Wednesday 12 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 July 2017                                           

Diffusing Majority Power

One of my Vaddukoddai readers disputed my conclusion that Tamils had the balance of power – in electing this government. The lady claimed that Tamils voted for TNA and not for the Government. Tamil power through  the new Government was considered a miracle by the lady.  I responded as follows:

[Taken at the surface level, we are always a minority. Hence you could say that that Government was NOT elected by Tamils. But to the extent we draw on our Truth – we invoke the Sinhalese to vote for a Government that we need. These forces work Naturally  through invisible powers and hence they are known as miracles. That was how I was able to work the immigration system to sponsor Param’s family. I accumulated the credit by working much more than I was paid for – including in Public Service. It’s like asking for boon / varam.]

Interestingly, yesterday I received another response – also from one of my Vaddukoddai followers –thanking me for helping him discipline some Australian family members who were disrespectful. This young guy has expressed amazement that I was able to successfully sponsor – especially one of  my nephews-in-law at a time when his own sibling was rejected. He stated that he reads the letter I wrote when I represented him,  to the other side lawyer, again and again and is amazed that what is happening now is as projected in that letter.  This young parent had the need and hence he was able to believe and appreciate. He is also a very humble person. I often recall and bless him in my mind.
The former example is the parallel of those who are seeking Separation. To them the total cannot be greater than the sum of the individuals. The latter is the parallel of those who have a need to live the average life they have invested in. Interestingly, the article to which the lady responded was about the ‘Indru Poi, Naalai Vaa/Go today and come back tomorrow / Back to the drawing board’  theory. As depicted in that picture – Ravana – the king of Lanka has 10 heads – confirming double the physical strength of a leader. Ravana, despite this strength ‘hijacked’ Seetha – the wife of Rama of a different culture. When we ‘takeover’ earnings and entitlements of those outside our cultural circles – without their submission we lose power exponentially and v.v. It is to prevent this kind of damage that the daughter is given dowry to encourage her to develop her own family on Equal basis as the husband, she has married. Those who treat the other side as theirs – have to forego their own entitlements to do so. They share. The further away that other person is in terms of physical / biological distance – the deeper the level of sacrifice and hence the greater the manifested value of that sacrifice. One needs the parallel of calculus to determine the value of this manifestation. Tamil National Opposition in Parliament is such a manifestation.

If we take the Tamil Political body itself – they do divide from time to time but when in need they come together. Likewise Tamils and Sinhalese in Colombo and other multicultural areas. It was this need generated by the excessive powers of  the former regime  that led to the Natural merger of Sinhalese and Tamils at root level. The powerful common enemy generates the common need. At the time of manifestation our accumulated Energies manifest through the physical participants at that place. But the Energy itself is not limited to those physical participants – in this instance the voters who voted. If we carry high level of Energies – be they positive or negative – and we are physically present – at that place – we influence exponential value outcomes that cannot be measured through simple ruler. These are the Energy fields that are picked up at the physical level.

The 2009 tragedy would have been worse if not for such positive forces that carried the ‘discipline’ Energy on the Tamil side. That factor may be too deep for the ordinary brain but the fact that Eastern LTTE leader Karuna was on the side of the Government – informing the Government is often lost on the government and its supporters who claim to have defeated the enemy of Terrorism. To the extent the Energies of those to whom that part of the land  where the action happened was ‘home’ and they included militants as part of their/our  family – it was Disciplinary action and not punishment. Unless Colombo leaders are careful – the forces could combine again through Common need and this time it could be from overseas led by the Diaspora.

Colombo Today editorial under the heading ‘Going back to 56’ (i.e. Sinhala only period) presents the following picture in relation to the current crisis:

[While the supremacist majority are willing to concede "Sri Lanka For All" within the non-negotiable sine qua non of that supremacy, the recent events in the Northern Provincial Council would indicate a move to oust Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and de-fang the LTTE diehards backing him in the ITAK who are hard line promoters of the exclusivist federal demand that is tantamount to the LTTE's separate State demand. In simple language, that demand means the North and the East, are to be handed to them on a platter, constitutionally at that, tacitly recognizing Tamil-Hindu supremacy in the federal architecture!]

This may happen if the Buddhist clergy keep wanting 10 heads. Currently, the main topic of discussion within Diaspora groups is the  uprising of Buddhist monks who seem to think they have ‘lost’ their supremacy.  North-East merger backed by India – is likely to manifest this other side of Buddhist clergy – through Hindu supremacy with is also Tamil supremacy. Not only would we go back to 1956 but also 1987 when India entered Sri Lanka to curb the excesses of the Government through the Armed Forces. This time it is likely to be the UN Peacekeeping forces invoked by Diaspora power. The real power is the commitment of migrants to orderly governance in those countries – especially when they are unsupervised. That makes those powers global and hence the influence over UN which has become the protective power of Tamils of minority status.
The above mentioned editorial makes the connection between the weakness in Northern Provincial Council and the uprising of the Buddhist clergy. Is there a root-connection?  Is it in the horoscope of the Provincial Council structure? Like the Buddhist clergy who want double majority power through ‘Buddhism foremost’ do Tamils like Mr. Wigneswaran who inherited the Militant genes rather than the Vaddukoddai Resolution genes want more Ravana power?  Do they not believe that the powers of other Tamils to whom Sri Lanka is home.

If disintegrated, Mr. Wigneswaran is basically a Colombo Tamil and has no right to ask for a separate home in North or East. He wouldn’t except as a puppet of those who want more Ravana heads. This kind of empowerment was confirmed in 1983.
The enrolments with Tamil militant groups was at its highest after the 1983 pogrom in Colombo and other areas where Tamils were migrants. All those to whom a place where they are minority by numbers, is ‘home’ – would invoke the powers of others to whom also that place is home. If such powers are not within that geographic area – they would invoke from far – to the extent their relatives  have made homes in other nations ‘before’ actively participating in Sri Lankan / Tamil Eelam politics.

One who identifies with this deeper power residing in the roots of our makeup – would not need to invade other areas. Mr. Wigneswaran was elected by the People of North. Once he makes North his ‘home’ under that structure – he would naturally feel at home in East as well. At the base is his Colombo genes which seems to be reacting to the Buddhist clergy and Colombo politicians and blocking his path to feeling at home in Jaffna. The more he needs Colombo or East – the stronger the confirmation that he has failed in his duty as elected member of North. It also defeats the claim of independence in asking for Separation of Powers. A true claimant of Separation of Powers would recognize the opposition within that area and not outside. Realising home-power is important for those of us who seek to participate in global affairs. In terms of birth – I was born in Jaffna even though at that time my parents were living in Colombo. I was blessed by Saint Yoga Swami of Jaffna also – as soon as I was born and my father reported /submitted my birth to Saint Yoga Swami. But Mr. Wigneswaran as per published details – has to make a home in Jaffna for which he should not be renouncing his Colombo citizenship. Until then he is in Jaffna largely for work purposes and is not native to Jaffna. Right now he is bringing his Colombo status to benefit Jaffna – which in effect is a handout and therefore is an insult to the independent Jaffna citizen.

This is a Common solution to the ISIS problem also. Muslims in their Islamic home nations would naturally be supported by Muslims in other nations to whom those other nations are / were already ‘home’ before they became actively aware of the Islamic nation’s problems. If the problems of the country of origin is dominant in our mind, before we realise homeliness in our new countries, then effectively we are making reverse migrants of ourselves. 

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