Thursday 23 March 2023

23 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





This, to my mind, is how the merged  power of  India & Sri Lanka has worked to answer the prayer of

On 29 June 2019, I wrote ‘Recently I said to a Lankan journalist that I paid my respects to Mr D S Senanayake every morning of my stay here at Galadari hotel.’


This morning I posted the my response to Rehan Jayawickreme’s Twitter posting which drew my attention to the Daily Mirror report on IMF funding:

The approval of a loan facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Sri Lanka was celebrated at the Sirikotha Party Headquarters this morning.

My response:

This is thanksgiving by those who genuinely experienced pain due to the economic collapse. Their gratitude completes the experience at their level. This positive Energy connects itself to Universal Energy. That is the way of Soul-power

This is yet another confirmation that the respects paid to a leader by an owner, work exponentially.  To me it is no coincidence that the IMF credit  facility of USD 3billion over 4 years was announced in Parliament on the day the Memorial anniversary of the Hon D S Senanayake – the first Prime Minister of post-colonial Ceylon / Sri Lanka.

Those who believe in a leader and pay their heartfelt respects make the leader their elder. Hence the saying ‘Of the dead nothing but good is to be said.’  This is the basis of all memorial services.

Last week this value was emphasized when we started organising the memorial service of Mr Sri Premakumar, husband of Vathanee – a member of our close family. Every year, at the request of Vathanee, we have memorial mass, followed by lunch at our family temple. Vathanee informed me last week that as per Hindu calendar the anniversary falls on 23 March.  I immediately asked our staff to book the services of the priest. But on Saturday, our staff informed me that she was waiting to inform the priest on Sunday when he arrived for the regular weekly mass! I got cross with her for changing my instructions. By now I know that in a highly subjective system, the word of the leader needs to be the command of the follower. In that part of Sri Lanka, the more effective system is the subjective system. If they feel ‘free’ they takeover power and thus the foundation is laid to ‘fight for ‘freedom’, towards which leaders are eliminated.

On Saturday, there were two major problems with the computer used for the English class. We had to cancel the weekend classes. My reasoning led to the conclusion that Mr Sri Premakumar’s Energy had been invoked by me and disrespected by the staff. Mr Sri Premakumar was extremely clever with computers. Hence the energy that led disciplining the staff.

Some may consider this to be coincidence. But the believer makes the soul-connection. Ownership in the whole is needed to invoke this soul-power. This was confirmed by the current president who was brought into Parliament by UNP power and not his power as an individual.


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