Thursday 20 November 2014

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam  vs  ABC Managing Director Jonathan Shier 

Sri Lanka must complain against Australia

 The book Sri Lanka’s Secrets by Australian Trevor Grant – published through Monash University – is yet again in the spotlight.  Communications in relation to the article [SL High Commissioner In Australia Tries To Block The Book " Sri Lanka 's Secrets"] in Colombo Telegraph with the following message are being shared within the Sri Lankan Diaspora:

[According to the Tamil Refugee Council, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe had met with the university administration and its Vice-Chancellor on two occasions – September 8 and 26 in an attempt to get the university to withdraw their support for the book titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Secrets: How the Rajapaksa regime gets away with murder’ authored by veteran Australian journalist Trevor Grant.]

My first response was “they (the University) have done the right thing to uphold freedom of expression – and have encouraged the High Commissioner to uphold his freedom. Relatively speaking I was arrested for seeking to ‘publish’ my findings about the University of NSW.  Wonder what Monash VC would have done if the criticism was about her University?????  - Arrested Trevor Grant???  To me these books by outsiders are like Wikileaks – and they distract from developing strong systems that would work for us Sri Lankans.  Good for Australian business.”  

The karma earned by the Australian University system – for exercising such right to freedom of expression – is for Australians to be arrested in Sri Lankan territories. For example if Trevor Grant was to go to Lake House Publishers through whom I published “Naan Australian” (I am Australian) – and was rejected by them – that would be return of his karma. Trevor Grant  has earned the karma to be denied that Sri Lankan facility – a just reason why there are restrictions on travel by ‘foreigners’ to problem areas requiring confidential settlements.

In fact – Martin Flanagan of the Age informs us of the path through which Trevor Grant obtained the information to write the book:

[For the book, Grant interviewed 50 Tamil refugees. He obtained access to confidential medical reports from Sri Lankan and Australian doctors which backed up their claims. He interviewed people who had either visited or been incarcerated in the post-war internment camps where, he says, thousands were either killed by military forces or died from disease. He quotes a 2011 UN report, which called for an investigation into war crimes, and the 2012 Petrie Report, which said that as many as 70,000 people may have been deliberately killed in government sanctuaries, called No Fire Zones. He spoke to Journalists For Democracy In Sri Lanka, which has compiled a list of 39 journalists and other media workers killed since President Rajapaksa came to power in 2005. Grant's book, which has a foreword by Geoffrey Robertson QC, cites numerous media sources, including the BBC and Al Jazeera plus newspapers in Australia and Sri Lanka.]

Well, there was no QC including Geoffrey Robertson – to help me when I published my pain experienced at the University of New South Wales  - through Due Processes – of the University system followed by the Public Administrative system ending with the Judicial system.   I was in fact repeatedly listed as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my protests that I was legally – Australian. Now to the official Australian system – I am a Sri Lankan facility – called the Citizens’ Diplomatic Service. To the extent the official Sri Lankan Diplomatic service respects and values such a facility from within the Diaspora  – those within that official system would naturally merge and feel empowered and supported to be Equal to any Australian. The power-sharing arrangement happens through the invisible system of karma. God came to me in my mind – to help me through myself by first becoming independent of the system that was failing me. Looking to God helped me lose consciousness of old form of authority and rely on new. Given that God is formless most of the time – I was being led to my own Truth – through the most reliable Subject of all in my life – Hindu form of my times in my environment – Sai Baba  until I learnt to recognize and rely on my own Truth only. Truth being a universal link language – It did/does the rest of the work needed.  

Often in the early days of  developing this Natural Power – I received emails from Australian Academics  asking me to NOT write to them. I asked them to take legal action against me as per the LAW. The University of New South Wales sent me ‘legal notice’ to stop writing emails. When I asked them ‘under what law?’ (Gandhi style) – they did not have a response. One Australian academic who usually took equal opposition to the Sri Lankan President – also threatened me with legal action through his University. That professor  is still in my email list. Whether he reads my mail or not – is his ‘freedom’ to not run away from stronger powers blocking his path to enjoying ‘easy’ benefits. Senator Sir Richard Alston – facilitated for me to make submissions to the changes to the laws covering electronic communications. Taken as a total Australia – balanced itself. 

Each one of us covered by a law including the one that gives form to our  ‘right to freedom of expression’  would interpret as per our own mental order at that time at that place.  To the extent  we have expressly agreed to be part of a group – family/institution – we have the obligation to interpret as per that group.  This includes those who expressly show support for a particular group and are therefore associated with that group by the common public. Trevor Grant for example is associated with Tamil refugees.  Only a person who has become independent of all such groups – has the right to interpret the law as per her/his mental order and use an independent publishing authority.  Such interpretation would be as per Natural Law – the highest laws of all.

Such a person would demonstrate respect for the institution through which that law is regulated – even when in disagreement with the way it is interpreted by the custodian of power. The power is that of all such independents. Those with high level of contribution to such independence would recognize the right of the independent person. Those who disrespect /punish such a person would become dependent on their juniors – the form given to the person being punished.  Hence we have parents depending on children instead of becoming a common facility to the whole family.

Resisting Police arrest as per our interpretation is an offense for this reason. I accepted at all times – the authority of the Police to interpret the law and exercise it at that time at that place (the University of NSW).  Where the officers were receptive – I asked them under what legislation but did not interfere with their interpretation at any time. This was possible only because I was independent of the University that influenced the Police.   I made out my case in the Court. Where they also failed me – I went on to publish my work as an independent.
To all those who used their official powers and to their systems / government – I became Sri Lankan from then on. That was how they classified me and that is the level of support they have earned from this Independent Australian.  The evidence was surfaced through ‘Peaceful Assembly’.

Tamil leaders who are dependent on the wrong-doings of the Sri Lankan Government – would not have natural access to this facility.   They would continue to demonstrate their dependence on the Australian Government so that they could take power over Tamils who continue to be dependent on the subjective system of management. Individual Tamil migrants continue to access this facility – through less visible community and family structures. Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin who are independent of the Government system – share naturally through osmosis. Those in family, community or national structures – including University structures – need to submit/mentally surrender  themselves to the authority of such individuals in their environment. They would be protected by such Natural authority within that area of influence. But they do not have the authority to publish their work as independents. When they do – it amounts to plagiarism and brings upon the person so doing the curse of copying – which is mental disorder.

Australians who are independent of the Australian system have the authority of Nature to publish their work through any Australian institution but do so without acting in breach of the core purpose for which that institution exists.  Universities exist as such facilities.  Writing about the wrongs of another Nation’s Administration, without an official portfolio -  on the basis of what happened in that country at that time – is interference in the Administration of that Country. This often happens when Foreigners produce the outcome on their own and then try to insert their outcome in the outcomes produced by others.  If Australians had participated in the outcomes of the war – they would have prevented the torture that happened due to both sides to the war lacking knowledge of  and/or belief in the higher path that Australia claims to follow as per its convenience.

Those who are yet to become independent of the subjective system – often end up interfering with others who practice democracy.  This leads to damage to the value of democracy carried by the common Australian.

As per the Colombo Telegraph report “Prior to the meetings however, the Deputy VC of the University Professor Abid Khan had written to Samarasinghe, rejecting his calls for censorship, pointing out that authors are free to publish their work through the Monash University without fear from institutional discipline and had added that the book however does not represent the University’s official stance.
Samarasinghe however had been asked to write a response to the book on the university website, as it would provide a chance to shed light on any errors or misinterpretations, which he in turn had rejected.”

If this was not the problem of the University as a whole – then the response ought to have been from the devolved section of the University – as an autonomous body. The parallels in Sri Lankan Governance structure are the provisions through Amendment 13 to the Constitution which is not actively used by the Sri Lankan Diaspora of both ethnicities. In action – Tamil leaders are also failing to confirm that they are upholding  Article 18 as amended to provide Equal status to Tamil as an official language.  On the side of the Sinhalese – many members have called for the provisions of the 13th Amendment to be repealed . This has the effect of us going back to ‘Sinhala Only’ being recognized as the official language.  The natural outcome of that is :-  the investment of Tamils in the system of democracy would  spread laterally to Tamil Nadu, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. As per Natural Laws – we are one family and the earth is One Nation. Repealing the provisions of Amendment 13 would dismantle  all Provincial Councils – majority being in Sinhalese areas  - and make even the Governor of  Northern Province - Major General Chadrasiri jobless. Cutting off the nose to spite the face?

Once the Office of the Vice Chancellor rejects responsibility – it does not have the authority / right to say to an outsider whether s/he is right or wrong as per the University. It has the authority to convey messages through its own independent outcomes but not to ‘tell’ in any form.   The direction to  respond needs to be interpreted as the recommendation to report to the higher authority. Mr. Samarasinghe is not a member of the University staff or student nor is he Australian with any Australian portfolio.  He is beyond the reach of the Australian Administrative system – official or business – for ‘telling’. This is an opportunity for Sri Lankan government to gain some political mileage in the UN by using their  Equal Opportunity to produce its independent outcome.

I urge the Sri Lankan Government to use its membership with the UN and demand an apology from Australia  for such interference. That would be the right interpretation of the message from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of  Monash University.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 19 November 2014

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