Tuesday 18 November 2014

Quo Vadis? – Malleh Pohl

The article ‘Sri Lanka: Quo Vadis’ by Sri Lanka Guardian Editor – Nilantha Ilangamuwa brought a smile to my mind – for many reasons.  Often I am given the  label of a deaf / confused person by those who seek to reduce my status through the Sinhalese saying:

Question:         Khoheda Yanne (Where are you going)
Response:        Malleh Pohl (Coconut in the basket)

These days I am  more and more in awe of  the way the insults by the supporters of the Sri Lankan regime go back to the source of their strength through which they elevate themselves above me. Sri Lanka Guardian has facilitated  my work and hence I am able to read through its owners - the deeper workings of the ‘facility’ that is beyond the control of any structured administration – positive or negative.  On behalf of Sri Lanka – I am able to respond ‘Malleh Pohl’ to  the above inquiry.

The deeper meaning for the commoner in the above Sinhalese message is that the ‘domestic’ person would interpret the question in the language ‘she’ understands. Coconut being a domestic item – the response was as per the question the domestic had the answer for.  This is also the case with the Sri Lankan Government in relation to the UN inquiries.

The other interesting manifestation is that in the picture in  this article is the train ‘Yarl Devi’ – the Jaffna-Colombo link – with the Tamil title first and the Sinhalese second/last. I have been protesting against Jaffna name board carrying the Jaffna label first in Sinhala, next in Tamil followed by English. (http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2014/11/welfare-education.html) Yarl is Jaffna in Tamil.  Sri Lanka Guardian has through this picture delivered the correction as per Dharma – Natural Justice.

The way the current regime and its supporters are going – in the inverted structure of management – often presented through inverted pyramid – Tamils will rank above Sinhalese in Democratic status. This has been confirmed by the way the Terrorism label was matched by the War Crimes label due to the work of  the Sri Lankan  Diaspora – with majority force being of Tamil origin due to their suffering. All genuine workers invest in the system of Natural Justice – whether they do so consciously or otherwise.  That investment will support them when they are in real need.   Sri Lanka is in real need and the support is happening – including through the tireless work of Sri Lanka Guardian which has facilitated Equal Opportunity to all ethnicities. Sri Lanka belongs to all such genuine investors and not just the custodians of power.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 16 November 2014

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