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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 July  2015

Ignorance or Betrayal?

I kept  thinking about the diplomatic  ‘correction’ made by a law expert when I stated that the Sri Lankan President had the power to ‘elect’ the Prime Minister. The Technical  term used in the Constitution is ‘appointment’.  I guess I am in ‘Governing-mode’ due to completion of my book ‘Beyond Consciousness’. Governance by Truth is beyond Administration. The young law expert is strongly driven by Administrative technicality. When I was thinking about this, I received the ‘inioru’ article (Tamil) – raising the question as to whether ‘Vigneswaran & Gajendrakumar were ignorant or were traitors?’  

To my mind, in many ways the core issue was also about the mind order in which the information is received. Mr. Vigneswaran was Supreme Court Judge before he joined politics and became the Chief Minister of Northern Province. In some ways – structurally this is a demotion. Mr. Gajendrakumar is the grandson of  Mr. GG Ponnambalam who as a lawyer was outstanding and the best known to my generation in my environment. His proposal of 50:50 power sharing in Parliament was/is  also received differently by different people – each as per their mind-order. One Canadian Tamil wrote as follows in response to my statement ‘This is also the 50:50 policy recommended by Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – a highly intelligent
politician of our times’:

[The above statement is an attempt to revise history. The fifty fifty demand undermines
democratic representation. It imposes an artificial minority status to a majority
community. When the Soulbury commission dismissed this demand out of hand, GGP went home without offering an alternative plan. After hammering the UNP in his election campaign in 1947 and after defeating A. Mahadeva convincingly he voted for the disfranchisement of the hill country Thamils resulting in our strength is parliament reduced by half. Worse, he sought and obtained a ministerial portfolio before the ink on the Citizenship Act No.28 of 1948 got dried.

That was a supreme betrayal of the interests of Thamils which GGP vowed to defend. He 
did not offer any apology for his selfish and short-sighted politics. He attacked the
federal demand by the ITAK and till the end insisted on a unitary constitution.  
And now you have the gall to call him "a highly intelligent politician of our times."
This is a supreme insult.   Of all our past leaders, GGP was a  real traitor to the
Thamil people.

It all so reveals your lopsided understanding of  Thamil political history.
Our present woes and predicament are entirely his creations.]
 Whether it be Velupillai Prabhakaran or GG  Ponnambalam or SJV Chelvanayakam – if a single individual could be held responsible for what happened to our Tamil Community – then the Community is Hierarchical in its structure – as per the mind of the person so concluding. There is nothing wrong with that – provided the same mind does not claim to be democratic. A leader of the American Tamil Diaspora responded as follows:

[I agree with Mr. Canadian Tamil (my replacement) on history.

GGP however finally made amends when he joint with SJV and Thondaman and
founded the TULF and signed the Vaddukottai declaration. I am uncertain whether Thondaman signed it or not. Ashraff crept in as an observer since he was educated in the Jaffna University.Kumar and Gajan are disappointments and Gajan might win a seat in the next elections thanks to the PR system and the internal issues of the TNA. Too bad Ananthy is not contesting although she had made the right decision finally.
She is immensely popular but immature in politics and is rather emotional.
She is also an embarassing loose cannon. That vote might go to Gajan and he could get elected together with Douglas. Even Vijayakala could get elected reducing TNA to 4 seats out of 7 in the JD. Anyway, Gajan is better than Douglas and even Vijayakala. That could be a historic low for the TNA, but they have to blame themselves due to the disunity at the TNA leadership level and the poor performance of the NPC and it's members.
More worrisome is that Rajapakse could get over 100 seats in Parliament and the president might be forced to invite the UPFA/Rajapakses to form the new government. The Muslims could jump any side.]

These responses are also centered around the question of whether we are One Nation, Two Nations or Many Nations?

It depends on the mind-order of the interpreter. One who is able to accept all genuine interpretations with equal respect as her/his own – is truly democratic. One who tries to enforce her/his interpretation as the only valid one – is autocratic and would fail in a truly democratic environment. Ultimately it is about our own fulfillment through our investments in the political and administrative systems of our respective environments – be they local or global.

Physical-living, by itself - in Australia, America or Canada does not make us global at the mind level – any more than Westerners giving ‘aid’ to developing countries. It’s true sharing of the experience that develops the global mind.

When we come together physically – due to conscious agreement or separate largely due to disagreements – we are driven by politics. Politics is limited to local powers – local in terms of place and time. Most young Tamils living in rural Sri Lanka or in Western countries - would not relate to the above responses from fellow members of the Tamil Diaspora. They are also the ‘many nations’ interpretation discussed in the ‘inioru’ article.

Mr. GG Ponnambalam  recognized  One Nation with Equal Political status for minorities. It is Democratic Administration which many Governments are turning to in Public Service – through ‘Business Unit’ and ‘Project’ based structures replacing Historic Basis & Programs. There are times when one has to choose between Policy and Business. Where the policy has been idle and carries the risk of being abused by politicians – it is better to move towards ‘Business basis’ – as Mr. GG Ponnambalam did when he made the 50:50 proposal. It was to fill the gap left  British Administration – needed to maintain our global connections.

The above ‘objection’ to my mind is the parallel of old Public Service officers opposing my approach to Democratic Accounting – a reason why I eventually went to prison in Australia for Peaceful Assembly. Here in Sri Lanka’s Mallakam Courts also – an Affidavit prepared as per Australian format – by my husband who is Australian – but affirmed and signed in Jaffna was set aside as being invalid due to the alleged absence of Jurat Clause. As per Wikipedia ‘A jurat is a clause at the foot of an affidavit showing when, where, and before whom the actual oath was sworn or affirmation was made

My husband’s Affidavit satisfied all  these requirements (thanks to my EXPERIENCE of the Australian legal system) and yet all Sri Lankan lawyers concerned continued to treat it as being deficient. The Judge obligingly set it aside.  The jurat clause in the Affidavit signed by the other side is as follows:

Read over and explained and having understood the contents therein affirmed to and signed at Jaffna on this 26th day of May 2011.

My husband’s Affidavit started as follows:

On this Thirtieth day of December 2011, I Subramaniam Paramasivam of Kali-Vairavar Temple – Thunaivi – Sangarathai Junction & of 906/56 Carr St. Coogee NSW, Australia – affirm as follows:… 

At the foot was the signature of the JP – with the date and place  and duly stamped.

To my mind, our Affidavit (2) fulfilled the requirements of an Affidavit – a statement of our fact as verified by our conscience. The other party’s was for those who needed the help of others to formulate their evidence to suit the Courts. ‘Understanding’ and ‘Believing’ are not the same. Theirs was written in third party language and ours in first party. They were writing as ‘outsiders’ observing and we were writing from within. But ‘political/local’ influence was abused to set aside ours, while including theirs.  

Mr. Vigneswaran and Mr. Gajendrakumar are moving towards consolidating minorities to be One Opposition. This would go towards a higher start in Administration. To claim political independence and therefore Nationalism in Politics – the other minorities ought to have made their parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution – the Group parallel of an Affidavit. Mere belief would help us as individuals. But to become structure – we need to have the courage to face the consequences – and the only Sri Lankan group known to have had that courage is the Tamil Community led by Jaffna Tamil faction.

Like the 50:50 – the current provision in the Constitution states that the President has the power to ‘appoint’ the Prime Minister. As per article 43(3) of the Sri Lankan Constitution:

The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament who in his opinion is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.

Identification  with the Confidence of  fellow members of Parliament is through one’s own belief. This could be through the Principles and Policies of the Parliamentary system or through the current individuals in Parliament. Appointment is more like GG Ponnambalam’s 50:50 – and leans towards Merit based Administration. If  therefore the President is a strong Administrator s/he is likely to ‘appoint’  and therefore ‘invoke’ the cooperation and blessings of wider world using Common Principles and pathways to Govern. To my mind, the appointment of Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister earlier this year – is of this kind. Under this system - the confidence of the Parliament is commanded at the higher level – through Common Policies on which our Parliamentary system is founded. It is NOT limited to current individuals physically in a particular parliament.  If it is indeed limited to majority rule – without passing the Administrative test – then yes, like our Affidavit above – Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe could be set aside by a system that has limited itself to emotional agreements and disagreements – called Politics.

Politics is the body of Governance; Administration is the mind and Truth is the Soul of Governance. Where the brain instructs the body – we are in Administrative mode and tend to lead healthy lives and develop values beyond the physical. Where the body acts faster than the brain – we  are in Political mode and are limited to majority opinion and we die when the body dies. One who identifies through her/his Truth would always be right for her/his group and would measure as such through any law that maintains the One Mindedness of that Group. Such persons would develop Common Values that would support all seekers beyond time and place boundaries

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