Friday 3 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 November   2017

Sri Lanka – Australia’s Mistress?

"Well, Australia supports a two-state solution. That's to say it is two states for two peoples," – The Hon Malcolm Turnbull as per ABC article ‘Battle of Beersheba: Palestinians ask Malcolm Turnbull why they weren't invited to services’
Taken that the above was based on principles that Australia is committed to and applying Equal Opportunity principles - one is led  to conclude that in terms of Sri Lanka also – Australia would propose two state solution – with Sinhalese led state being the parallel of Israel and Tamil led state being the parallel of  Palestine.
As per Mr. Turnbull’s facebook page,  he wrote in the message book of Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Jerusalem ‘All of the world's oceans cannot contain our tears but all of the world's steel cannot match the strength of our determination as we stand with Israel and the Jewish people and resolve "never again". Incredibly moving to visit Yad Vashem today with Lucy.
To my mind, our Prime Minister has invested more in Israel & Palestine  than in Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese & Tamils. One is entitled to read the underlying Truth of identity/commonness with a group in which one has invested more deeply and apply the principles flowing from such conclusions to others – such as Sri Lanka in this instance. But the conduct of our Australian  Prime Minister in Sri Lanka confirmed identity with a Regime which has left  room for war-crimes allegations and Human Rights abuses by the UN,  led by our ally America. If the above identity with the pain of Jews is true – then the side that the Prime Minister has the DUTY to identify with is the Tamil side. As per the PM’s website:

[Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has held productive discussions with the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, during a visit to Colombo.
The visit marked the 70th anniversary of bilateral relations and highlighted the strong friendship between the two countries.
The leaders identified new areas of collaboration including in trade and investment, defence and security matters. Prime Minister Turnbull expressed appreciation for Sri Lanka’s strong cooperation in countering people smuggling.  ]

To my mind, the difference between Friends and Relatives is the difference between de facto partners of today’s Australia and spouse relationship in classical marriage which carried higher social status at the time Mr Turnbull got married. In De Facto partnership a true relationship evolves and so long as the partners take their positions as per that true structure – they would find peace and happiness through that partnership. In classical marriage – there are distinct positions allocated by religious and/or common law and those who stay within the boundaries of the pathway that connects the two positions are supported consciously and/or subconsciously by all those who invest in that system.  Australia marrying Sri Lanka as per UN laws has that kind of support. By including Defence and Security matters and People-Smuggling in the discussions and agreements reached yesterday – All Souls’ day – our Prime Minister had the duty to stay within the Truth experienced by Australians in this regard. Truth is eternal / universal. As per recorded ‘facts’ here in Australia – and in Sri Lanka by Australians, majority victims of Sri Lankan war are Tamils. Despite the Tamil National Alliance – TNA being the Leading Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament – our Australian Prime Minister failed to allocate Equal time with the Tamil leader in Parliament as the Government leader. Had our PM taken his position as per UN structure – he would have followed in the footsteps of UN Officials who do now identify with this leading role of Tamil Political leadership in Sri Lanka.

In terms of People smuggling, given that majority Sri Lankan applicants for refuge in Australia are Tamils, bilateral agreements  become de facto understandings and have no real validity in a global structure – developed on the basis of Common principles. The Australian PM has allocated mistress status to Sri Lankan government while proudly displaying spouse status with Israel. Racial Discrimination at its highest?

The Dual citizenship challenge has surfaced here in Australia due to activating old demons that were covered-up by the blanket of Equal Opportunity Principles. We are now going through the stylish pathway of same-sex marriage to give structure to those who genuinely invest in such relationships. To my mind, an Australian who accepts same-sex marriage and/or de facto marriage would have little difficulty accepting De Facto Governance that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) practised in the areas they possessed and occupied largely on the basis of belief. To the extent there is evidence of breach of  law common to all Sri Lankans, they are liable to be disciplined and punished as per the common system. Likewise the Sri Lankan soldier who failed to follow the law. Until both sides are disciplined – their weaknesses would continue and would become satanic.

Our Australian PM is weakening our Australian investments in such De Facto partnerships by continuing to treat Tamils as heirs of Terrorism. Taken as a community – Tamils have invested more in law and order than in de facto partnerships. Hence there is little risk of Terrorism to Australians – so long as militants are included as insiders by us. It would be wrong to penalize such Australians by weakening their efforts through Due Global Principles. Such Australians protect Australia from Terrorism and its fears.

If the Australia-Sri Lanka friendship was 70 years old,  the Kokoda experience is 5 years its senior. Back then Japan was our enemy. But today, we are friends with Japan – with the current PM also visiting Japan. They celebrate their soldiers and we Australians celebrate ours more grandly. Likewise, Tamils and Sinhalese including the Government of Sri Lanka – confirming that we are two distinct Peoples.

With passage of time and expansion of the mind, we celebrate the commonness. One with greater pain develops higher structures by accepting that pain. When this is recognized as per the laws of Nature – those who so recognize – lead the solution. So far, neither the President nor the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, have demonstrated that kind of depth. Empowering them through our Australian status to which we Tamils have contributed strongly in Australia, amounts to betrayal which is of negative value for Australia – as indicated by the Dual Citizenship problem and the Manus Island chaos. Like Sri Lanka, PNG was cheapened by the Australian Government. PNG was good to celebrate Kokoda Memory but small enough to become Australia’s dump-state for immigration problems from countries like Sri Lanka. 

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