Sunday 12 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 12 July  2015

Tamil Buddhist or Sinhala Hindu?

According to the Sri Lankan Constitution, a true Buddhist judging the acts of LTTE as Terrorism, would list as Terrorists the army who failed to act within their position powers in using weapons. They are stronger Terrorists if they failed to take care of the injured and the families of the dead as a priority above celebrating war victory.

 Every person to whom Sri Lanka is ‘home’ would influence the Energies in higher common areas - to deliver these outcomes due also to Article 9 of the Constitution – if like Lord Buddha - they renounce wealth and status – to share in the pain of the victims to help them realize natural self-governance. I now feel strongly that I was needed by today’s Sri Lanka and hence was getting trained through Government actions in Australia during the time of Mr. John Howard as Prime Minister. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the parallel of Mr. John Howard – in terms of denying democratic rights.  Where we know that the name of a religion or nation is being abused – we need to recognize the value of the contribution by a person through their character and what happened to them eventually when the Public contribution to democracy became stronger than theirs. Both were dismissed by the Public through elections – Mr. Howard was dismissed by migrants and Mr. Rajapaksa by  minorities – Tamils & Muslims who suffered due to their minority status actively used by Mr. Rajapaksa’s Government to show its own ‘wins’. 

Effectively – in terms of the war issue – Mr. Rajapaksa showed aspects  of Nallur Murugan and I demonstrated Buddha philosophy.  Given Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – I have ruling power over Mr. Rajapaksa in terms of Sri Lanka. Mr. Rajapaksa would have ruling power over LTTE – to the extent he contributed to winning the armed war in a just manner in area where believers in Lord Muruga  were in the majority. But he did not have the blessings of the Constitution for this. Through article 9 Mr. JR Jayawardene – the architect of the Sri Lankan Presidential system ensured that no leader who claims victory in armed war through arms – would have leadership power to Govern Sri Lanka. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Desire and Fear travel together. Where there is desire there is fear – even though due to external influences we may not be aware of one or the other at a particular time. When desire is excessively entertained and enjoyed – fear becomes an irredeemable feature. It’s best to earn our benefits, have no desires and fear no one. Lord Muruga’s First Message is ‘Why Fear when I am here?’ Global outlook helps us ‘see’ the other side immediately. Hence there is no accumulation of fear nor desire. That is true Democracy. 

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