Friday 7 December 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 December 2018

Why was there No Confidence Motion against Joint Opposition?

Many think that there is value in the ‘Power of One’. But few actually believe that to be the case. Likewise, minorities are allocated status by law as Equals but not many actually believe that they are equals. The Sri Lankan Parliament formed in 2015 also did not demonstrate that it believed in the Equal power of the Tamil Community. Had it so believed, it would have challenged the position taken by the Joint Opposition group to be in breach of the fundamentals of a democratic structure and would have moved to pass No Confidence Motion against Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa back then. This did not happen probably due to fear of losing votes. That disorder has now infected the whole Parliament.
The law often protects us from getting infected by such disorders. As per today’s communication from a Tamil Diaspora group The ‘Butterflies for Democracy’ group have demonstrated their  need for such recognition for the gay community.

As highlighted in the Daily Mirror article ‘Minority Parties are key players in the equation many Tamil leaders are recognizing the power of this value through the constitutional crisis that Sri Lankan parliament is going through. That happens only when minorities believe more deeply than majority in their Sovereignty. Those who ‘show’ more than their belief – dilute the power of their belief. Some expressions – such as those by Vanni Parliamentarian Ms Shanthi Sriskandarajah who is reported to have stated that  ‘National parties must now kneel down before Tamil parties’ are confirming such dilution. One who is Sovereign does not need to demote another and would not demote another for self-glorification. One is entitled to show the connection between cause and effect – as per one’s own experience based interpretation. That would keep our brains healthy. To the common Sri Lankan, the current crisis is about the battle between one’s physical senses (votes) and intellect (law).

The Truth manifests Itself through us when our physical senses as well as intellect are stilled. They are present but not active. To me that is what Meditation is all about.

Even one member of minority who is a messenger of Truth has the power to take equal position as the topmost leader – in this instance the President. The power of that person would be greater than that of the President, but Truth would not manifest Itself at a level above the highest position in that structure. That is how pure Truth is. A child who has invested more in the family than the parent has the right to be Equal but not of higher status than the parent.

In this constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka, both Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe as well as Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa demonstrated good order in relation to the President.

But not so Mr Sirisena in relation to Madam Kumaratunga who as stated as follows:

[Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has claimed that she had not been invited for the special convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), which was held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium last Tuesday, December 4.]
If not for Madam Kumaratunga, it is highly unlikely that Mr Sirisena would have become president. By alienating the lady, Mr Sirisena has  demonstrated LTTE tendencies. One driven by outcomes would demonstrate disconnection with tradition and elders. One driven by belief would naturally connect at the roots. There are wins or losses to such a person. Just ownership and the power to work the whole.

The current crisis has confirmed that minorities including the Gay Community believe in their sovereignty more than majority. Those who have experienced more difficulties than the other often have the deeper experience and become owners before majority. The real power is with them.

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