Friday 14 November 2014

President Rajapaksa – the Anti Terrorism King?

Our Australian Parliamentarian of Aboriginal origin honored our Australian Leader – the Honorable Gough Whitlam as follows:

Only those who have known discrimination truly know its evil. Only those who have never experienced prejudice can discount the importance of the ‘Racial Discrimination Act’.

I wrote to a fellow Australian of Lankan origin as follows in this regard:

[As an Australian who identities with the pain of Aborigines (the parallel of Tamils without strong Administrative leadership)  I seek to share with you the message by Mr. Noel Pearson in honor of Mr. Gough Whitlam – at

I highlight from that speech – not only because I honor all those who contributed to that Law through implementation as well as practice – but also because I actually took legal action against Mr. Whitlam’s opposition in this regard – Mr. Howard – using this particular legislation.

You are on the side of Mr. Howard – through your natural qualities.  Your interpretation would be like the ‘Children Overboard’ interpretations by Mr. Howard.   Neither would get the parallel of the above appreciation – now or at the hour of your death.]

Another in that group shared with me the following in relation to discussion about the Jaffna name board:

There are, in a sense, three "constitutions" involved: The first the constitution of nature that includes all of what was called "natural law." The second is the constitution of society, an unwritten and commonly understood set of rules for the society formed by a social contract before it establishes a government, by which it establishes the third, a constitution of government...It is possible for provisions of a written constitution of government to be "unconstitutional" if they are inconsistent with the constitutions of nature or society.
      --Orestes Brownson (1803–1876)

I responded by saying : ‘We need to use them as one system all the time (as in Programs) or stick to one system for our investments as well as returns.  Often we make the mistake of investing in the river and expecting returns from the pond (Tamil saying). To me the same message is understood through Body, Mind and Soul .

This issue of the Authority of the Law is important in the context of  current Sri Lanka – where President Rajapaksa has obtained the endorsement of the Supreme Court to stand for a third six year term of Presidency. Was it appropriate in the context of the above structure ?

In Hindu culture wise elders say that respect should be attributed in the following order: Maatha (Mother); Pitha (Father); Guru ; Theivam (God).

As an individual – I interpret that as my work outcomes being due to Emotions; Visible Benefits; Intellectual discrimination between right and wrong  and Invisible forces that keep the balance going. Until we know our father – our mother is all of this to us.  Until we know the Guru – our parents are all of this to us. Until we know the Ourselves as independents – our Parents and Guru are our visible world.   Once we realize Divine powers – called Love, Truth, Independence – we are self-sufficient and wholesome. Most of us do not make it to the last stage due to distractions on the way. Most of the distractions are due to ‘I’ factor – ‘I did it’ when there are no takers and/or when I have the power to declare so.   When we bring all contributors with us and recognize that only a portion of the outcome was due to us – we become wholesome and that ‘I’ as an independent – represents all those who contributed to the current ‘I’ which means ‘we’ – including invisible forces.

In terms of Governance the order is Politics; Administration; Judiciary and Self-Governance through our Truth.

Politicians who value Self-Governance would  value Truth. One needs to invest in Truth and look for returns through Truth.  What happens is fact only to the extent we made some investment in it.  Otherwise it is dead information as far as we are concerned.  Often we are overloaded with the latter – especially in the case of those who use higher education more for a living than for life itself. A nation with at least one self-governing  citizen would naturally support all those who think they are part of that nation. We still do not know whether Mr. Rajapaksa is such a citizen or whether he is supported by such a citizen – overtly or confidentially or naturally due to shared Truth.

Citizens who share Truth form common societies. A government of that society is formed through a certain process – referred to as a social contract by Mr. Brownson. In a democracy this structure is the electoral system. At that level  the applicable laws are formed through the Truth of that group – i.e. – whether one is right or wrong is as per the outcomes that maintain the harmony of the group at that place at that time.  The Administration of the Supreme Court has rightly or wrongly endorsed a third term structure for Mr. President.   It is NOT a Judicial ruling. That was a consultative process within the Administration of the Judiciary – for which the Executive Government is responsible.  In other words, the Supreme Court was advising the Executive President – as facilitated by the Constitution:

129. (1) If at any time it appears to the President of the Republic that a
question of law or fact has arisen or is likely to arise which is of such
nature and of such public importance that it is expedient to obtain the
opinion of the Supreme Court upon it, he may refer that question to that
Court for consideration and the Court may, after such hearing as it thinks
fit, within the period specified in such reference or within such time as may
be extended by the President, report to the President its opinion thereon.

 This is the authority of the Constitution to use the resources of the Judiciary. The outcome is very much an Administrative outcome and is not a judicial outcome.  This is confirmed further by the words ‘within such time as may be extended by the President’.  A Judicial decision needs to be independent of the President from start to finish.

The above discussion started after I  highlighted that I felt offended that the Jaffna name board was in Sinhala, Tamil & English vertical order.  When arranged equally along the lateral plane – they must have clear lines of separation. Thus in a democracy – there needs to be clear lines of separation between Mother, Father and Guru while we are administratively operational.  The reason is the multi-tasking in democracy – moving us away from specially assigned jobs as per the subjective system which promotes ‘class’ as per the jobs done.

The Judiciary is the Guru and the Executive President is the Father in this Democratic Government structure. The above provision in the Constitution does not have the authority of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers – and therefore is lacking in democratic power – as does the Jaffna Name Board.

If the President had made the interpretation based on his True belief  - he would have been supported by Divine powers to realize self-governance. As Mr. Noel Pearson also highlighted – Mr. Whitlam was Prime Minister only for three years. Mr. Whitlam  was dismissed by the Governor. Within that time Mr. Whitlam achieved so much commonness for us Australians – that many other Australian leaders would not achieve in 30 years. 

Grandparents are like Governors. They do not need Administrative structures to share their Energies with their grandchildren.  In fact it might help to discard the negative parts (the  baggage from past ) of  some structures. Then the Energy is placed directly from grandparent to grandchild / from Governor to Citizen. The Governor / Grandparent who is free of such structures is the Theivam / Divinity in the above mentioned arrangement. Some – especially Spiritual persons achieve this at early stages of their life.  Most of us need to attribute to someone furthest in the circle of physical and mental influence – the unseen and unknown reasons/causes of our pleasures / benefits – by sacrificing a part - so they would sustain us when we are confronted with pain from unseen, unknown sources. The law of Nature says that there is equal and opposite pain/cost for every unit of pleasure/benefit.  It is recognized as equal more easily by using the lateral system of Democracy with its objective measures. This tends to limit us to the immediate  - as has been the case with Mr. Rajapaksa.

But then, all Sinhalese  who focus on finding fault with ‘them’ on the other side of the ethnic border – be they Tamils or Muslims - are co-beneficiaries of  President Rajapaksa’s work and clever political thought order. None of them qualify to criticize or judge him – until they renounce the opportunities to ‘show’ and celebrate those victories – including through emails and other electronic media. If LTTE are Terrorists – then Mr. Rajapaksa is the king who got rid of Terrorism. The mind that celebrates such victory would be fearful under any other leader. Those who attributed the elimination of violence due to self-governance forces involved – are the real heroes. This may or may not include Mr. Rajapaksa on the Sinhalese side and/or Mr. Prabhakaran on the Tamil side.  If they are not part of the unseen forces – then their real and natural powers would not work a system without the ‘seen’ opposition / enemy. They would promote or facilitate  wars so they could show more wins.  

We often ‘forget’ the role of Nature and take the physical as the whole.  Then we arrange it this way and that way – to suit our own desires rather than our truly earned returns. Once we keep attributing to ‘Nature’ its dues – we would not be disappointed.  Often it becomes necessary for us to give particular form to that Nature – in our common structure – to help juniors and outsiders identify with our work values and the pleasures we sacrificed to develop a system that would support future generations and distant parts of our society. Those who are hasty for benefits – often fail to do this. 

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 13 November 2014

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