Sunday 18 February 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 February 2018                                    

Equal Opportunity Pretence

Sri Lanka’s President is facing problems apparently due  to recent Local Government election outcomes . Our Australian Prime Minister is also similarly facing the challenge of managing ‘the sex at work’ crisis after his deputy’s misconduct became public knowledge.  To my mind, they are both about ‘showing v being’ problem.
The following gives me some indication as to the problem faced by the Sri Lankan President:
‘… the mission heads, gathered in Geneva, were curious to know how the moderate parties failed to capture seats at the LG polls.’ Ceylon Today article - Will Transitional Justice wither? Int’l community in quandary over LG polls results

The parallel of this is our Australian Prime Minister’s new rule this week:
Sex between ministers and their staff is banned under the code of conduct from today’
In both instances it is about the conflict between external influences and the Truth known to us.
When  I read  Mr Turnbull’s  ruling I felt inner conflict with my acceptance of the three fundamental principles of Justice taught in Australian schools:
 fairness • equality • access
The PM’s ruling will weaken the self-confidence of most Australians who accept de facto marriage relationships  and indeed same sex marriage relations as binding as marriage by law and/or religious ceremonies between heterosexuals. Ministers are elected MPs and the rule through which they regulate their conduct outside parliament house and other official places is their business. The public have the entitlement to ‘see’ and judge for themselves how their elected Members behave in a ‘free’ environment.
We are all entitled to be judged by our Truth based conscience. That basic human right cannot be taken away from any elected member who has the responsibility to ‘show’ the other side as per her/his belief when s/he is against the form of a decision . I follow a religion where sexual enjoyment has been codified as Kama Sutra - so it does not get disorderly. Any enjoyment within  our rights without causing damage to the parallel rights of others leads to good order.
Benefits when taken at the lower level than the level at which one gets paid would be unlawful in any institution that is  structured  as per core purposes of that institution. Where the core purpose of an institution is to uphold the Truth on behalf of the People – a ruling such as the above has the effect of damaging the rights of some parts of the Nation.
It would be unlawful to engage in sexual pleasures in an office which does not specialize in sexual activity – including through physical connections between cause and effect. One who is true to that institution would not engage in enjoyment of pleasures that damage the core purpose. The above ruling bans lawfully married spouses and de facto partners and indeed same sex marriage partners of Ministers from working  in the same offices of the government. That is effectively discrimination on the basis of sexual relationships.
We need to renounce the credit that we take in terms of Equal Opportunity values and take our place as backbenchers in global governments.
In the case of the Sri Lankan Government – the local polls are being confused with Presidential elections – because pleasures have long been taken by the Sri Lankan Government as if the Parliament and the local electorate are their home base at equal level. We are ‘free’ at home to be true to ourselves. Those who are not able to be true to themselves need to respect the leader of the home to have order in the home.
Unless one has developed the insight that the whole world is looking at us and we are accountable – as depicted by Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam with six faces rendering 360 degree view, the standards would be limited to enjoyment of selfish pleasures freely by the self for the self. So long as we are honest about being animals – there is nothing immoral about it.
Yesterday in response to my sharing in relation to the recent London matter relating to Brigadier Priyanka Fernando,  I received a message from a senior member of the Sinhalese community directing me to:  
[Sinhalese - Portuguese War - Battle of Danture 
The Danture campaign comprised a series of encounters between the Portuguese and the Kingdom of Kandy in 1594, part of the Sinhalese–Portuguese War.
It is considered a turning point in the indigenous Sinhalese resistance to Portuguese expansion. 
For the first time in Sri Lanka a Portuguese army was completely annihilated, when they were just a fraction away from the total conquest of the island.
A 20,000-strong Portuguese army, led by Governor Pedro Lopes de Sousa, invaded Kandy on 5 July 1594………………..

I responded as follows under subject heading: - Battle of Kathirgamam

[My genuine investment in this issue surfaced from within me – the tragedy of Ms Premawathi Manamperi of Kathirgamam. Those soldiers who demeaned the young lady – are they descendants of the Sinhalese soldiers who according to your claim won the war against the Portuguese?  They did it again to Isaipriya in 2009.
I refer you to the following sad narratives:
As for the Kingdom of Kandy – A few years back I wrote referring to  the last king of Kandy ‘King Vickrama Rajasinha’ as per Wikipedia. Months later when I was looking for accommodation I came across Raja House about which experience I later wrote as follows last year:

I felt that I received the blessings of the above King when I was looking for accommodation in Colombo a couple of years back and my usual host was away in London. I found the place called ‘Raja House’ along Rajasinghe Road in Colombo 6 – commonly known as Tamil suburb. The morning after my arrival – I discovered the pictures of Sri Wickrama Rajasingha wearing the ‘Pottu’ – representing the third eye and usually worn by Hindus. As per my experience, Sinhalese do not wear the Pottu and hence the Pottu became a feature through which Tamil women were identified more easily by attackers in Colombo. I recall that in 1977 when I was pregnant with my daughter Gayathri – I consciously removed the Pottu when going to work – so there was less risk of me becoming the target of those attacking Tamils. Had King Rajasingha manifested in Colombo as he was when he passed away on 30 January 1832, it is likely that he would have been butchered on the roads of Colombo while commuting between work and home.’

Those of us who inherit characteristics do not usually take the physical form of those ancestors. I could very well be carrying the genes of Sinhalese who fought bravely against ‘invaders’ back in 1594 and you could very well be the heir of the Portuguese or the British. We inherit the qualities and not the form or name. When we are in need and have invested in our own Truth, our inner voice would confirm to us who we are in essence. If you are a true  Buddhist you  would know that the outer forms are temporary and are not carried beyond one lifetime. ]

When we use heritage – we need to use it at the Energy level – to motivate ourselves. This requires ‘respect’ to be paid to that heritage and therefore our  ancestors. When we use such heritage as current benefits – our own mind goes back to those structures and ‘forgets’ current laws of democracy. It’s like migrants from rural areas of Sri Lanka isolating themselves to practice those laws instead of current laws applicable to Australia.

We Australians pay our respects to Indigenous Australians through our Government policy. Given that the marriage laws of Mr Turnbull – the private citizen would be different to the parallel laws / truth practiced by Indigenous Australians who place high value on respecting their elders – the two groups are naturally separated in terms of marriage laws.

Likewise,  the Sri Lankan President who defends the Armed Forces’ conduct during the war against the LTTE is also separating himself from his natural community when he takes benefits at global level but fails to deliver at those standards.

If Mr Turnbull is able to shake hands with the Sri Lankan President as if they were equals – then he ought to have no difficulty sharing hands with his ministers who have sex with staff – so long as the enjoyment happens outside office without costing the Parliament in terms of money and/or time.  Love is Free and it Energizes the believer anywhere anytime. Sex like any enjoyment needs to be earned to prevent it  from becoming negative energy/sin. The two should not be taken at the same level – within or outside marriage.

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