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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 31 May  2015

How No Terrorism means Yes Terrorism

As per the Times of  India under the heading ‘Rajapaksa fears LTTE revival in Sri Lanka
[Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is mounting a political comeback, has expressed fears that the separatist Tamil Tigers could regroup and revive terrorism in the country.
"We are glad that terrorists are no more. But I have a suspicion that we may return to see terrorism," Rajapaksa said.
"We don't want to see that happening we want everyone to live in peace and harmony," he told a religious gathering in the north central town of Anuradhapura yesterday. 

Like in the case of Rape discussed in yesterday’s article - ‘Clean up Political Pollution before expecting Equity in Law - politicians think they are in free environment when they are in ‘Political mood’. Parliamentary Elections are soon expected in Sri Lanka and hence this ‘free’ talk.   If Terrorists are no more at the physical level but the fear of return continues to exist – then Terrorism still exists in Sri Lanka – certainly in the minds of Mr. Rajapaksa’s group. The Times of India article gives us many clues as to the reasons why:

[Rajapaksa, who led the Sri Lankan forces in the bloody victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009, plans to contest parliamentary polls in another bid to return to power.
He first won in 2005, surfed a wave of popularity among the Sinhala majority to win again in 2010. He then had the Constitution changed to allow the third term he hoped to win in January's poll.
But the veteran politician suffered a surprise defeat in snap presidential polls he called.
Rajapaksa's defeat to President Maithripala Sirisena came despite his popularity among the Sinhala Buddhist majority.
Sirisena received wide support from minority Tamils and Muslims with sizable support from the Sinhalese, who were fed up with Rajapaksa's authoritarian rule.
Rajapaksa, in order to shore up the Sinhala Buddhist support, has often visited Buddhist temples.

In words a leader may say ‘we want no terrorism’ or in the case of Indonesia ‘we want no drugs’. But our political pathway is likely to show that we came to power because of ‘yes terrorism / yes drugs’. Without that problem seen at the voter level -  there is no opportunity to show our ‘cleverness’ as leaders. That is how ‘no means yes’ when expressed by the unsteady mind desiring quick benefits by manipulating  the ignorant mind. Mr. Rajapaksa’s rise in politics happened due to LTTE. Tamils who genuinely seek Independence and therefore Peace – would leave no room for such reactive manifestations.

LTTE may be Terrorists to the Sinhalese but not to the Tamil Community taken as a whole. For the same reason JVP actions could be considered to be Terrorism actions by someone who felt part of the Government. Where the person causing the damage is outside our  circle of belief – we have the responsibility to use wider laws common to the whole.  By using Sinhala only and / or Buddhism first pathways one may get elected to be leader. But the voter needs to know that that in Sri Lanka that would reestablishes  the war-pathway. The path through which we actually travelled to the leadership position is our Natural pathway. It is difficult for oldies like us to override that through conscious thoughts to get ‘the right tick’ with wider world in the case of Mr. Rajapaksa and with the cultural community in my case.

To the extent the LTTE went beyond its areas of belief – one cannot fault the ‘Terrorism’ label. Likewise to the extent Sinhalese Politicians and their followers apply that ‘Terrorism’ label indiscriminately on Tamils - they promote the ‘Genocide’ charges from Tamil Politicians and their followers. Likewise in the case of Indonesian Politicians – death sentence for drug related offences outside their circle of belief would naturally develop tribalism charges from those who have escalated the issue to treat the problem through the educational pathway. Ultimately each one of us has the right to judge and punish ourselves. Once we settle our debts to a community/society/system – we are free to punish ourselves but not others – as LTTE did and earned the responsibility to submit to wider laws.

Someone else – including a parent – could punish only to the extent of her/his belief in their  commonness through parent-child relationship. The relationship is the pathway we ‘think’ we are taking. How we actually traveled is our true pathway and the destination it takes us to is our True destiny. Tamils who believe in the pathway of politicians such as the Hon SJV Chelvanayakam whose political leadership was inherited by the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam of Vaddukoddai – would not take the LTTE pathway to self-governance. Like Dowry and Donation - the former is heritage and the latter is trade.

Myuran Sukumaran’s mother realized commonness despite the ‘blame’ from community.  Australian Government under its current leadership  helped her get there where the Tamil Community failed.  

A Tamil living in Sri Lanka, carrying professional status stated ‘We hear about Australians condemning Indonesians. They are supporters of hardcore criminals. Who is going to look-after drug victims whose whole life is ruined. Will Australians support all the drug victims forever whose life has been ruined by hard core Australian criminals such as Myuran. Will the mere international goodwill bring back the life of drug victims especially the school kids. Do we conclude all Australians support hardcore criminals and do not bother about possible child drug victims of Indonesia.

This response came through during discussions of the recent rape related events in Jaffna. As per my assessment this person is pro-LTTE and anti-Rajapaksa/EPDP ( EPDP is Tamil Political  party in coalition with former government).  To him – EPDP would be the terrorists and not the LTTE. A good proportion of the Tamil Diaspora would likewise be quick to blame EPDP-Rajapaksa coalition instead of  LTTE for problems relating to war and politics.  Yet, the UN listed the LTTE as Terrorists. Like Myuran’s mum we include LTTE with all its shortcomings to realize that Commonness as Community. Likewise, we include EPDP also with all its shortcomings.  That is Family and that is  Community. One who does not have such Commonness strength – would keep contradicting himself with environmental changes. We the Common Tamils and Common Sri Lankans are the ones developing true Peace in the midst of all this war-related excitement. The Geetha – the Pathway of Truth was communicated also in the battlefield. Truth surfaces more freely in war and love.

When we FAIL to pay our dues to the ‘system’/‘relationship’ which gives us the opportunities and benefits we carry, we inherit its negative values including from parents.  Those who pay their dues – inherit only the good values from that system. In the case of the above Sri Lankan – the dues were not paid to the Common Sri Lankan University system by a Jaffna only person caught up in Politics.

I accepted Mr. Rajapaksa also through that Commonness. However weak an individual may be – we need to accept that person through her/his goodness to invest in the position s/he holds. The individual has changed but my investment in the position of President continues along the same true pathway. When it changes with the person – it is politics. When it does not happen whoever the person – we are confirming that we have disenfranchised ourselves.  This is fine – so long as we do not claim ‘rights’ – including ‘equal rights’ as members of the whole. 

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