Thursday 27 November 2014

Consulting with Tamil Leadership

Discussions on the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘LTTE – Not Terrorists’, led to more evidence being surfaced about the confusion in the minds of Sri Lankans in relation to whether one is a rebel or a terrorist when one opposes the Official Government. When our thoughts are not regulated through common measures we end up confusing ourselves. Where abuse of power by leaders in the hierarchical subjective system led to suppression resulting in depression, abuse of power in the lateral system of democracy leads to excitement, hallucination and confusion in the brain.  Often those who support rebels are in this risk category.

In a democratic system, the junior has Equal right as the senior to interpret the law. But the junior who seeks to express such interpretation has the Responsibility to first produce outcomes independent of the senior before taking up Equal position to the senior in a particular issue at a particular time.

One writer suggested to me that I refer to the definition of a Terrorist /Terrorist organization as recognized by the UN.

If I had relied on the UN to assess a section of my own community – then I am an outsider to that community.  As a Sri Lankan discussing with fellow Sri Lankan of a different community  -  I did not need to go to UN.   I would not if I were a Sovereign Sri Lankan. One who asks me to is not Sri Lankan.

The order in which our mind thinks – gives is the pathway through which our thoughts are regulated. Hence I opened my response  with : ‘the question was asked in relation to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s changed order of mind.  If that fits you also then I group you in Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s order

Those who assume subjective authority over us – often try to change the order in which we think.  Unless we are strong minded – we become their mouthpieces or the media for their own credits and benefits – often not knowing that that is what we are doing. Those desirous of benefits by currying favor (for example -  migrants from countries of lower status ) with such custodians of subjective powers, tend to meekly accept such authority.  To my mind this was the advantage through  White Australia Policy. Using the Terrorism label after claiming that the LTTE are dead and gone – also would rearrange the mind order of those who desire favors from Sri Lankan custodians of power.

I used the law as an independent person to determine whether in my Australian environment – the LTTE were Terrorists or not – as per the law. I therefore explained as follows:
[To the extent I independently practiced the UN laws and principles, I have the right to interpret the UN decisions and mark the custodians of power right or wrong.  The UN decision affected me as a Tamil – and hence I have the right to express my judgment about the UN’s judgment. That way I take up Equal position as the UN in issues of governance that directly affect me. In the system of Democracy – it is the DUTY of the citizen to assess  her/himself and produce those assessments before criticizing or attributing high status to the decision by custodians of power.   When such is the case they are rebels.

Where a person / group does not first so assess through laws and principles common to both and publicly produce such outcomes,  before using resources available to the person/group independent of the higher authority being criticized / attacked, to produce independent outcomes - they are terrorists – even where it happens in family or institutional or local government environments.

Taken as a whole – the Tamil community produced the former and therefore the leaders of the Tamil community ought to have been consulted before LTTE were listed as Terrorists.  Otherwise the whole Community are Terrorists in the eyes of the UN and others who so listed the LTTE.  Within LTTE – I personally know of many who believed that they were fighting for ‘freedom’.  By including the LTTE – TNA demonstrated such leadership.   It’s not different to SLFP including JVP.

Yes, LTTE  did hijack the Tamil nationalist movement and turned against the very TNA leadership that shared its status with LTTE.   But that is an ‘internal’ issue and any outsider who is hurt by the LTTE had/has the right to complain to the Community leadership at that place at that time.  Those who elevate themselves to global level – have the obligation to complain to the global authorities and not the local authorities.

When LTTE supporters were arrested here in Australia – I wrote to Mr. Philip Ruddock – then Attorney General of Australia for Australia’s interpretation.  Mr. Ruddock wrote back that Australia did NOT list the LTTE as Terrorists but had legislation that blocked remittance of funds to certain groups in which LTTE was also included.   Eventually those supporters were released with small punishment. 

If you interpret the UN’s decision to list LTTE as Terrorists – then you have the obligation to accept UN’s resolution against the Government of Sri Lanka in relation to war processes.]

The fellow member of the Diaspora stated :

[Gajam P's article reflects the loss of clear moral understanding due to the  LTTE obfuscating process.]

I responded as follows:
[The Hindu way is for the stronger person to include the weaker person as part of her/himself.  Family, institutional and community structures flow from such ‘inclusion’ leading to oneness.   If you do that with your community AND you are a just person – you would see LTTE through my leadership in this instance.  Since you have chosen to see them as separate entities – standing on their own as an individual group – you write about ‘intellectual understanding’.  LTTE are part of the Tamil community and are inseparable.  We owe them that duty – as you would owe the Rajapaksa family – even if they were listed as war-criminals. THAT is true Dharma.]

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26  November 2014

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