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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02  July 2017                                          

Churning  Jaffna Water

On Australia Day 2012, his Honor Justice Ariyanayagam stated in Mallakam District Court, in Northern Sri Lanka, that he would not have lawyers conducting their own Courts outside the official Court system. That showed insight into lawyers taking over power from the Judges. The Opposition in that case stated that the Affidavit submitted by my husband was not valid due to my husband signing the Affidavit that states that he was in Jaffna, when he was in Australia ! My husband’s presence in Sri Lanka, could have been easily proven by asking for certified copies of relevant pages of his passport. But the Judge did not need such ‘evidence’. The judge asked me as to when my husband had arrived in Sri Lanka and as to when he left. I stated the dates. The judge asked me a second time – a little bit later and I gave the dates again. That was when the accusations by the other side got returned against them through strong words of discipline by the Judge. On Australia Day, we celebrate the arrival of British – and the British are common to both Australia and Sri Lanka – especially through Administration and the Judiciary where English law is the base of legal structure. I focused on that before leaving to participate in the Court Proceedings in Northern Sri Lanka and the return that day was uplifting.

Yesterday,  I was reminded of that when I was referred to work the  by some Diaspora Leaders in the hope of developing healthy Administration in Northern Province of Sri Lanka, through the following email message:

[I read your blogs with interest. With the recent upheavals at the NPC, I believe more analysis and focus is required on the level of corruption and the administrative failure instead of the political fallout.
I wonder whether you have seen this link:
Thought it is useful information to supplement your analysis.]

As per the reality in Northern Sri Lanka where the Judicial system has become more and more disconnected with the educated folks there was at least one Judge who delivered decision as per the ‘facts’ submitted by me. I believe that this ‘connection’ happened due to my Belief in Legal Administration being stronger than the belief of the other side lawyer – who was clever but was not true to the Northern Legal system as it exists today.

Likewise, one needs to either consciously know the current structure of Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka (NPC) OR go deep enough to become the unseen force that would negate new and amateurish forces that often seek quick outcomes towards which they ‘pay’. Their relationships are like current accounts with a bank – Cash in and Cash out at the same level. The Media is not an outsider to this game.  The article I was referred to as mentioned above, was written by Dr. Rajasingham Narendran and was published by Colombo Telegraph on 10 February 2016. 

[Among the issues raised by the Provincial Councilors are the issues relating to water, fisheries and agriculture. The ‘Jaffna River’ river project has to be taken forwards to enable converting the lagoon system in the peninsula into fresh water lakes. The Americans made the Missouri- Mississipi River flow in reverse, when there was a need to do so! As pointed out by Eng. O.E.D. Mendis only a three KM canal needs to be cut to enable the fresh water accumulated in the Elephant Pass reservoir, to flow in to the Jaffna lagoon system. I am convinced this can be done using volunteers. Every Jaffna man and this country has a stake in making this dream come true. Further, at least the overflow water from the Irranaimadu tank should be made to flow into Elephant Pass reservoir, until the Mahaweli system is connected to the Irranaimadu tank. The quality of well water in the Peninsula will improve as a result and 11,000 acres of addition land will become available for agriculture. Inland fisheries and tourism potential of these lagoons can be exploited creating productive employment.]
In 2015, ‘The River for Jaffna’ project was discussed with me by a Lankan of Sinhalese origin. Ref: River for Jaffna – Program or Project? at

But back then no one seemed to be interested in even discussing the issue. It took the excitement of Politics to be of interest to many juniors in Public Administration.

The problem usually is lack of depth of understanding of the issue at root level – on the users’ side through politics and on the technical side through Administration. Back then no one from grassroots level to represent the users’ side seemed to be part of the team. Now there seems to be enough politicians and media involved but no bridge between the Technical experts and the Human Resource Representatives of grassroots power. The easier way to present my view is the Court system in Northern Sri Lanka – where there are many Technical experts – including from Colombo but not enough Truth from litigants in relation to the experience of the problem – in their homes’ free environment.
Technical knowledge through which credits are claimed often lead to hoarding of money and status when there are not heirs to share such credits with. When earned credit is foregone natural structure develops. When we keep travelling through that natural structure – we reach the destination of Truth. One needs to keep to that pathway even when one is marked a failure – to naturally manifest that Truth in the form and at the level the problem was experienced.
NPC is such a manifestation of the struggle for Independence by the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka through many pathways. The first job of the NPC is to PLAN as to which of the needs of the People to whom Jaffna has been home and will be home are to be given priority to and at Global level to include the sacrifices of all concerned. Recently our daughter said about her husband who won the University Medal – that that medal was NOT given out every year – but only when a student meets the consolidated standards of the whole Faculty. Development of Jaffna has to include contributions from the past not only in relation to ‘River for Jaffna’ but more about the connection between grassroots users and high level technical thinkers – so they work together to produce the Nectar of Peace – as in the Legend of the Milk-Ocean. All those driven by money are the Asurar / those driven by brawn power  and all those driven by experiencing Truth are the Thevar / Divine beings. Both have to churn as detailed below:

Freedom of Thought – Chapter 10 of Naan Australian

[In the above legend – the rod used to churn the ocean  is Mount Mandara. It is reported that this  mountain in India, is composed of fragmented stones but the whole is one single structure. To me, it symbolizes  many memories in One intellectual structure developed from Truth. Hearsay and mere knowledge would give us many structures requiring us to consciously switch from one to the other. That is the outcome through assimilation. Closures by completing the experiences are necessary for consolidated thinking.

 The mountain  personifies  Puthi / Intellect.  In the churning process it has to turn one way first and the other way next to surface the whole Truth. In the legend,  the rod is placed on the back of a Turtle and the Turtle is said to be Lord Vishnu on earth. To me that meant that the Puthi/Intellect needed to have Truth as its base. 

The rope used to turn the rod is King serpent Vasuki  representing  our mind which needs to be worked so that  hearsay of the idle mind, would not  override our Puthi / intellect.  As my Guru says  rope may seem like a snake in the dark if  the mind carries fear of snakes or is generally low and depressed..  Work leads to knowledge of what it really is and this overrides the memory of fear. 
At Mulawa  prison, on the night I was threatened with enforced medication – by doctors at Caritas at St. Vincent’s Hospital – my cell mate who was high user of drugs was suffering from similar fears.   She said to me that her twin sister was murdered and that she feared that ‘they’ would come after her also.  I slept on the pullout bed close to the door - so this young lady felt less uncomfortable.  Even then she said they were coming through the door.  To me, pleasure drugs and all intoxicants weaken the brain’s ability to discriminate. They give one false elevation and hence loss of steadiness and weakened coordination  between the brain and the body.  This young lady -  a heavy drug user,  carried the fear of  the loss of her twin and hence her inability to connect the physical observation  that the door was shut,  to the reasoning part of the brain which would have concluded that we were in a prison where ‘they’ could not come.

Those who fill their minds with imagined pleasures also weaken their discriminative ability.  Unearned benefits become imaginary benefits unless one pays the cost of gratitude – to do which one reduces one’s own status in administration.  Once gratitude is paid and is accepted – two become one – and the strength of mind of one is also the strength of mind of the other.  To me, this is the core purpose of  family, institutions and government structures using subjective powers.  Once relative becomes family, we would comfortably step into each other’s shoes to know their pleasures and pain as ours. This is not the sum nor the multiple but has exponential value. 

Subjective powers work well when the person in the senior position takes responsibility and/or the person in the junior position is grateful. Without this we need to change over to the objective system of democracy or risk becoming separated and scattered. Dr. Gareth Evans, currently the Vice Chancellor of the Australian National University, said in his international capacity that the Sri Lankan Government had the Responsibility to Protect. (R2P).  The question is whether Dr. Evans first recommended this to his own colleagues  - including the Vice Chancellors of other Australian Universities who used Police force to attack someone they assessed to be a junior citizen – a migrant from the same Sri Lanka whose government was criticized by Dr. Evans.

When we are able to step into each other’s shoes comfortably and naturally – beyond our birth relatives – and beyond our families – we are able to access universal energies. Let’s  say I feel for a person who is the toilet cleaner at the University or a domestic help in Vaddukoddai area. The feeling of Oneness helps me feel the Energy that these juniors in terms of work positions feel due to their regular work. Towards this the work they do must be natural activity for them. Likewise my work needs to be natural for me.  Then the sharing happens at energy level. This to me is the core purpose of electing through majority vote with its subjective powers.  ]

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