Saturday 23 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 May  2015

What Happened to Rule of Law Indonesia?

As per the latest news:

[Tony Abbott rules out resettling Rohingyas in Australia, Indonesia says it is obliged to…. Australia is obliged to resettle Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, Indonesia's foreign ministry says, despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott flatly refusing to consider the option.]
The following is an excerpt from  a recent  news report relating to execution of Australian Bali 9 leaders:

[……However Widodo, who took office last year, has been unswayed by the international appeals, insisting that Indonesia is facing an emergency due to rising narcotics use.
In an interview yesterday with journalists in Abepura, eastern Indonesia, he voiced no regret at the executions and insisted: "The death penalty is still our positive law."
In legal terms, positive law refers to the law as it is written, rather than assigning any moral value.]

There is no rule of law that Australia has the duty to take on refugees from any country.  Such actions are driven by the Governance values of the Head of State at that time. That is how we add or take away heritage values during our times of leadership.  Each family is an example of this heritage passage or block as the case may be.  

The Indonesian President stated that he acted as per the ‘rule of law’ – which to my mind, means he did not use his discretionary powers to strengthen international relationships. Had the Bali 9 been repatriated  to Australia – then international relations would have been strengthened in Indonesia’s favor.  By failing to take on this option – Indonesia missed out on the opportunity to develop global Goodwill and therefore the opportunity to participate in programs where countries like Australia have greater wisdom through long-term  immigration programs. Like Clemency powers – these cannot be enforced through the rule of law. They are as per the discretionary powers of true Australians who confidentially influence the Government. It’s a natural voting system that works beyond our consciousness. Indonesian leadership failed to tap into this.  Australian Government that supported migrant families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran naturally strengthen this ongoing migrant vote-power including mine which I believe influences not only Tamil refugees already in Australia but those in Sri Lanka’s Tamil areas who would have continued to take the boat if not for such influence.  Many of them are  now working in Vanni area (the war zone) and are receiving community support through our service programs – especially  through the system of Natural Network.

If Australians have greater capacity to groom such refugees to become global citizens – it is because of this broad-mindedness which we have inherited from our ancestors. We do not need the ‘rule of law’. We have restructured our systems through our Truth – largely due to the free environment which facilitates each one to realize Sovereignty at their level of leadership – even if it is just the leadership of themselves as One person.

Indonesia that confesses to needing the death penalty to manage the drug problem is not morally conditioned to take on refugees who lack the self-confidence to look after themselves. In fact this could add to the drug problem if the refugees are not effectively managed.

Laws like Budgets are pathways that facilitate investment in common principles and values. But once we make discoveries we need to restructure our pathways to realize the Truth at the end of our pathway. It’s like actuals in financial systems.  Laws that are effective are therefore restructured to recognize these actuals as our milestones. If execution of the Bali 9 leaders is such a discovery – the Australian Prime Minister has to build that into his relationship with Indonesia to position Indonesia below other nations in our global priorities.

Hence even if we would have taken on refugees of our own freewill,  now that Indonesian leadership has spoken out on this matter – we need to abstain at this point in time. We need to be ‘seen’ to be independent of  those who would stick to the rule of law and execute those who have released themselves from their weaknesses and restored their moral authority to judge themselves and not be judged by others.

Ultimately – we punish and reward ourselves. This is why we need different laws with outsiders – so we consciously calculate as per wider laws. When we do to the remotest person as we would do to ourselves – we are in God’s system. If that is death in terms of Indonesian leadership – then they must allow refugees to die in their nations of birth. Those are the Lands God sent these people to -  however bad those Lands may be.   To override that law of birth – one has to be global and the whole world must be our homeland. Australia is more developed in that pathway while Indonesia is still crawling. We must position ourselves according to our Truth if there is to be harmony in our global structures.

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