Saturday, 8 November 2014

King Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein of Lanka?

As per communications from Tamil Diaspora leaders in relation to the UN investigations into war activities:

[The Government of Sri Lanka has refused point blank to cooperate with the investigation despite being explicitly requested by the Human Rights Council to do so,” Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said in his statement.]

That brought to mind, the expression of wisdom by the Living Heritage Trust Chairman -  Manik  Sandrasagra. Manik said in Batticaloa – words to the effect that democracy was a myth and thus saying he proceeded to take  control of the environment in relation to construction of houses at that particular place. In terms of the victims of Tsunami who were being helped at that particular place – that was the approach for a person seeking to ‘show’ results.  Given my investment in Democracy – I became an observer of  that particular project. I moved on to facilitate the folks of Mankerni – a larger area -  to use Government facilities – and my service was to help them recover from their fears and anxieties. This included structuring the path through which Foreign Aid was being received by them.  To me – the family was more valuable than the house. The People of Mankerni could not have been educated in the system of democracy within a short period of time. But by including them in me – I shared the spirit of Democracy with them – so they would earn the foreign aid that came through various paths to them.

The people directly affected by the war and continue to live in Sri Lanka are not likely to have knowledge of  Democracy. The UN will come today and be gone tomorrow after getting  the material to ‘show’ outcomes of their  own work and compensate those who provided the evidence towards this – as they did when LTTE were proscribed.  Unless the minds that provided the evidence feel part of global governance – and are facilitated from then on to actively practice democracy – they would become lost in a disorderly system with ever changing leadership from one extreme to another – LTTE yesterday and UN today.  UN has no right to receive handouts in the form of evidence from LTTE members, supporters and associates after it became the medium through which LTTE was proscribed. All those who lived in Vanni area submitted to LTTE Administration and therefore lost their eligibility to provide independent - objectively measurable  evidence to  the UN.   Likewise those in the armed forces.

As per the Diaspora report the UN High Commissioner stated:

“A wall of fear has been created that has undoubtedly served to deter people from submitting evidence.”
“Such a refusal does not, however, undermine the integrity of an investigation set up by the Council – instead it raises concerns about the integrity of the government in question. Why would governments with nothing to hide go to such extraordinary lengths to sabotage an impartial international investigation?”

We as Sri Lankans need to ask ourselves as to the real value added through such intervention. The above report by the UN High Commissioner confirms that the UN lacks the commitment to go to the root cause and then recommend pathways through which future wars would be prevented.  The more objective evidence one shows the greater the investment in future wars of similar nature. Getting evidence that confirms guilt on the two sides concerned - for the purpose of delivering human justice  – is like flogging a dead horse. It was not the UN that brought about an end to the war. If it was the UN – then it is investigating itself.  The Sri Lankan Government is the apparent cause.

If the Sri Lankan Government is openly found fault with – as is already being done – morally speaking the UN does not have a mandate. As per the religious example through the deity Muruga (commonly believed by both sides) – one has to renounce all benefits from a side one is likely to  find fault with. One does not have to renounce benefits from the side on whose behalf  one is hearing the evidence and submissions. If the government of Sri Lanka was blocking the path of the UN and the UN considers it to be in breach of its policies – then the UN needs to take ‘internal’ actions to discipline and improve the performance of the Sri Lankan Government.  Sri Lanka is part of the UN through its Government.   If that Government is found to be corrupt – then appropriate actions need to be taken through that part of the UN responsible for such disciplinary action. Releasing such reports directly to the public before internal efforts – is a bad example and is the parallel of  Sri Lankan Government colluding with Chinese Government and the LTTE colluding with Tamil Nadu Governments. UN to be a judge and a leader – needs to demonstrate higher standards than those being investigated.

The outcomes that have happened, happened largely through forces not seen or known. Each one of us who acted habitually or otherwise as Asura/Satan or  Dheva/Saint contributed naturally to the outcome through Nature’s system of Karma. Objectively measurable evidence  when used prematurely to judge – would confirm the seen and known causes.  They would not lead to identification of natural causes – especially by those who do not feel connected to that land and people of  that land.

 One who inquires through the seen causes does so only for her/his purposes. One needs to have the authority of a common system of administration to inquire beyond the seen into known causes .  One who inquires into causes beyond the seen and the known needs to publish the new theories that include those discoveries or quietly and silently submit them to Higher powers.  One who publishes them through subjective powers – is assuming the position of  King. In this instance – it is highly likely to be due to inherited royal title being carried by the  High Commissioner – subconsciously or consciously. Lord Muruga says to the King/Prince  - ‘renounce it or be transparent’.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 November 2014

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