Sunday 24 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 May  2015

Illegal Immigrants

Recently I met with our  Australian Federal Government officers in relation to changes to Policies relating to management of Illegal Maritime Arrivals. The current matter before Australian Government in this regard relates to  Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees. If our Prime Minister has been criticized for expressing rejection,  Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader with high International status – Ms Aung San Suu Kyi  -  is being criticized by some for her silence. Ms Suu Kyi herself is reported to have stated:
"I am not silent because of political calculation. I am silent because whoever's side I stand on there will be more blood. If I speak up for human rights they [Rohingya] will only suffer."
This has been the story of Tamils of Sri Lanka. When the Tamil Diaspora takes action through wider pathways and local politicians give credence to their work  the impact on Resident Tamils is stronger. Unless therefore one believes that there is enough support for the minority power to resist and diffuse such reactions – it is better for leaders to silently share their Energies / Motivating Power - with the needy than to actively show support for them.

During my above mentioned meeting – I felt that the policies of our Government have been adjusted as per the ‘actuals’ they have learnt through experience - about refugee applicants. Through my own inner wisdom – I identified with the need for such adjustments – not only because I am committed to the laws of Australia but also because I feel the need for Truth in internal management of our Community. As Australians we owe, Australia as a whole, our Truth – so it could be integrated with wider principles and policies.  Hence, unless we are ready to share our own credits with refugee applicants who lack credit as per the requirements – we have a duty of care to reject them. But like Ms Aung San Suu Kyi  indicated  - this could result in more conflict in Sri Lanka due to majority side taking higher status with returnees. This is also the risk with Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees.

The issue of immigration cannot be assessed on statistical basis.  The values are exponential. At the highest level – it is One World and every person who believes s/he belongs at a particular part of the world – has the right to stay there and call it  her/his home. One who is of global standards is entitled to a home in any part of the world. Where the government of a country keeps blocking this path – and the person leaves that part of the world – it is the responsibility of  all regional and global governments to facilitate a home for such a person at a place where that person would feel free to transfer her/his ‘home-investments’. The deepest investment is belief. Even when one migrant believes that Australia is her/his home – it is real credit earned by Australia at the global leadership level. At the same time one who is driven by statistics runs the risk of diluting this power by accepting those who ‘show’ more credits/deservedness  than they have earned. Welfare handouts by the Government also could lead to such false migration which upset also the internal structures of migrant Communities.  Within the Tamil Community – migrants who are yet to settle their dues to their homeland communities – and spoke/speak  out against the Government in that part of Sri Lanka more than they have suffered – develop false leadership status.  I was surprised and disappointed to note that young students in Northern Sri Lanka – protesting against the rape of the Tamil student Miss Vithiya Sivaloganathan by fellow Tamils.  That is not the Jaffna I grew up in and carry within me. While it is everyone’s right to fight to defend their Sovereignty – it is also everyone’s responsibility to discipline themselves not to attack others’ Sovereignty through that defence process. Young ones need to submit their messages through their leaders and not be directly seen in such matters.

It is reported in relation to the Myanmar Refugees that ‘Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Indonesian officials have told her most of the 7,000 people stranded in the South-East Asia boat crisis are illegal labourers, not refugees.’ 
The above mentioned protests by School Children could lead to them thinking that they have to now protect themselves. That was the pathway shown by the LTTE which eliminated Tamil Political leadership. Likewise these displaced persons could be thinking that they are refugees if they have knowledge of others who ‘fooled’ the Global system to obtain refugee status. Every claimant who believes s/he is a refugee is a genuine refugee. But to identify with such a refugee  - the assessing officer needs to be Global. Until then – each country is entitled to reject as per its own calculations as per its own immigration policies. If  a member of  an Organization with global status believes that these applicants are genuine refugees – and no other nation is ready to take them on s/he must work through her/his government based on that belief to settle such applicants in their own homelands.

There are times when it is better for a particular country and the applicant concerned to go back to the country they left behind. Where a person has elevated the pain and loss – however little it may seem on the outside - to the highest level – such a person is entitled to global status and facilities.   Where the pain and loss is stronger than the citizen of the lowest status in the majority group in the country where the suffering happens – then the UN has the responsibility  to add its global status to such applicants. All others would be worse off through displacement. Their immigration would add have linear value and not exponential. 

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