Thursday 23 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 July  2015

Higher Common Governance

When it comes to education – most of us have no hesitation in recognizing that University Education is of far higher value than Primary School Education. But when it comes to Political voting to elect Government – we seem to forget that such voting is also primary level Governance. Administration is Secondary level and Self-Governance is Tertiary level Governance. The real power is from those who are self-governing. They are the seat of Common Energy.

Politicians and their supporters who claim to be committed to Common Good of the People need to be careful not to upset such Governors by treating them as mere voters. They are Higher Common Governors who invoke Good Governance wherever they go. Where a selfish person insults such a Governor the return damage is exponential. It is therefore important for the former to take lower position with the latter.

At the elementary stages of  a relationship, the risk of treating such persons as equals is far greater in democracy than under autocracy. But in autocracy, seniors often cling to their positions and thus keep deteriorating in quality when they fail to ‘retire’ and make way for their junior to become the senior.

 For structural purposes one may take equal position but within oneself one needs to pay one’s dues to the higher governor so that the Natural Powers are facilitated to function. Such facilitator becomes the Natural Power with time. Hence ‘User Pays’ systems. It is quite Common to find self-governing folks in rural areas. They go about their daily work of their own freewill. When my Sri Lankan qualifications were not recognized at Equal level to the parallel Australian qualifications, I felt very upset.  But through my performance I upheld that Sri Lankan brain order was not inferior to Australian brain order. I was self-governing in terms of my work and this naturally meant that those who took higher position with me – despite having had the opportunity to know the quality of my work – were invoking the return karma of their negligence of Equal Opportunity principles each time they took ‘higher position’ with me after I became self-governing in Australia. Self-Governance means – we find our own completion within by recognizing the Truth – for better or for worse.  In my case recognizing the Truth felt better. In the case of those who took position above me - it would have been ‘worse’ and hence they often avoided me.

Investment in Commonwealth – is valuable because we recognize that we are part of each other. Truth is the highest Commonwealth and one who invests in Truth is able to access Universal powers. It is through my investment in Truth that I released myself from the shackles of  Subjective Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination. I believe I am a good example for any minority power to become wholesome despite the minority status. In fact – because of the minority status – which when accepted prevents distractions of high status and money through such status. There is nothing sweeter than Freedom of mind/thought.

Minorities in Sri Lanka will find this Freedom when they accept minority status for structural purposes and thereby lose the distractions to higher positions that have become obsolete. In substance we must perform at a higher level than members of majority race and release ourselves from the shackles of Reverse Subjective Discrimination – including by forming coalitions with  Indians and / or Westerners. Each one of us has the capability of being Sovereign. We have become global to a large degree and we need to not be distracted from handouts by bigger powers. They are part of global facilities that we are entitled to use as per our own investments in them. They are not higher than us – as I learnt through my work-life in Australia.

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