Saturday 11 March 2023


11 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Desire & fear are two sides of the one coin. The intellect has the ability to ‘see’ them at the same time. Below is an example of such a brain that ‘gives’ and ‘takes’ as it likes  in a ‘free’ environment in response to my article ‘The Common President’:

Gaja, Are you endorsing Mr.Ranil Wickremasinge? 

You write so much, well written (in the English language !) and you are an eager beaver!  must be spending quite a bit of time writing !! 

Do your writings gain traction other than from Prof Nadesan? other than from people who are copied in this email but widely from the public? 

Do you make money from your blog? if not, you must become a Youtuber and present your ideas via monologues or host a Podcast and make money.

Get some ideas from Megyn Kelly or Bill O Riley's Podcast. They are outstanding Podcasters must become like Mygan Kelly both in appearance and in style!  otherwise, your ideas won't fly Gaja!

Your blog is named Australian Tamil Management Service. What kind of Management Services do you provide ma'am?’


I split my response and addressed the ‘two attitudes’ separately as follows:

1.   Thank you. I write the truth I discovered. I believe that it works to support the needy.

2.   The truth that came out in your response is that you are bipolar. This happens when you are driven by desires. You praise me on the one hand and the opposite creeps in because you feel ‘free’ and unstructured. Hence the use of ‘beaver’ which is derogatory, when used in reference to a woman. To you, it may be unconscious. But not to the likes of Xxxx who responded to indirectly to caution you.

True respect for one who does genuine research is a way to cure yourself.

This has become a common problem with Sri Lankan voters. Tamil MP Mr Sumanthiran has stated in his Twitter account:

Interesting results on the LG Polls and the financing of it!

The article is headed ‘Which political party leader has the vision and the capability to put Sri Lanka on a recovery path and lead to sustainable development?’

Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe at 1.5% rating was shown to be last in the rating. Majority group at 58.3% rating was ‘none of them’. This confirmed lack of reliable political structure which led to the economic collapse last year. I voted for Mr Wickremesinghe who is the best out of a weak lot. He is the medium through whom global leadership that Sri Lankans invested in and seek to revive through migration would work.

We often fail to remember our own karma when planning our future. But whether it is positive or negative, karmic Energy includes itself and leads the manifestation when our current efforts are weak.

According to Daily Mirror, 58.3% are Political orphans, with no one worthy of their trust. That 58.3% is vacant to be filled by foreign leadership. Their predecessors caused the economic collapse manipulated by foreign powers, including those that ‘show’ immediate outcomes outside a global structure.

As a Tamil who carries the integrated common heritage I identify most with the UNP to work our Colonial Heritage. Those driven by immediate and/or imaginary outcomes would contribute to dependence on foreign monies.

It is an opportunity for us to exercise our vote as per our truth.  I have highlighted this as follows in my book ‘Different Beliefs’:

Each sovereign individual / group has her/his/its personal god. Then there is the Universal God. Laws, including religious laws, are pathways to realising the group god. If that group laws are based on belief of the law-makers, the individual / group is naturally connected to the Universal God/Ultimate Reality. Hence all we have to do is be true to ourselves.


‘I recall another saying by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam who said – I quote “Once we are true to ourselves – Truth does the rest”.  Our  Elder Dr. S. Chandrasekharan




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