Monday 27 March 2023


27 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



My attention was drawn to the speech by Australian Senator Lidia Thorpe speaks on the Tamil genocide at


As an Australian Tamil I marked her speech a miserable failure. The main reason is lack of ownership in Tamil issue in Sri Lanka. Senator Thorpe’s statement was on behalf of someone who identifies himself as an Eelam Tamil. The senator stated on behalf of the alleged refugee ‘his father was killed for contributing for contributing to the Eelam Tamils in our homeland’.

Where one separates her / himself by belief, as Eelam Tamil, s/he has no authority to claim ‘ Genocide’ by Sri Lankan Government. Only a Tamil who believes s/he is Sri Lankan Tamil has the right to claim that s/he was a victim of Genocide in Sri Lanka. Others have to leave it to the ‘law’.

Senator Thorp is the equal opposition of Senator Pauline Hanson. They naturally sustain each other at that level, in a ‘free’ environment. Likewise Tamil only politicians and Sinhala-only politicians in Sri Lanka. Once they are in Sri Lankan Parliament, where Sri Lankan believers are strongest, their energy has no-medium and therefore no visible form. The are like angels when positive and demons when negative. True believers are positive. False claimants are negative.

In a free environment, both Traditional powers and current global powers are invoked. The current President of Sri Lanka became President due to true Sri Lankan power invoked continuously by those who feel Sri Lankan and have done so without a break. That is the way one develops Sri Lankan structure and common Australian structure. If Senator Thorpe’s group were successful, they need to be restricted to areas where majority are indigenous-only.

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