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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29July 2017

Who Knows the Nallur Truth?

[My husband, Selavarasa Jayanthan (39) from Jaffna, was never a member of the LTTE. It is a rumour to say that he was a former combatant. My husband fired unintentionally, the wife of the main suspect said.] - Daily Mirror article – ‘Husband fired unintentionally, says Jaffna killing suspect’s wife.’

[ Jaffna High Court Judge, M. Ilancheliyan yesterday refuted claims made by the Police Media spokesperson, SP Ruwan Gunasekara that the shooting incident in Jaffna was not aimed at him but was a mere coincidence.
Speaking to the media at the funeral of slain SI Sarath Hemachandra yesterday, the judge stressed that the Police media spokesperson’s views on the case were ‘irresponsible’ and need not have been made before a full investigation was concluded into the incident. The funeral of the fallen Policeman Sarath Premachandra took place in his hometown Kumarakattuwa, Chilaw with full Police honours] Daily News article – ‘Judge refutes Police spokesman’

The commonness in the two accounts brings to my mind – the collusion between the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in 2005 which resulted in the suppression of Tamil votes by the LTTE leader and eventually the demotion of Mr. Rajapaksa who did pray at Nallur Murugan Temple after his 2009 alleged victory over alleged terrorism. Truth eventually surfaces through those who value Truth. That is real media power.

Yesterday at Nallur Flag hoisting ceremony  I thought much about the message I received from the above manifestation on 22 July. To me it is not merely about the seen and the heard. More deeply – it is about the place and time of happening and their value to us. I prayed for Nallur Murugan’s blessings for me to always follow the order of Truth. When the flag went up the post – there was so much emotion – it felt soooo beautiful. That confirmed to me that my prayers as per my NEEDS have been answered. From time to time, I also asked for this and that as per my desires at that time. But what happened was always as per my needs – some of which were in the form prayed for whilst others were not – but the latter never contradicted the deeper values – based on which I prayed.  If we the Tamils of  Sri Lanka are praying for self-determination – it will happen in one form or the other. Nallur to my mind is the place of highest natural order known to me. When we invest in Nallur – we invest in Natural Common Order.

When the Lords and Ladies of Nallur are carried on the shoulders of men – in the middle of a crowd with standing room only – it is indeed amazing as to how they reach the flag post from the wider stage (Vasantha Mandapam/Spring Hall)  where the more public ceremonies take place. I kept praying that the bearers  should carry the Deities without getting pushed. Yesterday I was soooo happy when it all went well and finally the flag was hoisted. It was like a Coronation ceremony but without any officials regulating the crowd. Many of us clapped our hands. Tears of joy poured down my face. The old gentleman in front of me was unsteady on his feet – due to having been seated all that time. Yet  he made it there. There were many frail old women standing for hours to be part of the ceremonies. I felt that those difficulties that we put ourselves through to be part of this wonderful celebration – was in itself a prayer that was instantaneously answered. In addition to personal prayers as part of my family, I prayed for there to be good order in Jaffna – as per Truth. The order is there – but we need to manifest that and not the personal opinions of those who lack depth of belief in the whole.

During the ceremony, I thought in appreciation, the gesture of Judge Ilancheliyan who has vowed to take care of the slain Policeman’s children. I felt that we ought to do it as a community, through a Trust Fund. I believe that this prayer will be answered as per the real needs of all who have invested in this issue of Security for Lady Justice.

Earlier this week our tuk-tuk driver said to me that we were spending so much on the temple and its facilities and that the youth here were damaging it. The tuk-tuk guy said to hand all of them over to the police. I said to him ‘I have done my best and left the rest to Mother Kali.’ The investment made by us is like your  Pongal (Sweet Rice) at the temple.  It is never wasted but shared. Thinking about it during meditation I realised how true it was. Now finally – the place is quiet and fit for meditation. The gates are locked except for particular times of the day. The external order that upholds our investment in Security has finally happened. We needed the Police only to warn a couple of those who breached  our rules. The rest happened as per THEIR / offenders’ system. I said if they had accepted my discipline they would not have been arrested by the Police over another theft in this area – when I was NOT present.

The wife of the offender in the Nallur shooting was not present at the scene. She seems fearful of her husband being punished as a Terrorist. Hence she is expressing what she thinks will protect him. It may go down well with some judges – like the one we had in Mallakam Courts during the primary hearing of the Testamentary case relating to my brother in law. Truth was the victim in that Court. But the proceedings revealed also the weaknesses in Jaffna Judiciary who infect society through the way they conduct the cases. The Mallakam Courts which was so disorderly must hang its head in shame in the presence of Nallur Murugan Temple – where Order comes first.

From time to time when older women at Nallur temple disciplined me for my loose hair – I was upset. Yesterday I was determined not to leave room for it – and hence wore sari – and tied my hair in a small ponytail. Then I was able to openly discipline a young lady who was using her hand phone to watch the ceremony. I thought she was taking photos. She said that she was not taking photos but only capturing to watch on screen. I left it at that because the rule on the board said ‘no photos’. But in my mind I said to her – that her place then was OUTSIDE the temple. None of the other older women said anything – probably because these rules are new to them. Loose hair has never been unlawful at Nallur. But by complying with their expectations – I took over authority from them to discipline through Current needs using current rules of the Temple. Any member of the public has the authority to discipline another as per published rules.  

The wife of the accused mentioned above – is like these old ladies who want to exercise their authority as per their times. In her case it was the LTTE times when the more educated person did not get higher respect due to that education. The lady has effectively overruled the Judge. Likewise, the Police spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara who claimed it as a coincidence. The guys here who knew the LTTE as community insiders – said that only someone who has been trained in the use of firearms could have had the skills to pluck the gun from the Policeman and shoot to kill.  I identify with that. I can use a kitchen knife to attack an intruder and I do keep one next to me in the nights here in Thunaivi, Vaddukoddai. But I would be ineffective with a sword, leave alone a gun.

SP Ruwan Gunasekara  was disorderly in his communication – as disorderly as my sister in law – who did not have the skills to communicate with the Australian High Commission when we sponsored her children and later herself  but wrote to Barclays Bank in London – as if she were the Administrator of  the estate of her Deceased brother. The Judiciary of Mallakam was blind to this disorder and delivered judgment in her favour- despite her failure to participate directly in the Court process. The judge insulted me in public for upholding my Truth – that I would not be treated as a prostitute by the other side lawyer –when to me my marriage was of the highest order, in addition to being lawful as required by the Courts.

Even during the hearing of the Appeal – which happened due to deep efforts on my part as a lay litigant – the Police Officers in Court – often signalled to me to ‘remain silent’ if I showed signs of wanting to have my say. This happened also in the Court presided by Judge Ilancheliyan. Only once did I get the opportunity to speak and that was because our lawyer did not turn up on the excuse of Harthal/Strike as protest against a rape case. Then the other side barrister Mr. Parathalingam was heard by the Judge who warned me that the matter could get dismissed if our lawyer kept being absent. Then I said that I prepared the Appeal papers and hence I was ready to present the case. As per my assessment – I have done more work to present the case in the order of the Court of Law – than any other involved in the matter.  My presence that day would have confirmed to the  judge that we took the risk and came. Hence he did not rule me out that day. But on other days – I was NOT  facilitated to be heard. I had to follow their order or risk losing prematurely.

In the above Police matter – the Police are junior in position to the Judge. As per their cultural order in Court – SP Ruwan Gunasekara – ought to have remained silent even in the presence of Judge Ilancheliyan, leave alone judge hearing the matter who could be influenced by this officer and who is part of the public now. SP Ruwan Gunasekara has confirmed that they are not bound to the Jaffna Public through Common belief and hence one rule for us and another for themselves with the judiciary.

Nallur has confirmed this Truth. The accused and the police have colluded due to similar mind structures – through unearned freedom to express themselves out of turn by suppressing those who have the lawful right to speak and be heard above all others. 

If the accused had respected Nallur grounds – he would not be in greater trouble now.

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