Friday 24 March 2023


24 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



In autocracy, our Truth has the power to invoke a junior’s confession. In Democracy, a true Opposition has the power to invoke our Truth.


The above response from Mr Victor Rajalingam of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam happened in response to my article headed IMF RESPONSE TO SRI LANKA’. It confirms that it is in opposition to Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s success at global level. At the same time, Victor recognises Ranil as king. This is an improvement in their branch of the Tamil community. It means also that Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is by character – the Opposition of King Ravana. In the epic Ramayanam, Rama of India was the Opposition of Ravana of Lanka.


Minister Jeevan Thondaman, representing Hill Country Tamils who in form continue to be like Tamil Nadu Tamils, expressed gratitude to the President. This upholds the value of the following Thirukkural:

Ennandri Kondraarkkum Uyvuntaam Uyvillai
Seynnandri Kondra Makarku


In essence the above Kural says that there is no redemption for those who fail to be grateful for benefits enjoyed.

Under Ranil’s leadership, in 2015, Jaffna welcomed commercial enterprises of global standards. Cargills & Jetwing are two outstanding examples. This facilitated those in Northern Sri Lanka to feel more connected to wider world through everyday activities. A true leader shares her / his lifestyle as opportunities for those who have faith in her/his leadership. One who steals such opportunities gives ‘handouts’.

Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is the best political leader we have towards developing opportunities of global standards. The IMF credit would be a global facility towards this.

Of immediate need is the introduction of laws applicable to Democratic Commercial Enterprises. This would release folks from direct political control. Business Unit approach is strongly recommended towards this devolution of power using IMF credit. Any loan/debt towards this is in reality – working capital.

My concluding message in my book ‘Different Beliefs’ available at Lakehouse is:

[Each sovereign individual / group has her/his/its personal god. Then there is the Universal God. Laws, including religious laws, are pathways to realising the group god. If that group laws are based on belief of the law-makers, the individual / group is naturally connected to the Universal God/Ultimate Reality. Hence all we have to do is be true to ourselves.

I recall another saying by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam who said – I quote “Once we are true to ourselves – Truth does the rest”.  Our  Elder Dr. S. Chandrasekharan]

Sri Lankans are more likely to become global under Ranil as king than LTTE elder Ravana. Being global does not happen through physical occupation of American/Canadian space. It happens naturally when we are true to ourselves.



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