Friday 21 November 2014

Australian Politicians with Sri Lankan Diaspora
Elections – what they mean to me

As expected, next year, Sri Lankans have the opportunity to again elect their President.  One Tamil lady choosing the life of leisure said ‘What does it matter to us whether Rama rules or Ravana rules?’ [Rama = the Divine King;  Ravana = the Animalistic/Asura king (Chapter 10 Naan Australian for Devas & Asuras)].  This lady could not identify the connection between the outcome in Sri Lanka and her own current life here in Australia. To me the outcomes in Sri Lanka would influence the shape and form of my work as a global citizen of Sri Lankan origin.

This week, the following report was highlighted in relation to Buddhism in Sri Lankan Politics:
“A ceremony that was due to take place in front of Ranaviru Seya in Anuradhapura with the participation of the president yesterday (16) was one chaotic scene after Capt. Silva of the Navy stumbled, fell down and dropped the casket containing the sacred relics to the floor, as it was being taken there, reports say.
Capt. Silva walked cautiously with the casket, but one foot got entangled with an electricity wire, causing the mishap. After the casket fell to the floor and broke into pieces, the sacred relics went missing. The incident occurred as the president was on his way to the place.
Greatly alarmed, the organizers informed the bodyguards of the president not to come there. Accordingly, the president’s visit to Ranaviru Seya was cancelled.
A Nayaka Thera who is a resident at Atamasthana said the Ranaviru Seya, built in addition to the Atamasthana (nine historical places of worship), has led to many incidents of bad luck and calamities. The incident makes this fact clearer, said the Thera, warning that this could be a bad omen for the country”

One senior Diaspora member wrote during discussions in relation to the above:
[Astrology treats and relieves the mind. This is a physical unavoidable occurrence In Sinhala it is called “Akaala”]

I responded as follows:
[To me every manifestation has a reason and that reason can be changed and therefore is no longer ‘unavoidable’ by the seer. Some seem like ‘accidents’ – meaning – they are merely surface manifestations – the total  being equal to the sum of  the individual components.

The three levels of manifestations are:  (1) those that can be controlled at the physical level (2) those that can be influenced through knowledge (3) the Truth that is natural to us and yet beyond our control – physical or mental. We call the 3rd dimension ‘fate’.  But fate keeps changing as we take our work to ‘service’ level or ‘give up’.   

In this instance (1) above  could not have been the case because of the deeper faith by the previous custodians of the sacred relic and those who carried the casket.   If the event was ‘calculated’ through political motivation  - then the President and the Government have a responsibility to work out the cause.  If it were (3) – then the monk ought to have sensed it.   If he were truly spiritual – he would have prayed to prevent such manifestations at that time at that place where he also had leadership responsibility.  One of my clients has given me a good example of this one.  The failure rate in her class was high. When asked for her opinion she gave  her supervisor the most obvious reason ‘because of  poor attendance’.   The monk used his language and instead of saying it was a mere accident – he said it was a bad omen – which has the effect of  putting  fear in the minds of  those opposed to his group and also of  shifting  the blame / responsibility to an outside source. In light of  the rift between JHU and SLFP – one needs to consciously seek whether it was orchestrated to render  greater importance to the monks.] Note:  JHU – Political Party of the Buddhist Clergy;  SLFP – Political Party of the President.

The next election outcomes in Sri Lanka would also be determined through the combination of forces at the above three levels.

(1)   The Seen & the Heard
Those who live at the surface level would try to influence at the last minute if they are active or where they are  passive (due to indifference or because they cannot afford politics) – would become the media through whom activists would manifest their outcomes. The rest of the work would have already happened by now.

(2)   The Known
Those who have been using the Administrative path to mark the government right or wrong – as per their independent interpretation of the laws, principles and common values – (expected to be known by the government as well as the citizen) – would have been continuously educating the voters in their respective environments. To the extent they used wider measures – especially global measures – they earn membership with that wider group.  Citizens of Sri Lanka who have been so educated through themselves as well as others – are the media through whom Sri Lanka’s Administrative Service is naturally influenced at local as well as global levels.  They determine the global status Sri Lankans have with real global citizens – with or without official portfolios.  Their influence on election outcomes, to a large extent has already happened.  Sometimes – the manifestation of this power is delayed due to lack of medium / candidate.

The path through which messages are delivered from that Natural Basket would match the status loss experienced by the victim as per her/his own level of investment. The more independent they are the more their submission to this Natural Basket.

In Australia – I contributed strongly to this power through my actions using the common measure of Racial Discrimination Act 1975 sacrificing my earned status and opportunities to take legal action. Sharing that experience dynamically – including through pain of punishments ( including through prison sentence as a criminal and judgments that I was mentally ill) -  was the ‘educational process’ which started in 1999 when I wrote to Mr. Howard, warning about bloodbath – similar to the ones in Sri Lanka. One who is common to both nations would feel the risk intuitively. The education happened not through my alleged equal opportunity to access authority to allocate rights and wrongs – but by showing the connection between cause and effect as and when I found the connection – as I am doing through this article also.

By escalating the problem/conflict to the Federal Government level through Due Process – I escalated to Prime Ministerial level, the value of every stroke of work I did with genuine commitment to uphold the law as per my interpretation to the law. The benefits denied at that workplace became credits when I followed Due Administrative Process right to the top. Once we do this, there is nothing left to react at the lower level.    To me this is the value that would prevent rebellion through low level reaction using arms to balance the powers – as LTTE did and as 9/11 attackers did. I continued to interpret at that higher level and therefore could identify with manifestations of Administrative wrongs of the Howard Government – through the path regulated by Racial Discrimination Act.  I declined lower level settlement offered by the NSW Police, because to me by this time it was too little too late. As a result – the compensation happened through global facilities. They continue to happen.

Mr. Beazley was my preferred candidate as Prime Minister through the 2001 elections and I wanted him to win those elections. Later I felt that there was not enough depth to my investment in global issues to influence such a manifestation by filling the marginal ‘gap’.

Mr. Howard did win the 2004 elections but his electorate of Bennelong became a marginal seat. But in the same year –  the American trained  Vice Chancellor of the University  of New South Wales who was quick to use the Police to arrest me unlawfully – lost his position and it was described as being due to the Bruce Hall matter surfaced by migrant students and staff. There was no direct Administrative link shown. To me – (1) when we have duty – through benefits enjoyed as per our position – and (2) someone suffers due to negligence of such duties – and (3) they are  Administrative challenges being left in the ‘too hard basket’ -  they – the matters naturally migrate into Nature’s huge ‘Universal Basket Without Borders’ – turning into negative karma/debit  when the other side is genuine in their pain. Where the other side is not genuine but is working largely for money or lower level returns – the path  ceases at the human level or lower.
Once in the Universal Basket – the value would ‘wait’ for the right medium in the environment of the one who had the duty as per her/his position but neglected it – to come along. Truth when manifested would have two opposite sides – as in Balance Sheets. The combined forces of  the investment by the opponent,  in Administration and Natural Forces of Truth and Humanity would have  needed to be stronger than the officer with high portfolio, to manifest a defeat for the latter. In 2004 the Labor candidate of Bennelong lacked the Administrative investment.

The combination of  political and administrative powers in the Natural Basket were not high enough to defeat Mr. Howard in 2004 – not only due to the same political opposition at the local electorate as it was in 2001 - but also due to Mr.  Mark Latham being a weak opposition in Administration. Mr. Mark Latham was highly emotionally driven which weakens administration. The manifestation of Truth would be such that it must satisfy investors in Truth from all angles.

Ms Maxine McKew who worked with Public issues as a Journalist at ABC – was fielded as the candidate against Mr. Howard in 2007.  In addition, if Ms McKew had felt gender based discrimination in her life as Australian after it became unlawful in Australia, but was not compensated for it,  her power as representative of the Public would have gone into the Natural / Universal Basket/ Clearing House. In addition Mr. Kevin Rudd was strong in management of global resources and hence the combination manifested the defeat of Mr. Howard. The loss of his seat to a minority power happened due to the damage he caused to the belief of migrants.

Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan parallel of that was the defeat of Mrs. Banadaranaike in 1977 when Mr. Appapillai Amirthalingam – a Tamil -  became the Leader of the Opposition. He resigned in 1983 because by then his investment in Administration was not enough to educate Tamils and prevent lower level expressions of opposition.  In contrast – Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam Q.C. carried very strong Administrative credits through his high level practice of Law. The essence of his investment was delivered through a 50:50 demand – which I interpret as Devolution with Equal rights as majority.  50:50 is called Equal Opportunity in Democratic systems. A strong Administrator would accumulate this credit.

(3)   The Hon  Philip Ruddock &  the Hon John Alexander -

Mr. Ruddock as Minister for Immigration, to my mind  did not make much of a contribution  to strengthening Administration through this portfolio.  But as Attorney General when I made inquiries he did respond regularly and comprehensively. In addition – he is accessible to migrants in his electorate. He did not therefore lose his seat.
In terms of Bennelong – Mr. John Alexander carries with the People parallel power as Mr. Ruddock much more than the younger migrant Australian who replaced Ms Maxine McKew at the party level. Most of the migrants known to me from that electorate are well educated folks investing in Administration and Management rather than in business. Hence Mr. John Alexander fits that electorate much more than a young business oriented migrant.

Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke
To me, it was no coincidence that I met both these gentlemen through the Sri Lankan Reconciliation function organized by Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke – a fellow migrant from Sri Lanka. Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke as the head of the organizing committee allocated to me the task of reading out the message from the President of Sri Lanka. Like Ms Maxine McKew – Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke had the right combination of Natural Administrative and Political powers in the Sri Lankan Diaspora. It was also no coincidence that my contribution to the above forum was made largely in the suburb of Epping – where most of the voters of Bennelong known to me reside. Such belief based work generates  the real powers of the Land and influences the People to whom that Land is ‘home’.   

3. Felt Powers of Sovereignty
Beyond the above two levels of the seen and the known, is the power of self-governance/sovereignty.  Rukshan Perera clearly identifies the three components in his introduction to ‘Bless Our Land Sri Lanka’ as follows: We need blessings from the Sri Lankans; We need blessings from the International Community; We need the blessings also from Above.

A candidate with strongest combination of accumulated reserves in Politics & Administration would invoke those blessings from above. Each one of us contributes naturally to the candidate who invokes the powers of completion within us. Such completion is necessary to maintain our Sovereignty – as rendered by God.

Membership to this Natural voting system is earned through everyday living – as in superannuation. At the other end is, Physical level voting representing visible benefits.  If majority voters in Sri Lanka are lacking in the ‘superannuation’ contribution – they would elect a government dependent on its citizens – as old age parents depend on their children. Members of the Diaspora who neglect their duties as global citizens but indulge in ‘entertainment gossip’ through Sri Lankan politics – would add to the negative energies that would keep pulling Sri Lanka (including Tamils)  down in its global standards. Every investor in Sri Lanka who during this period practices self-governance consciously and/or naturally  – would contribute to elevating the status of Sri Lanka and all Communities making up Sri Lanka in the minds of all investors.

By voting Naturally/Mentally  through our credits with the Universal system we would feel that we are being Governed by Rama.  By neglecting to vote mentally but choosing to criticize one side or the other or voting through our debits (debts to other Lankans) – we would feel that we are being ruled by Ravana, in Sri Lankan issues.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 November 2014

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