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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 04 May  2015

Justice System
India v Indonesia

Today we celebrate Vesak – as the day Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. Today is also the day when our Brother who was living in Yoga Swami Ashram in Vanni, Northern Sri Lanka,  died in a refugee camp – after being displaced with fellow elders in that Home for the aged. Our Brother  was not Buddha but he also believed in God and hence was at the Yoga Swami Home. To the extent of his belief in Higher Natural Powers – our brother had some similarity with  Buddha.

04 May  is the birthday of my cousin Chitra Sanmugarajah Srikhanta whose relationship with us  has been close through more than one generation and carries heritage through more family strands than one. On 04 May 2009 – when I rang to wish cousin Chitra – and there was no response – I thought something was amiss. Then the picture of  Subramanya Swami of Hawaii – a disciple of Yoga Swami – fell to the ground.  I thought it was not a good omen and I was even more concerned – because Subramanya Swami was a ballet teacher before Swami devoted his life fully to Spiritual activities, and my cousin Chitra is also a Bharathanaatyam Dance teacher. Bharathanaatyam is a heritage from Dancing Shiva – the Hindu personification of   Energy of all forms. I kept trying and finally reached cousin Chitra and was relieved to hear that my cousin was well. Later in the day however, our nephew Senthil rang to share that his father had passed away in the Chettikulam camp. I then realized that the above message was about that loss and came from Yoga Swami Spirit.

Now, years later due to my experience with Bali 9 leader Myuran Sukumaran – I realize that it was confirmation that Lord Shiva – the Lord of the Mind to Whom we pray for liberation of the Soul – was receiving our Brother back into His folds. I had the experience of feeling the presence of Lord Vairavar – our family Deity and  the Protective Form of Lord Shiva at 2.30 a.m. on 29 April 2015. Given that my mind was immersed with the Bali 9 issue – I felt  that it was about Myuran. Later I learnt through news reports that Myuran was executed at 3.30 a.m.  But I feel that at 2.30 a.m. Myuran was already with the Lord.  Later I learnt that the group left for the execution site at 2.30 a.m. Representatives of the Indonesian President flogged the dead body. Since I was seeking I found the connection that would satisfy my mind.

To some these may be superstitious connections.  To them the Resurrection of Jesus also would be superstitious. Those driven by majority votes to make higher decisions are superstitious and those who believe in the Sovereignty of the individual are Governors. Both would look similar at the physical level but the latent power of the Governor is exponential. Likewise, executions of the bodies of the liberated and those yet to be liberated.  The Liberated mind is there for all those who facilitated the liberation. Those who opposed it – keep the real punishment of injustice in their system.

There are Rajapaksas & Sirisenas in the minds of Sri Lankan voters and governors. The voter sees the leader as a separate entity to her/himself.  The Governor identifies with the leader through her/himself in that position.

A voter who to my mind, has more Rajapaksa (former President of Sri Lanka) than Sirisena (Current President of Sri Lanka) responded to my article ‘The Fallacy of National Sovereignty’ by forwarding the following write-up about those who killed Indian Leader Rajiv Gandhi:

The sender seems to have had a different purpose of motivation to that of mine – the receiver. But knowingly or otherwise this Sinhalese has connected to my deeper mind – about the relative positions India and Indonesia took in the issue of Clemency.

In the case of Rajiv Gandhi Assassination – the above were pardoned and the death penalty was not executed. To my mind this was because Spiritual India investigated more deeply than did Indonesia to find out ‘WHY’.  The deeper the ‘WHY’ investigations until they lead to our share of responsibility – the stronger the home-grown solutions. Until this level is reached,  one does not have powers to punish or pardon above the law applicable to that person.

In relation to the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination inquiry, it is reported:

[Investigation Immediately after the assassination, the Chandrasekhar government handed the investigation over to CBI on May 24, 1991. The agency created a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under D R Karthikeyan to determine who was responsible for the assassination. The SIT probe confirmed the role of LTTE in the assassination, which was upheld by the Supreme Court of India.
The interim report of Justice Milap Chand Jain, looking into the conspiracy angle to the assassination, indicted the DMK for colluding with the LTTE. The report concluded that DMK provided sanctuary to the LTTE, which made it easy for the rebels to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. Jain commission also reported doubt about Subramanian Swami's dealings. It says CBI has to investigate him for foreign connections angle in the assassination. It cast doubt why he was suddenly cancelling his pre-settled programme of going to Delhi from Madras and without any information to his colleagues and stayed in Madras on May 21, 1991. 

The Commission report stated that the year 1989 signified "the perpetuation of the general political trend of indulging the Tamil militants on Indian soil and tolerance of their wide-ranging criminal and anti-national activities." The report also alleged that LTTE leaders in Jaffna were in possession of sensitive coded messages exchanged between the Union government and the state government of DMK. "There is evidence to show that, during this period, some of the most vital wireless messages were passed between the LTTE operatives based in Tamil Nadu and Jaffna. These messages, which were decoded later, are directly related to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi," the report stated. The Congress subsequently brought down the United Front (UF) government of I K Gujral after the report was leaked in November 1998. The party also demanded the removal of DMK from the UF government, arguing that it had played a key role in the death of Rajiv Gandhi.
After examining the SIT investigation report, Justice Verma Commission report and the Jain Commission report, one can conclude that the assassination was not a hit-and-run affair but a meticulously planned operation that involved actors beyond the LTTE - ]Wikipedia

The Bali 9 group are the parallels of the LTTE in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination. Those who were ‘caught’ in action – were pardoned in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination – and to my mind this was because of the deeper inquiry undertaken by the Indian system strongly influenced by the Spirit of the issue. The investigations through Jain Commission of Inquiry based on which the Supreme Court made its decision – indicated foreign (in particular Israeli) involvement. Reports surfaced as to how the Israeli system trained both sides to the Sri Lankan war. This would happen only when one wants to make business out of war. The deeper the inquiry the stronger the solution.

Where majority connections between the outcomes and their sources are identified with – then the Spiritual component is not as significant as when majority outcomes are not connected to their causes. The latter is the space of Spiritual workers. Those lacking in belief would have very little room in this area and hence they would conclude as per the seen, the heard and the known. Their decisions / judgments would lack depth and strength to serve wider society. I believe that my deeper inquiry led me to the following discovery about how Tamil Belief is working the National system – despite Tamils being a minority power in Sri Lanka, in terms of numbers:

[I identify with  the plight of Tamil Political Leadership in Sri Lanka,  which is also experiencing  this difficulty of not being heard  by majority fellow members in parliament. So long as we genuinely take the Equal other side – we continue to be the natural opposition needed to prevent dictatorships. When there are two equal and opposite forces – there is natural primary level administration. In Sri Lankan Parliament – Tamils became this Natural Equal Opposition Power even though we are a minority in terms of numbers. The genuine contribution by Tamils and other minority races – which were not recognized by those in positions of power at the National level – did not get ‘lost’. They were raised naturally to ownership level – and hence from time to time manifestations of those powers through Common outcomes through processes such as voting that one would expect produce outcomes confirming majority power . The 1977 Parliamentary elections in which Tamils became the Equal Opposition in Parliament  and more recently in the 2015 Presidential elections through which the Rajapaksa regime was defeated due to Tamil votes – are two outstanding examples of powers getting  raised to leadership level, when the contribution is genuine. The Rajapaksa regime celebrated victory without mourning the loss of civilian lives. But every civilian death raised the power against the Government whose actions killed civilians and empowered the community / communities  that these victims were/are  a part of. To that is added the contributions of those who believed that they were fighting for independence. Where this Belief is/was deeper than the Belief of the soldier that s/he is protecting the nation from Terrorism – then the real win is for that deeper believer whose contributions get raised to ownership level which from time to time manifest  ‘Acts of God’.
Tamil leaders and leaders of other minority groups, who seek to accuse the Sri Lankan Government by ‘showing’ more than they feel – and raise the expectations of victims – dilute this latent power for their community. The quiet acceptor of reality – beyond her/his ability to raise the issue to the public level – is the real winner who wins the prize of ownership. This is a permanent place in that group/nation.

They say that the value of higher powers is greater than the sum of the individuals. To the extent minorities keep competing with majority to ‘show’ outcomes and /or to recruit more numbers – they miss out on the opportunity to invest in this latent power. The 2015 Presidential Elections confirm that God has delivered judgment.  Those who continue to seek to show – would not identify with this higher power and therefore get distracted by lesser values than nationalism.  ] Beyond Consciousness

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