Friday 10 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 November   2017

Converting Terrorism risk into Dual Citizenship pain

In August 1998, I resigned from my position of Management Accountant – Faculty of Medicine - at the University of NSW after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson say on ABC’s 4 Corners Program that we migrants needed to assimilate or  go back ‘home’. A Google search under our names would surface many articles that confirm my state of mind in this regard. Years later, when it was published that Ms Hanson declared that she intended settling down in Britain – I felt that her karma had returned to her whilst mine had kept me here in Australia to become global. That to me is the real value of Australia. Back then I did not know about the less visible forces and hence my pain. I internalised that pain and hence have developed positive Energy to work the Australian system through my belief.

This morning when I read the SBS news report headed ‘Hanson to check with British Home Office about possible dual citizenship’ I smiled, knowing that the system of karma has worked. My husband also smiled.  The Natural system  actually showed the outcomes in 2010 when Ms Hanson applied for Dual Citizenship. The results from the British Home Office is technical for legal purposes.
My investment in ‘citizenship’ issue accumulated over the years – when I internalized my pain which happened due to employers demoting my  Sri Lankan qualifications and ‘knowledge’. Each time I so internalized, I became ‘global’ even though I did not know it back then. The demotions were most serious in 1998 at the University of NSW.  It was when I was hurting from that that I registered Ms Pauline Hanson’s call. The following morning I submitted my letter of resignation. In my place, militant Tamils would have resorted to reactionary ways. But I was unlawfully  punished by the authorities for choosing the higher pathway. Hence the karma returns in the language of politicians but through the non-violent pathway.

Now I realise that I had to surrender my earned benefits to feel ownership in the whole issue at global level. However small our investments may be if surfaced in a particular environment, when we surrender completely – we get ownership ‘insight’ , which is known as third eye in Hinduism. I believe that Pauline Hanson’s return karma was driven by my contribution as well. The actual level at which Ms Hanson receives is as per her registered Truth. The pathway is usually elevated by positive contributors who own the system at the stated level. It is depressed towards the underworld by negative contributors who draw more benefits for less work and/or sacrifice relative to their apparent position within that group, especially relative to the genuine but quiet contributor.  

There are parallels of Ms Hanson within our Tamil Community as well. Most of them contribute to depressing Australia’s return from global investments through this Dual mentality. A citizen of Sri Lanka or mentally Tamil Eelam or Sinhala Nation, when migrating to Australia has the duty to stay away from discussing policy at public level using the mind structure of the place they left behind. They are entitled to discuss ‘freely’ within the borders of their own group but when bringing the work outside, it must be in the language of Common Nation and beyond it  - global.

Australian leaders often promote those who can bring them votes and/or popularity and hence accept the statements by other Community leaders in the language local to that community. Australian media often publishes such reports in preference to the ones that have come through the global pathway. Gandhi is an outstanding example of one who elevated the pathway through which his work and sacrifices were expressed. The more we sacrifice for the common good – the higher the mind elevation.

The block to the Sri Lankan Tamil problem is also the depression of the pathway by the Diaspora illustrated through the following communication:

From: gaja param []
Sent: Thursday, 9 November 2017 12:38 PM
To: 'Xxxxxxx'
Cc: ‘X’s group’
Subject: RE: American Soul-Mate for Sri Lanka

Mr  Xxxxxxxxx,
Today you sent me the response below  to remove your name  from my mailing  list. I did do that initially but then something within me said that it was not right. Given that you wrote in return for the mail below, I take it that your final decision was made on the basis of  the substance or the reaction you had to parts of this email or that you are no longer interested in what I had to say. If it is the last one in the list, then it is indeed sad that you – a Tamil would be so lacking in decency that you would disrespect the work of a fellow Tamil – or do I not qualify in your mind as a member of the Tamil community?
I may not be acceptable to your section of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community.  But as Ghandi said – ‘there is room for us all’.  
I note that you wrote in relation to Ms Betty Florence Wilby in her memorial message book:
 Ms Betty Florence Wilby has been a shining example for every human in life.
I therefore take it that to your mind, Ms Betty Florence, mother in law of LTTE’s political leader was of greater importance than I. I however assure you that to those victims of war whom I served and continue to support through my policy contributions  – I am of importance and they seek to be included by me as part of my inner circle.  Most of them have no idea as to who Ms Betty Florence was or even about  Mrs  Adele Balasingham herself . Certainly the refugees in the camps whom I helped heal – had no idea about either of these ladies. Neither were they around to comfort and help the victims heal themselves.  It was my ‘commonness’ as Sri Lankan that helped me help these victims. I was struck by the similarity in ‘attitude’ between Mrs  Adele Balasingham’s loss which was big for you and the queen losing her close confidante – which is in the current news.  Yet, you did not write one word in support when I wrote about the youth in Thunaivi who threw stones to chase me away from there. But my continued inclusiveness will help them realise that there is room for us all. They threw stones and you threw hurtful words.
Along with your email, I received one from Dr. Hari who writes from time to time appreciating my work. This time it was to share the work of  Nobel Laureate Dr. James Buchanan.
When I did Google search your name today, I came across your response to Dr. Kamalanathan. In that communication, Dr KN states:
There are currently two views prevailing among Tamil community, one is a “strategic approach”  the other one is “strident/forthright” approach, both wanting to achieve the same goal, to liberate the Tamil people so that they can live with dignity and freedom in their homeland.
I take it that  you are of the latter category.  To my mind, I belong in both – at various times. I take the side that is weaker – so the cosmic balance is maintained.
It is your duty as a Tamil to use the ‘block sender’ facility and not ‘tell me’ to do your work. I recognize this as your attachment to ‘authority’ – unearned authority over someone who seems small and insignificant relative to your queens and princesses.
There are many in the various social groups who would disagree with parts of what I have said.  But none of those whom I have included within me as part of myself  have so far asked me to take them off the list. As an honor to some – I keep those who have passed on also in the list – thinking that someone reads them or otherwise they would have been returned.
If you go through today’s article you would find that there is framework through which the LTTE cadre in prison could be heard through their respective religious codes. But may be to your mind, this would leave little room for the LTTE supporters in the Diaspora to pursue their war-crimes demands.  In your public email to Dr KN you have stated :

[I sincerely believe Gajendran Ponnambalam and Selvarajah Gajendran are steadfast in their policies and actions.

We the Thamil people should give all the support to these two as well.]

These Politicians are your cows with bells (mani kattina maadu). Ultimately, unless we develop self-dignity on the basis of who we are, we would continue to promote war and conflict wherever we go. I want to leave a true heritage of global standards  for  the next generation Tamils.

This morning, my mind was elevated by a member of the Engineering group whose mind has more in common than purely the ethnic commonness
From: gasan santhiragasan
Sent: Thursday, 9 November 2017 5:49 PM

Subject: Thunaivi
A flying visit to your 'Thunaivi Illam' on a rainy day!
Santhiragasan & Pushpa

This lovely couple demonstrate deep and humble investment in the Common work we do in war-torn Sri Lanka, and have been contributing regularly in their own quiet ways. That place Thunaivi is so flooded on rainy days and even locals find it very inconvenient to move around. When I observed through the camera – even the temple dog was standing still for a while, near the gates and it looked as if it was wondering which pool it was to swim through to get to the other side!!. Yet this Australian Tamil couple had the heart to go there and boost the value of not only our investment in that area but in the investment made by the villagers in the outside world.

In contrast, the Australian Tamil Xxxxx who depressed the pathways  explained the reason for his action as being  ‘inundated with emails and it has become too much and that is all’. 

Santhiragasan & Pushpa who get many more mails from me than the above person and they  paid a special visit to our Coogee home, when my Mum passed away in Canada in 2009 . In contrast   Mr Xxxxxx, honoured rebel leader’s mother. That lady may have contributed to the Common group but it does not apply to all Australian Tamils and therefore must remain within the local borders of the rebel community – the parallel of Ms Hanson’s community.

 Our engineering friends who  sent me this elevating picture – are soul-mates of global standards. I have knowledge of their service through Sydney Murugan Temple – a common global medium through which we become global in Australia.

The reported action  by the current Sri Lankan Government in ‘blocking’ Lanka E News highlights  another example of the problems of Dual Policy minds:
[The popular London-based Lanka E News became inaccessible in the country on Thursday, a day after publishing an expose alleging graft within the office of President Maithripala Sirisena in the procurement of state vehicles.
A source at a private service provider told AFP that Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has ordered internet service providers "to block Lanka E News" across the island, but requested anonymity for fear of repercussions.
The website's administrators posted on their home page that readers in Sri Lanka had been blocked from accessing their content.
"The TRC which is under the 'good governance President' has ordered ISPs to block people in Sri Lanka accessing our website," the statement read on the Lanka E News website.]

The above block needs to be viewed through Strategic insight  and not the tactical eye which when reported through a London mind, would effectively depress the Sri Lankan pathway to liberation through the resources available to Sri Lankans.

Foreigners need to elevate their reporting to global standards to prevent ‘invasion’ the cheap way. I learnt about this kind of depressive reporting happening in Sri Lanka through the article about Sri Lankan Airlines in which my investments have been elevated to soul-level. The Truth came to me directly from within and as per that sharing the current President enjoys high respect in the higher Lankan minds.

The third dimension is usually identified with by a true owner through ‘attitudes’ in a free environment.

The words of  wisdom by Sir Albert Einstein may help Tamils who choose to ‘separate’ and enjoy majority power within the Tamil community – might help in minimising this kind of minorities’ internal damage:

Were anyone to form a picture of the Jews solely from the utterances of their enemies, he would have to reach the conclusion that they represent a world power. At first sight that seems downright absurd; and yet, in my view, there is a certain meaning behind it. The Jews as a group may be powerless, but the sum of the achievements of their individual members is everywhere considerable and telling, even though these achievements were made in the face of obstacles. The forces dormant in the individual is mobilized and the individual himself is stimulated to self-sacrificing effort, by the spirit that is alive in the group

That describes to my mind the essence of Tamil Power which also lies in the achievements of the individual who performed at least at Equal level as one backed by majority power. It’s that quiet acceptance without demoting one’s standards that leads one to the express pathway towards Soul-Power. The best example of minority power known to me are the Pandavar of the Hindu epic Mahabharatham –  which is about minority of 5 winning against a majority of 100.

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