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28 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




Eelam Tamil: Dear Ms. Gajaluxmy, why don't you change your name to something like Appuhamy or Silva or Fonseca. Please kindly take my contact out of your email list.  God may bless you. If had your children killed or raped by Sinhalese army, you wouldn't be writing all these nonsense for sure. 



Mr Ganesh,

When you change your name to Ravana, instead of Ganesh, I will consider changing mine to Alice, the maid who took care of my children when I was at work. As per my knowledge, Appuhamy or Silva & Fonseca are all males. Are you recommending that  I become member of the transgender group? If you are referring to my surname, then I have to divorce and marry Appuhamy or Silva or Fonseca.  One of my professional friends was born to Tamil parents, married Fonseka and their three children speak all three languages fluently. Mine speak only English fluently. That was part of the cost of emigrating . I make up for that ‘lost’ heritage by teaching English to students from rural Sri Lanka who migrate to Colombo through Royal College.


You have addressed me as  Ms. Gajaluxmy. There are two fundamental errors in this:

1.   I present myself as Mrs.

2.   I spell my name as Gajalakshmi and you have direct knowledge of it through my emails.

All of the above confirm that if you had authority above me, you would change my identity to that of your junior – at least in ‘looks.’ We, the mainstream multicultural Australians refer to them as ‘Stolen Generation’ who have ‘lost connection’ to  their Natural heritage. Likewise rebels who ‘stole’ kids for fighting.


You state ‘ If your children had been killed or raped by Sinhalese army, you wouldn't be writing all these nonsense for sure.’


My children were groomed in my culture. As per that culture they would have required their army to follow the process of law. This in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan law. Beyond that they would use their own personal truth. That is the heritage I share with my children. I dedicated my recent book to my immediate family as follows:



To Energies from:

Daughter Gayathri the lone fighter against the unknown

Daughter Uma the consolidator of the known

Son Pradeep the eternal Artist

Husband Param the reliable teacher of the known

You Reader, my other half


If you oppose me on the basis of your own truth, you are my ‘other half’ in Opposition. In this instance, your children ought to have been raped or killed by the Sinhalese Army or you ought to be full time carer of such children. I am part time carer of such community. If you used your personal truth before exhausting the path of law, you separate yourself the law separates itself from you. Then you are limited to the protection only of yourself and your own group. If you used the UN to punish the Sinhalese army, then you have the DUTY to follow UN law and not your own truth. When we use our Truth, it is a Universal power and one soul connects to the other. The manifestation of the punishment happens at the level of the deepest contributor in Opposition and not through an outsider.


As a Hindu, you may know that Lord Shiva represents the destruction of the body. In the case of migration from traditional areas to other parts where we are minority power, if we sacrifice our true status to become junior, the ‘gap’ becomes inner intelligence . Hence the divine words ‘ ooninai uruki ulo li peruki….  / melt the body and brighten your inner light’


Rebels who genuinely fought for their freedom from Sinhalese rule would not have considered the Sinhalese to be their rulers but outsiders. They would not classify what happened to be genocide. If you do – you are not an Eelam Tamil but Sri Lankan Tamil


You state ‘Please kindly take my contact out of your email list


As a self governing person, you would have ‘blocked’ me. I conclude that your ‘desire to tell me’ as if I were your junior is stronger than your desire to be independent.





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