Thursday 16 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 November   2017

Australia's leadership for Sri Lanka -  in respecting  Natural Governance

Yesterday while we celebrated minority rights through the same sex marriage vote by the People, there was good news from the Sri Lankan Courts regarding the British lady who was in 2014,  deported for wearing the Buddha tattoo on her arm. reports as follows:
[The Supreme Court today ordered to pay compensation and legal fees amounting to Rs 800,000 to the British tourist who was arrested in Sri Lanka because she had a ‘Buddha’ tattoo on her arm.
The court ruled that the police had violated the fundamental rights by arresting and detaining the British national over her tattoo depicting an image of Lord Buddha.
The Supreme Court ordered the government to pay Rs 500,000 as compensation and Rs 200,000 as legal fees to Naomi Coleman, a 40-year-old mental health nurse from Coventry, England. 
In addition to that, the court also ordered the police officer, who was the then OIC of the Katunayake Police, and a Sergeant of that police station to each pay Rs 50,000 to the British woman from their personal funds. ] report headed ‘British woman arrested over ‘Buddha’ tattoo to be compensated’

The above verdict confirms the Independence of the Judiciary and to my mind it upholds the positive governance value of the current government. As I say often in the case of children – the best return from the children to parents is for the children to uphold the values of parenting at structural level. When they show common structure – they confirm heritage value. Direct benefits from children are lower level returns. Likewise, votes and popularity from the citizen to the government. The ruling that the officers needed to pay out of their personal funds is highly valuable towards preventing abuse of position power. It confirms independence of the Judiciary in which many of us have invested.

Here in Sydney, when asked by SBS Tamil Radio, for my opinion on the ‘Yes’ vote I said that to me it was about minorities due to diversity getting recognized as Equals in the eyes of the law. It is a recognition of the commitment by those who chose a different pathway to natural marriage, contributing to family structure despite alienation and second-class status in society. To my mind, it was very much a minority issue. Hence when they won I felt happy – as if I had won. I felt this to a much greater degree when the TNA which represents minority ethnicities became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan National Parliament in 2015.

A few years back a young Australian Tamil said to me that a good proportion of gays were exceptionally talented. I recalled that yesterday – especially after observing Senator the Hon Penny Wong’s emotional state of gratitude when the outcome of the People was announced.  I was reminded also of Deva Dhasi (Divine Ladies) group in Indian  culture who dedicated themselves to the Service of the Lord. Those who were genuinely dedicated turned out to be outstanding performers. They are Divine. There were others who did take to prostitution and this often resulted in alienation of the whole group. To my mind, this is also the case with same sex partnerships. Likewise militants.

One often hears Tamil elders saying about the Tamil Tigers that they were initially good and valuable but later lost their way. When one is challenged by minority status despite equal or more contribution than an apparently majority group – and one continues to contribute at that level,  such a member of minority gets double-promotion  and enters the world of  Divine powers. Such a person is Naturally supported by Divine powers to perform at the higher level and also cure negative Energies in the environment. Militants who contributed more than the official forces to defend the Sovereignty of individuals and/or groups – are supported by Natural Powers to which all of us contribute in various ways. But when the status of the group is no longer minority status in their home areas their contribution to this Natural system begins only after they contribute at equal level as their parallel in the official system in their ‘home’ area. This was the political system for Tamil areas which were never abandoned by the People. By attacking Tamil politicians – the Tamil Tigers diluted the support they had from those who had contributed to the system of Belief based representation. Those who were driven by quick victory – became the prostitutes within the militant group. Those who colluded with the Sri Lankan government for ‘cash’ belong in this category.

If Sri Lankan Tamils become conscious of Equal or more power but continue to claim minority status and remain outside the official system – they would miss out on this double-promotion as confirmed recently by Mr Suresh Premachandran supported by Mr. Wigneswaran who seems least interested in sharing his judicial mind with the people of Northern Sri Lanka. One who leaves behind no heritage is an orphan.

Within the Government – those who crossed over to the UNP led side to maintain the Sovereignty of the Government of Sri Lanka – are divine powers. Those who crossed over for selfish reasons would keep bringing instability to the Government.  

It would be a good idea for the Sri Lankan Government to facilitate the above process in relation to changes to the Constitution one the basis of the strongest need identified by the Government. This would then be double-promotion to the People.

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