Wednesday 26 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July 2017

Dual Citizenship & the Diaspora

A member of the Tamil Diaspora asked me the one word question ‘Seriously?’ in reponse to my article ‘Jaffna’s Peace Hero Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra’.

As per my knowledge of this guy, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran (VP) is his hero. The reason evolved through our brief communication. The guy said to me not to send him my emails but he kept responding to me as if he wanted to have the last word. Given that VP ‘told’ much more than he ‘would be told’ this guy, by following VP developed the urge ‘to tell’. It’s a natural part of the return we get for ‘using’ other people’s status without earning our own and/or without truly sacrificing to merge with the leader.  This guy’s following is like someone quoting Einstein to me the other day. A citizen carrying the official status,  following and ‘showing’ militant leadership is like representation of one country by one holding Dual Citizenship. We are not eligible to represent two different countries at the same time.  We could become Global by raising our earned entitlements to the Higher Common Level. But at the base level two independent cultures, religions,   countries, electorates cannot be represented by the  one person at the same time.

Not only in Sri Lanka but also in Australia, the issue of dual citizenship is being actively debated at Government level, As per Section 44 (i) of the Australian Constitution :

‘Any person who –
Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power
shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives’

When we take up official positions representing our communities – the above renders our contributions to policies are negated / dismissed in value if we have acknowledged alliance, or adherence to a foreign power.  Not only the Sri Lankan Government but the Tamil National Alliance and any militant group which has been recognized in a particular form and through a particular leadership – such as VP in this instance and TNA or the Sri Lankan Government in the case of Prevention of Terrorism Legislation, is ‘foreign powers’ in relation to Australian laws for Australians. Ms Bishop disqualifies herself from Parliament if she expressly acknowledges any one party.
One could merge at belief level but when it comes to open representation and the structures of Administration one is entitled to  represent only One sovereign body as if s/he were that body. Structures are important to regulate us through common pathways. Hence anything that could be confusing to the primary level user become ineligible at Policy level.
  What has not been tested yet is the role of the Diaspora which often acts as if it represents two ‘powers’ at the same time. Contributions by Dual Citizens are Stateless. In fact, at the Political level the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) here in Sri Lanka, and the Anti Terrorism Laws in Sri Lanka would cause conflict in the minds of Australians who relate to the Sri Lankan issue through Tamil National Alliance (TNA) or render immoral allegiance with the Sri Lankan Government to suppress its own citizens. If the Sri Lankan PTA is considered by the Australian Government to be inappropriate then the Australian Government is automatically demoting the value of its own Anti Terrorism Laws.

The reason for such demotion is that Belief is of Absolute value and is Self-Balancing. In any Sovereign Unit therefore right and wrong must be present at the same time or at the same part of the whole.

Velupillai Prabhakaran became Christian in his adult life. Hence it is understandable that he did not have the Authority of his religion based Belief  to express to the ordinary citizens of Nallur within the boundaries of Nallur – where Lord Murugan is the Supreme Power, as Jesus is at the Vatican. It is for this reason that Buddhism foremost in the Sri Lankan Constitution is not supported by the laws of Nature. Each time that clause is activated – consciously or subconsciously to represent Sri Lanka – the ‘other’ side is automatically in reserve. That was how Eelam claim happened but in the same inappropriate form as Buddhism foremost clause. The other side was Hindu, Christian or Muslim rights to practice their religious laws above secular laws. Ms Julie Bishop has the responsibility to advise the Lankan Government about this ‘foreign power’ within the Lankan Constitution.
Given that militants consider themselves to be rulers on Land basis they are entitled to represent only their land-area  of birth. The rest, even when the rule of which is captured from the government, is invaded land and militants never had the right to represent such areas except through the local member to whom that area is home and where that local member is accepted as leader.
Like birth, our place of death is also our home. Nallur is now Home to Sarath Premachandra and all those who are bound to him by belief. Vanni where members of many ethnicities died – has become multicultural home. Any person who drops the ‘me only’ syndrome will be empowered and supported by those multicultural forces when Vanni becomes their ‘home’.

Colombo was confirmed to be the natural home of Tamils who were killed during the civil riots – especially the ones in 1983. By sending the bodies of the slain soldiers from Jaffna to Colombo – the LTTE leader actually boosted the ownership value of Tamils in Colombo which naturally is opportunity cost for Tamil Eelam.  Likewise, the Sri Lankan  Goernment which turned a blind eye to the murders committed by the Sinhalese also boosted the ‘Home Ownership’ of Tamils in Colombo and other areas where majority living are Sinhalese. This natural ownership force would keep surfacing to oppose the efforts of majority to establish a home in those areas to the extent they endorsed the government.

Natural Justice continuously restructures our minds on the basis of our Truth – some of which is discovered by us consciously and others inherited including from our own past. We may lose consciousness of our past earnings but the Laws of Nature do not ever forget. All those who  forego earned rights and benefits raise their mind to the Higher Common level like in the case of the brain that is Common to all our physical senses. Only that which is Common, would naturally divide into Equal halves as right and wrong or past and future. The rest is wastage that often distracts reactionaries.

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