" it is "sharing" or  "empowered". "Delegation" can be withdrawn at anytime by the way the delegation was  done "sharing" and "empowering" cannot be withdrawn since every unit is part  of  the "whole" and so no single unit is "whole" and every "unit" is depends  on the other "units" to become "whole". So IF "powers and duties" of a country are shared or empowered then the  country "cannot be divided". This simple "truth" is being hidden from the common people - be it Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims.
………………..Please help to advocate, instill and to implement the principle.
Our representatives are talking of "delegation" and "devolution" and they  do not talk of sharing and empowering but seem to talk and promoting of  physical dividing the country, which in my humble opinion will not solve  the problem but shift the problem. Unity is at stake.

To this -  On 7 July 2015 at 09:41, Gajalakshmi_Param  wrote:
What  deep understanding!  True. With delegation - it could be withdrawn.  I take it that you are for the global option. Good on you and keep up the  good work. I believe that every drop of genuine work empowers the place  where you feel you belong and the people you feel are  connected to you -  including your family - even though they may never read your work consciously
And later:
Will do all I can Mr. Kathieravelu. Not only the politicians but also some Diaspora leaders.
But so long as a few good ones keep believing and do what we can - the Nation will be
Warm Regards

Australia is also One Nation due to those of us who Believe Australia is Home – despite having arrived here recently or despite  being of an old culture that ‘looks’ Barbaric.

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