Tuesday 7 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 November   2017

Quantum Powers of Minorities

An Australian Tamil mother whose son was arrested in relation to funding the LTTE was in distress. I did not know that mother nor was my mind carrying that picture at that time. Mine was filled with my disappointment with the Administrators of the University of NSW. But I was socially and professionally connected to many in the religious group that this mother was part of and was respected. During my early morning vision/dreams I heard the voice – mind to mind – of someone who looked like Saint Yoga Swami – say to me to help ‘Tamils and Muslims’ which I recorded as follows:

[Thinking of all this and planning to write a book on all this as I have been invited to time and time again - so that the Tamil Tigers would not feel that they are the only ones victimized by Western societies and their puppets, I dozed off. During the creative time of the morning Brammah Muhoorthum, I had a vision from Above - that I am to help Muslims and Tamils including those here in Australia. It came through Shridi Baba - the previous incarnation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my Spiritual Guru.. Sathya Sai Baba stopped me from going back to Sri Lanka, after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Four Corners program. Red kungkumum powder - the symbol of Love, appeared on my picture of Him on 05 November 98 - the day the Auditor General’s report confirming my observations about the UNSW Administrative systems was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then I have proven the Auditor General wrong, by using the open and public discussion on Performance Indicators - that they cannot be used in audits because they were management tools. In other words, I have proven that Sri Lankan Accounting fundamentals are far stronger than Australian Accounting fundamentals. They may both look the same. But the real test is through the actual values practiced. ] Chapter 27 – Naan Australian
Now I feel that the Mother in that group who is a strong Sai devotee submitted the application which was picked up by another mother in that group, who invited me with much respect, to deliver the ladies’ day speech that year at her centre. When I went there, I realized that the above mentioned dream was in the background of that centre. Gradually,  I developed the inner picture that all these groups were connected through their ‘Selfless Service’.

This realisation has since been strengthened and is now deep rooted as natural part of myself. To me this is what globalization is all about.  In fact, when we are truly global, our work energy submitted through one government helps another through which also we realised global values. Towards this we need to first raise our thoughts to the higher of the two in a particular issue. The higher status is as per the standards and not as per their money and/or status values.

Through a recent discussion with a Singaporean Tamil of Lankan origin, I realised that even though I did not get status benefits for practicing Thesawalamai Customary Law applicable to Northern Lankans, at family level my practices gave me membership within the system. For example getting married without dowry and accepting the level at which this is reality within the Tamil community – helped me work the system to elevate it to the Judicial level when there was conflict between my husband and his sisters who were dowried and therefore were not entitled to inheritance on equal basis as brothers. I explained this to the above person as follows:

[1.Q: Is it only practised in Jaffna or also practised by the diaspora?
A: The actual practices can happen anywhere. But the law can be upheld only  in Sri Lanka – any Sri Lankan Court – meaning outside Jaffna also

2.Q: Do the countries outside Sri Lanka accept it?
A: They would accept the verdict but would not allow any proceedings on that basis. They do not have jurisdiction for that
3.Q: Does it discriminate between sons or daughters? Why?
A: It divides equally on gender basis – so daughters inherit from mothers and sons from fathers. But out of Thediya Thettam (wealth earned by a couple during their partnership) parents are entitled to distribute as they think fit. When parents pass away Thediya Thettam is divided equally irrespective of gender. If a child is not married (as was the case with Yoganathan) then the Thediya Thettam effectively reverts to the parents and common wealth if the parents have passed away. Then the distribution is as per the above – women to women and men to men unless the women have not been given dowry and therefore are entitled to Equal share.  Param’s sisters for example claimed in Court that what they received was NOT dowry but donation. We have contested that through the Appeal which the High Court seems to process in a more orderly way
4.Q: Does this law allow equal distribution?
A: Yes, provided the daughters did not get dowry
5.Q: Is it practised by Tamils in Australia?
A: The culture is usually practiced – with boys taking greater responsibility than girls. But the Law cannot be applied here in Australian Courts. We could take it to Sri Lanka if the property is in Sri Lanka or if the person is in Sri Lanka and is bound by Theswalamai]
The parallel of the above at National level in Sri Lanka is religion. Let us for example fill our minds with the following in relation to Constitution making:

[For the first time, we have a very moderate Opposition Leader who has the courage to say he is willing to accept this change which the two major parties recommend. They will accept the unitary state. Earlier no Tamil political leader accepted that position. The two major parties getting together is an important landmark.]  - UNP Gen. Secy. and Public Enterprise Development Minister, Kabir Hashim – as per Sunday Observer report ‘Federalism separatism nowhere near new constitution’
The parallel of that here in Australia is for Labor and Liberal parties to form common governance. Strictly as per majority count this should not happen. But it is the less visible quantum powers of minorities that make such a picture a necessity to keep the ‘Majority-governance’ status.  Hence when the apparent majority ‘keep going’ and apparent minority ‘accept’ minority status – as is the case with most first generation migrants of Sri Lankan origin here in Australia,  we satisfy  Newton’s first law – known as the law of inertia:

[An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.]

But when migrants who have endured demotion and carried on living as Australians at global standards,  surface those  quantum powers as individuals and/or in groups – the surface balance is harder and harder to maintain. Recently a fellow Australian of Lankan origin forwarded the following example in confirmation of what happens when such a minority is found fault with:

When minorities are Equal in law only – but they continue to genuinely maintain their Equal position, including through renunciation – they accumulate quantum powers which when released could cure or harm. As per Australian Human Rights Commission’s NATIONAL REPORT ON SEXUAL ASSAULT AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES  2017,  94 % of University students who were sexually harassed and 87% of the students who were sexually assaulted did not make a formal report or complaint to their University. That is also the pattern in relation to race here as well as in Sri Lanka. I did on the basis of unjust Racial Discrimination but the same Human Rights Commission ‘dismissed’ me resulting in me going in person to meet the Vice Chancellor and sitting there peacefully – with mindfulness in protest – which mindfulness is now taught in management at Universities also. The Vice Chancellor who must have been  ignorant of this quantum power, called the Police who arrested me and within the Public Health Service, I was listed as mentally ill person on the outside but the quantum value is indicated as follows by the good psychologist:

Mrs. Paramasivam acknowledged that for several years she had been in communication with a range of people including Yoga Swami, Our Lady and Sai Baba the leader of an Indian Religious Group. She told me that Sai Baba was a saint and on the 5 November 1998 red powder materialized on her picture of him. She interpreted this as meaning that he was in communication with her and felt that it was a miracle, a sign of his love for society.
She said that Sai Baba was able to anticipate her thoughts and she felt comforted by this and said that she had experienced an intuitive relationship with Sai Baba and her communication with him had continued to this day. She described the communication as a “blissful state” it felt as if she did not have a  care in the world. She acknowledges that her current charges did not concern her because of the comfort she received from Sai Baba and said that he was the only one whose opinion counted with her.
On specific questioning Mrs. Paramasivam said that she had never heard external imaginary voices (auditory hallucinations), the communications were through her body. She mentioned that she was a follower of Gandhi and when she meditates she believes that she is able to connect directly with Gandhi’s mind and she referred to how this was a form of “mental telepathy”. She went on to tell me about a doctor who is now deceased. She believed that the doctor sends his thoughts to her and said that when he is reborn the work she is doing based on their partnership will benefit him
While on bail Mrs. Paramasivam said she had made no attempt to go back to the university because she honoured her word and she has also honoured  her word by not sending any emails. However when asked if she would be able to guarantee that she would not send any emails in the future she said “why should I not educate them or share my experiences”. She again referred to her beliefs that Sai Baba was there to protect her and she was not concerned for her own well being. She told me that she was not a violent person, that she was someone who absorbs the pain so that others are protected and would never hurt anyone.
Up until she was charged with the current offences Mrs. Paramasivam had no prior contact with any psychiatric services. As a requirement of her bail she has attended the Maroubra Community Health Centre where she was assessed by Dr. Tissa, a psychiatric registrar who is of Sri Lankan nationality. She said that he had recommended that she take Risperidone, an atypical anti-psychotic. She does not believe that she needs medication and has not taken any. She said she was prepared to keep seeing Dr. Tissa because she did not want to disrespect the Court order.
There is no relevant drug or alcohol history.
Her three children have professional careers with the older two children having completed training as engineers and her youngest daughter is solicitor. Her main social network consists of former work colleagues. She acknowledged that she had not sought employment for several years due to her preoccupation with issues related to her former position at the University of New South Wales.
Following the termination of the assessment I spoke to her husband briefly and asked him about her behaviour. He was very supportive and he did not believe that his wife was mentally ill.
Mrs. Paramasivam has a paranoid psychosis. This condition has been present for several years and is characterized delusions of grandiosity, passivity and persecution and probable visual and auditory hallucinations, In addition she has prominent obsessional traits in her personality with a tendency to be quite moralistic, rigid and somewhat inflexible in her manner in relating to the world.

If I am mentally ill, then obviously my assessment of myself would not be reliable. But those closest to me – i.e. – my immediate family and even members of the University have shown respect for me to seek my opinion in important issues – especially where they are education related. The ultimate to me was the book Naan Australian finding a home within National Library of Australia, through the quantum powers of  America’s Library of Congress via India’s Spiritual power. The open show of respect is  more so in Sri Lanka from where I received a call yesterday also – in relation to sexual harassment in University of Jaffna. If I am mentally ill, then I would not have achieved all this and more importantly I would not be able to help others in need.
The scientific reason for the above conclusion which contradicts the ‘reasoning’ is the need to deliver as per the expectations of their side. So if the system has a ‘law’ through which I am asked then, like the Guruji above said,  I would read the list of unaddressed grievances not only about the University system but also the Governments responsible. They continued to ‘dismiss’ me through their systems but once good side of Truth is manifested the bad has to manifest to keep the Cosmic Balance going. This surfacing is faster in places such as Sri Lankan Parliament, where Buddhism which  openly preaches Mindfulness and Cosmic Balance is given foremost status by law-makers.
To the extent I did surface my grievances through the lawful pathway – Australians have been protected from Jihad attacks by extremist groups. I believe that my efforts went towards the downfall of Mr  Howard, in addition to the American  Vice Chancellor with dual-citizenship mentality. Every migrant who truly becomes Australian by absorbing discrimination pain – has this power to work the system from within.  Migrants who are truly equal are like in-laws and Australia needed more in laws than their biological relatives to go global.
From time to time I do get responses through emails which indicate protest. For example – a Tamil wrote in response to my yesterday’s article:
‘u want to take over sri lanka  go head’
I wrote in response ‘Already achieved and hence the Equal Opposition in National Parliament through nuclear force. What do you want?’
The Sri Lankan Minister was asked in this regard:
Q: What is the significance of the TNA and other Tamil political parties accepting the unitary nature of the country and the foremost place given to Buddhism?
A. Constitutional making is a process which should be inclusive. All cross sections of society, irrespective of caste, religion, nationality, should have the opportunity to be in that process.

The Constitution eventually may not look balanced on the outside. But to the extent we participate through our true feelings including in opposition – we will work that constitution from inside. That is the value of atomic power – which can cure or destroy when separated from its other side.  Such destruction is called ‘Soora Samharam’ (the annihilation of demon) in Hindu Tamil culture. This is celebrated every year especially at  Murugan temples – including here at Sydney Murugan Temple. Their inner value goes directly to protect the environment from demons when the Energy is of soul value rather than for ‘show’ of cultural power.

This article also adds to the Hindu power within Sri Lankan Parliament in addition to Democratic power which I have strongly practiced here in Australia. It will support the genuine seeker of Truth through Democracy. 

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