Thursday 27 November 2014

Higher Common Leader

Once an internal conflict has become Public – the issue through which it became public decides who the real opposition is. It is no longer UNP vs SLFP – the leading Sinhalese parties in Sri Lanka. It is Sinhalese vs Tamils due to globalization of the conflict. Voting at the local level is just the preliminary step towards confirming who represents the Sinhalese side. The Tamil side is represented by a coalition of  Tamil leaders who continue to believe they are Sri Lankans and not any less (as in Eelamists) or any more (as those accepting Indian Tamil leadership).

Today, many sections of the Tamil community would remember their loved ones who died in the Sri Lankan war.  All those who died due to their belief are heroes. It matters not whether they were  Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Muslims. Every family who lost members has the right to mourn and appreciate. We need to facilitate these families to give structure to the values that this war has developed, to strengthen Sri Lankans and us as humans.

While many groups on both sides keep blaming and finding fault with the other (Consulting with Tamil Leadership at  forgotten is the Common value of those who died due to their belief. There were those who joined the armed forces for economic reasons but subsequently developed belief that they were fighting for freedom from suppression of  or damage to, their natural rights.   There were others who had such belief when they joined the armed forces. We remember and celebrate all of them. All of them vote through their media on Earth for the candidate who has worked most for Sovereignty than any other candidate. Whether that person shows this win or not – the real power would be carried by that person to naturally represent Sri Lanka.

If our belief at the time of our death is that we are protecting our Sovereignty and are therefore Sovereign – then such is an honorable death. When Tamils remember and celebrate their heroes on this day – they celebrate also Sinhalese and Muslims who died in the belief of Sovereignty. One who devalues the work of such a person would dilute her/his own investment in Sovereignty.

It is often confusing for many of us who have grown up in common Sri Lankan environments to take sides in this issue.

In 2003 – due to the Ceasefire agreement – I was able to work with the Tamil Tigers through the UNDP to develop a Public Administrative system. I did not seek it but it happened and I went to Vanni. To me – none of the officers I met there seemed different to various members of my family and workplaces. As it was soon after I was allegedly defeated by the University of New South Wales – and the Australian Government – I was in the right frame of mind to work with a system that felt pain due to being of  minority status carrying defeats. I observed Siva Raathri (all night prayers to Lord Shiva – the Lord of the Mind) and the following morning went to Nallur Murugan temple – on my own – accountable to myself.  I was missed at the joint conference held on that day – as organized by LTTE Administrators.  The message was that I was to have the higher experience at Nallur – the Capital of Public Administration for Hindus of  Jaffna.

I wrote about this experience:

In 2003, I worked with the LTTE Administration in Vanni under a UNDP agreement to improve their Public Administration. My work did not get past the local group (who did appreciate me very much) and as I do here in Australia, I did submit my reports both to the UNDP as well as the LTTE Administration – including some to the Leader – as recommended by Colonel Karuna whom I met during the course of my work. But there was no response at all from the LTTE Administration. Additionally, I was never intimated about the Karthigai Poo, even though I myself had sacrificed much for self governance here in Australia and I am a Tamil. (

During that service I met Karuna – the LTTE leader who later defected to the opposition and became a minister in the Sri Lankan Government. This must be confusing to Batticaloa Tamils. I felt for them and later had the opportunity in January 2005 to work to bond with the Batticaloa Tamils through Kathirgama Skanda Murugan devotees Sutharam of Epping here in New South Wales and Patrick Harrigan – an American then living in Sri Lanka – devoted to Kathirgama Murugan.

Through  the above article I shared also my experience of  Karthigai Flower – which is dedicated to Lord Muruga. In 2004 – the LTTE made it their group’s flower.  Whether they were conscious of it or not – they were declaring their faith in Murugan. Now, thinking back, I feel that that was the message to me – back in 2003 – to believe in Murugan’s path  above all others to realize Sovereignty.  I highlight the significance of 6 in relation to this as follows: (Murugan is personified  as the God with Six faces – representing our five physical senses and the sixth sense representing the Truth we are conscious of).

Tamil Karthikeyan (Lord Muruga due to His birth in November / Karthigai), sure did recognize my work. A few years after working in Vanni – I happened to join the Carlingford Sai Center – here in New South Wales – at the invitation of Mrs. Vijaya Amirthalingam. Gradually, I started making the garlands for the Shrine on Sundays. I bought the flowers from Flemington markets usually on Saturday mornings. One day I saw a nice looking flower and I bought it because I was attracted to it. I knew I could not make garlands with it but I was specially attracted to that flower. I bought a bunch – for $6. There were 6 flowers in the bunch. The following morning, along with the garlands I took these flowers also to the Carlingford Shrine. After the prayer session – Mrs. Ganga Sundaram came over to us and said ‘That is Murugan’s flower. It has six petals. In India it usually blooms in November’. That made me very happy because I am so very devoted to Lord Muruga. Many in our group wondered as to how come I had bought it here in Sydney?

 It was soon after that that I sought the clarification from the then Attorney General the Hon Philip Ruddock – as to whether LTTE were classified as Terrorists.  The LTTE supporters who were taken into custody for providing funds to the LTTE were released from prison shortly after that.  I thanked Lord Muruga - who is known as Thevar Senaapathi -  General of the gods. If I had not believed that I had contributed to such outcome – I would not have thanked the Lord. At that stage of my life – there was no need for me to prove to anyone or demonstrate to anyone that I also had influenced such outcome. I believed and I knew.

Today, I received the following message from a highly intellectual American of Sri Lankan origin, when discussing the article ‘UNP WANTS PRESIDENT'S HEAD published by Daily News:

“One is reminded of that old Greek saying (Euripides?) that “those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”!

I responded as follows:
“As per my discovery through the Hindu path – god and animal  are both in each one of us.  When  we promote the animal in us but pretend to be god – the animal becomes demon. If animal remained in its allocated territory – there is no problem.  Madness happens when the two are indiscriminately mixed.  The animal by nature is not able to appreciate the higher value representation of god in us. Where the god in us is stronger force  - the animal is tamed.  Where the animal is stronger – including through attachment to immediate ego pleasures – the mind becomes chaotic with information being scattered without regular pattern. That is madness and would be recognized as such by those with orderly thought process. The latter would have still minds.   The picture projected in their mind would be reliable due to this steadiness.  It’s sort of like us needing steady hands to take a picture through our camera.  

Philosophers are sometimes mistaken to be mad by the ignorant. I was listed as such by the Australian Judiciary aided by the medical system. I think in some ways – I worked the minds of the indifferent officers to record this. The recording was of  their Truth – that they were neglecting their duties because I seemed a nobody to them.  Many academics at the University of NSW said I had strong insight (third eye) and one stated publicly that I was a genius.   If the latter are right then the former are wrong and v.v.

By bringing in Euripides?  you are confirming that in your mind I am in the philosopher category. The rest is for the consumption of the less informed – so you would not lose your leadership by majority position – the position Mahinda Rajapaksa was often in.”

 Leaders within the Tamil Diaspora are trying to work out the path they need to take in the 2015 Elections.  To me it is no coincidence that this is happening 6 years after the Battle of Vanni. Like Murugan who released the gods from the asuras the gods on all sides would merge to deliver the leader common to all. The physical voters are only a part of this group of higher voters. The outcome produced by them would influence the internal structures and the investment resident Sri Lankans make in global issues relating to Equal Opportunity.

So far – President Rajapaksa has demonstrated belief  in that Commonness of races through his humble prayers at Murugan temples. Tamils who are genuinely seeking Sovereignty would identify with those values. One of the outcomes under the government of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa  is the issue of the 10 Rupee coin celebrating Nallur, Jaffna :
To my mind, these are messages that would  be read by believers who would influence outcomes through their belief. Minister Vasudeva Nanayakara is reported to have stated that the President’s Opposition – the UNP - sought to take the President before the International Court of Justice.  As per my belief – I do not recognize this as the conscious reason. But as with racism – the effect would be as stated – due to the Asuras in the Tamil Diaspora joining forces with those in the UNP.  Then not only Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa but even Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and every Sinhalese leader who failed to include in their structures - the protection of the sovereignty of minorities - would have a share in such an outcome. So far Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has demonstrated more commonness with Tamils than any other Sinhalese Head of State.

LTTE leader Prabhakaran threatened  to prevent Tamils from voting so  Ranil Wickremesinghe back then in 2005 would lose.  This had the effect of  LTTE continuing to have war opportunities. Did Prabhakaran therefore elect Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to defeat him? Was Lord Muruga whose form in the minds of some Tamils was overridden by Prabhakaran -  a mere mortal who was passionate about fighting for physical freedom – sending us the relief back then in 2005? If yes, then the outcomes of the 2015 Presidential Election outcomes would uphold the victory of  gods in our minds over the animals in our minds. The winning candidate may or may more represent such a Common Victory.  But we each one of us who contributes through belief – would identify with the Higher Common Value during the effective period of our belief .

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27  November 2014

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