Monday 19 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 February 2018                                    

Natural Voting Heritage

The Local Government Elections in Sri Lanka, confirmed to me that my investment in Sri Lanka is stable. Colombo delivered for me with UNP outcome and Jaffna delivered with greater balance between the major parties. In Vaddukoddai where the first declaration of  Political Independence was made by Tamils, Mr Arumugam Nadesu, a member of the junior caste who continues to work as  toddy tapper, won through EPDP ticket, against others of senior caste. They are all outcomes that confirm my investment  in the respective areas – the last one being elimination of pure caste based discrimination around our temple in Thunaivi.

Every belief-based investor is a successful voter. The essence of every activity through which we discover and accept Truth as the final value, gets raised to Energy level. That Energy is the basis of Heritage. Laws that flow from that heritage would be healthy. Truth is self-balancing and we see no rights and wrongs when in Truth.

Truth manifests Itself when there is a true seeker. Anyone who is true to her/himself is also true to her/his home nation. If majority Sri Lankans are dependent on their past credits – then they would live away from the global community – more or less dependent on regional powers like India and China. This is what has been confirmed yet again by the Local Government elections in Sri Lanka.  
The majority race – which has ruling power – has confirmed yet again – their reliance on physical majority, rather than balanced Administration. This was always been the case after the Bandaranaike’s ‘invasion’ through ‘Sinhala Only’ as official language in a trilingual nation.

Rajapaksa clan ‘took’ resources from the global community – to defeat Tamil militants. But that was a ‘debt’,  given that Sri Lanka was/is  a Buddhist country by its Constitution. The way to settle that debt was to contribute more strongly to global governance through non-religious pathways. As per my discovery, when debts are not settled within their active period – they become sins. Sins have their own mind which does not change with time and/or place. In secular language this is negative Energy. This can be offset only by positive Energy.

The Rajapaksa clan’s sins effectively ‘protected’ Tamils from doing likewise. The LTTE proscription which was actively used by the Rajapaksa clan, was a gift from our ancestors – which worked through their heirs currently living in Sri Lanka but investing more and more in wider world – including through immigration.

It was because of the International community’s investment in global values that Sri Lanka’s Administration was rejuvenated  in 2015. The way I see it – the SLFP was successfully divided with the help of just Administrators working through the UN. Tamils became the appropriate medium for this by actively ‘showing’ the other side through which the International Community would enter Sri Lanka – to take its dues.

In return the outcomes of Local Government elections  have confirmed stronger Tamil Administration through political balance at the ground level – towards 50:50 mark in Politics that confirms strong administration.

Those driven by numbers would fail to appreciate the deeper values of election outcomes. Those driven by belief would identify with their own investment and know that  their belief has delivered for them as per their belief based investment. Opposition in Government becomes manifestation of belief only when it truly believes in the whole. A genuine voter would not be concerned about her/his group being a minority by numbers. The ‘gap’ would be filled through ‘Just Administration’ with the support of ancestors to whom also that electorate was ‘home’. Those who used their ancestral powers cheaply,  strength their sins for cheating the global community. They carry this debt which becomes active when they hurt the descendants of those who carry net positive value at the global level – especially through global laws and principles and Truth which is universal.

To the extent Tamils are grateful for the involvement of the global community they would have the power to invoke these ancestral powers and hence protect their investment in the Doctrine of Separation of powers between two diverse cultures living in the same space. The more visible the Rajapaksa clan becomes,   the stronger the manifestation of opposition to all those who took benefits without investing in global values. Thus the Sri Lankan borders are naturally diffused by this ‘Sinhala only’ sin.

Sinhalese voters who voted for Mr Rajapaksa have confirmed they were part of the group that cheated the global community. Investors in global values would enjoy inner peace – by staying away from that group or Administering that group when it comes into their area. The Truth we manifest – however unpleasant it may be, is healthy for us.  

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