Friday 29 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29 May  2015

Becoming Australian

Last night we participated in an information sharing session for Asylum seekers of  Sri Lankan Tamil origin. The session was organized  by Australian Tamil Congress with Mr. Bala Wigneswaran as the main facilitator. RACS – Refugee Advice and Casework Services made the presentation on the basis of changes to Government Policies as per new legislation that became effective in December 2014.   Details and Analyses provided further insight into Government’s own thoughts in relation to Balancing the two sides to bring about Equilibrium. I felt satisfied that as per the Truth known to me about Sri Lankan applicants – the rights of genuine Asylum seekers have not been damaged by the changes. The process has been changed and I felt positive identification with the provisions that an Applicant who receives Temporary Protection Visa would be able to ‘work’ and that one who is granted Safe Haven Enterprise Visa could work in specific regions.

Work, I believe is a cure in itself and facilitates the worker with the opportunity to contribute through her/his work to ownership in Australia. I believe that one who so accumulates ‘service’ credits through work – would be recognized by the Australian system however small the value of the initial claim may be – to Australian Residence.  One needs this investment in Australian values – to feel that sense of belonging which makes a place one’s ‘home’ – with or without the legal certification. An applicant who accumulates such credits – not to show but for her/himself for keeps – would work the Australian system – wherever s/he may physically be.  The powers of all genuine Australians would naturally support this person even though both sides may not be conscious of it. That is the way of Truth.

Truth empowers the person/s who discovers Truth, the person/s who upholds that Truth and the place where it is discovered and / or upheld. An effective manager would identify with each participant’s Truth through her/his own Truth and that leads to consolidation. The Federal Government may or may not have formed this true picture when introducing this new legislation. To my previous response on this issue the Prime Minister’s Office wrote:

Your views are noted and they are important. A strong democracy and a responsive
government always require constant feedback from its people about the issues that concern

In contrast – a Tamil Asylum Seeker who abandoned the training program that was facilitated by us for him in Sri Lanka, and took the boat to Australia – showed an ‘attitude’ that he did not need my advice. Instead, he referred to an officer who had commended him for his contribution to that officer’s work – (non-immigration) and expressed confidence that he would be helped by that officer. I concluded that I was contacted  to find out whether we had anything that was of ‘use’ to this Applicant. He did not contact me for my wisdom which comes with discipline.

Even though some carrying professional status and of Sri Lankan origin write to me insultingly I try and find the goodness in them when forming the big picture. I learnt from my son that each one would read their own message from a a work of  art. Every  Service output is a work of art. To connect to the deeper mind of the artist the audience needs to be in a free environment – not to show or be shown. The picture drawn by the Australian Government in relation to Illegal Maritime Arrivals is open for viewing now. We will form our own pictures – as per our own Truth and/or Desires and/or Calculated Rights.  Those who read through their Truth will empower all those who believe in them.  A Community needs structures to promote that kind of sharing. Those who provide services without any return expectations naturally accumulate such shares of empowerment. An applicant who believes in such a citizen would be successful in real terms. In current Australian structure such an Applicant would succeed through  the official system also. This is so – because Australia is currently  reliable in this regard.   

Asylum seekers need to be encouraged to self-assess to know whether they would be better off or worse off in Australia. Through this process, they need to be encouraged to discard hearsay expectations and identify with their own expectations through the available avenues in Australia. Every member of the Community who feels common belonging in both – their cultural community as well as Australian Society – would naturally maintain the Equilibrium between Policy and Experience. Every applicant who believes in such person/s would  in real terms be eligible to membership in Australian Society. One who already is a real Australian would identify with such an Applicant. By working – this credit could be accumulated by an applicant during the waiting period. Some who had it easy back in their country of origin would have the opportunity to reassess and return if they feel they would be better off  by returning. Such self-assessors  would promote Democracy whether they are here in Australia or are back in their country of origin. True work is never wasted. 

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