Thursday 9 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 July  2015

Vaddukoddai Resolution & Thesawalamai

Out of human laws – at the fundamental level – there are two criteria that confirm validity and as to who has the authority to use that law to support or discipline the other:

(1)   Time based – as in Frist come first served.
(2)   Place/Land – as in majority occupation.

The laws used officially by Australia are of the second category. Customary Laws – such as Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka are of the first category. Under this category – an Indigenous Australian has the right to ask a White Australian – for example Ms Pauline Hanson or Ms Dawn Fraser to go back to their  Land outside this place called Australia.

Where an area / subject matter is covered by Customary Law – the right to judge rests with the member of the group covered and supported by the Customary Law over - a non-member.
Where there is disunity in a group to whom a block of Land – say Sri Lanka – is common place of residence – the ruling is time-based. Hence an Indigenous Australian has the right to rule over later migrants.

Where there is harmony –say Canberra within Australia – the Natural Law is as per  majority rule. But those who ask others to ‘go back home’ lose this right due to having disturbed the harmony – be it due to race, age, disability or other time based or looks-only based seniority.  Then since there is no longer Unity – time based priority rights apply. By default -  those who contribute to disunity by failing to practice Equal Opportunity principles - are thus rendering themselves to be judged by their seniors on time basis.

If the other side is genuinely Democratic - the other side automatically turns the judgment against those who ask others to go back home in one form or the other.  To my mind, this reversal happened to Judge and dismiss Mr. John Howard who failed to take disciplinary action against Ms. Pauline Hanson who asked migrants who would not assimilate – to go home.  I believe that my Energies were part of the marginal forces needed towards this reversal. I learnt through those experiences – that each one us has the power to so reverse judgments. Towards this we need true seniority over them – through our deeper investments. I thus leant that I am senior to Mr. Howard in Democratic Australia – due to my substantive contribution to Democracy.

When I said about my sister-in-law - ‘If she were true to herself – she would now go back to Vaddukoddai where it is possible that there is a group which would identify with her.’ – it was as per her personal Truth expressed as per the laws of Thesawalamai which are applicable to those of Northern Sri Lanka. Truth – be it personal or common – is above all laws. But for it to be valid, it must be expressed only within the area of Belief and/or Commonly applicable law.  Democracy is NOT a system in which most Vaddukkoddai Tamils  of my sister-in-law’s age  had invested in. In addition, due to LTTE empowering itself through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 – the folks of Vaddukoddai are automatically paying a part of their current investment in Democracy to compensate for the damage caused to the investment made in Democracy, by others of that Land-area. This problem arises when the two systems are indiscriminately mixed towards quick /hasty outcomes.

My sister-in-law was benefiting from the system of Democracy by migrating to Australia. Since she failed to respect and value the system of Democracy, anyone who is senior to her on the basis of time – and has invested genuinely in Democracy would Naturally reverse any judgment by her on herself. Accordingly – my husband who even though younger than his sister  in age – became the medium of reversal and asked her to go back to Vaddukoddai.  As per the law of Thesawalamai he had this authority inherited from his father.  Both our higher True investments in Democracy became the source of True authority for the reversal. The system of Truth will not override its own laws.

Laws cannot be enforced for just outcomes. Truth will do the necessary reversals – provided we remain within our Truth and submit to Truth through Due Common Processes. Hence, where our investment in the official law is weak – it is better to submit to Truth than to enforce through administration. 

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