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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 July 2017
Accident or Karma?

Meanwhile however, the main suspect Selvarasa continues to maintain that he had no intention in killing the Judge, but instead, merely wanted to settle a score with a three wheel driver at the stand where the incident occurred. According to him, the incident had occurred due to a dispute between his brother and a three wheel driver. “I interfered and ended up in a scuffle with one of the trishaw drivers at the Nallur three wheel park,” his statement to the Police read.’ – Sunday Observer article - AN ACCIDENT OR NOT?
When my husband and daughter were knocked down on a pedestrian crossing in Australia in 1989,  it was listed as an accident. But I kept looking deeper to find out why it had happened to us? I found many reasons for the pain endured by me.  I realised also that it was a miracle that they both recovered to lead normal life. The pain bonded us more strongly together as a family. I recall clearly invoking Amman / Divine Mother within me at the time of the incident which was witnessed by me and my other daughter. I continued to rely strongly on the power of prayer – as I went about supporting their recovery.  The experience taught me that when I am in true need I would naturally invoke the Divine powers that I have invested in and that that Divine  Power works to deliver at a much higher level than if I had calculated.
The above account by the accused – taken at surface level may seem the right one. If so, then Officer Sarath Premachandra abandoned post by getting distracted by an ordinary scuffle that had nothing to do with him as the bodyguard of Judge Ilacheliyan. As per Judge Ilacheliyan’s insight – Sarath was protecting him as he Mr. Ilancheliyan was protecting himself. Their minds had merged already through both of them going about their daily duties with commitment. That is the power of Common Administration .
What happens in Jaffna and that too in Nallur at this time – is of far deeper significance than that. Taken at surface level – we cannot explain how Tamil National Alliance representing minority Community  became the National Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. The deeper seeker would identify with the power of Divinity that responded to true call from not only Tamils in pain but all the apparent small powers in the world striving to protect their Sovereignty. Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty cannot be maintained by suppressing its minorities. The true contribution by every person who considered her/himself to be Sri Lankan – whether they  are alive or not today, is there to be invoked by current Sri Lankans. When the Government went beyond its belief to punish the LTTE – it moved away from this nuclear power of Sovereignty and hence ended up punishing itself – to deny itself the experience of Sovereignty. Tamils of current times, who invested in Sovereignty more deeply than the Government were able to invoke Divine Powers to confirm their Sovereignty.  Every citizen has this ability. Those suppressed by the Government more than others – are able to invoke this power more quickly than others and from a deeper level.
As per the structure – any minority / junior can reach the same level as majority / senior but not more.
Members of the Tamil Diaspora seem impressed by the interview with  the leader of the Opposition the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan about the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord, published at:
To my mind, the response by the Tamil leader was lacking in depth, due to failure to recognize that we have already achieved Equal position in National Parliament. As per that interview about the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord:
[Though the agreement acknowledged the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, it also emphasised that the autonomy of various cultural groups should be preserved. There were Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers living in Lanka, each having a distinct culture and linguistic identity, says Mr. Sampanthan.]
Since we cannot divide the Equal Opposition into three parts – Tamils lead minorities and it is their duty to ensure that Equality is maintained within minorities, any time, anywhere in Sri Lanka. In Jaffna, it is the duty of the Tamils to take care of Sinhalese. Mr. Sampanthan would have had this picture in mind had he attributed credit to all those who genuinely invested in Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty including by opposing majority views and actions that damaged Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty. Like in the Nallur shooting, Mr. Sampanthan is not able to identify with the deeper forces that influence us at that time at a certain place. The contributions  by us in the  past and the true contributions by our ancestors naturally manifest at anniversaries and at the place of contribution which become sacred places due to such contributions.  
To my mind, Sinhala-Tamil merger at the judicial level was confirmed through the Nallur shooting when Judge Ilancheliyan wept as if his own brother had been killed. That to my mind was thanks-giving for Tamils as Equals in National Parliament. I sought through my own belief and hence I identify with the outcomes delivered by deeper forces. Sarath continues to live as part of Jaffna.
As per the above interview:
["If Rajiv Gandhi had not been killed, the matter (ethnic conflict) would have been resolved," feels Mr. Sampanthan who hopes that the government's effort to rewrite the constitution would find a permanent solution to the issue. "An effective substantial devolution will give people a sense of self rule, a sense of belonging to the country, and that the country belongs to them"]
As per my insight – if Rajiv Gandhi had not been killed and  Mr. Sampanthan had managed to be the Leader of the Opposition – LTTE would have killed Mr. Sampanthan for stealing their show.  LTTE had its own rules that it governed itself by. No Sri Lankan Constitution would naturally include LTTE constitution as part of itself.
LTTE was the apparent reason why Rajiv Gandhi was killed. The deeper reason was exploitation of the Sri Lankan situation by the Indian leaders. As per the above interview:
["The Tamils' struggle for self rule had been in the political arena shortly after Independence. When the accord was signed in 1987, it was almost 40 years. The accord itself was preceded by various rounds of negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil side under the auspices of the Indian government after the riots that took place in 1983," says Mr. Sampanthan who was involved in the negotiations.]
The 1983 riots were the point at which Natural Powers took-over to boost militancy that would eventually match the thought of majority power in the mind of the Government. The real force is the suffering of Tamils outside North – to whom Sri Lanka was home by then. Like Tsunami – that force killed all those who came in its pathway – including the son of Indira Gandhi who lacked insight into the Tamil issue and who overrode the authority of lawfully elected Tamil leaders to empower militants. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi failed to pay his respects to the Tamils outside Northern Sri Lanka whose pain invoked Natural Powers.
As per the Observer report :
[The footage of a high court judge breaking down in tears while apologizing to the slain cop’s wife, moved many to tears while students of the University of Jaffna held a candlelight vigil in honour of the policeman, an occurrence perhaps unheard of in Jaffna’s history.]
Not only Judge Ilancheliyan but many other Tamils including in Vaddukoddai have developed affection for the Police Officers in their areas. Once the minds merge – we do not need to be ‘told’ by law as to what our status is. By the same token – however strongly worded a constitutional provision may be – unless it is activated in practice – it is dead body. The mind is already there. The position of Equality in National Parliament is the form through which this true Constitution is seen by majority Sri Lankans – especially Tamils.  

Unless Politicians on both sides recognize and show respect to the outcomes influenced by Natural Powers – beyond the intellect, the seen and the heard – they would miss out on the Experience of Sovereignty. At the moment Tamil Judiciary and Tamil Academia are leading the mission of self-governance. Politicians need to humbly follow instead of trying to lead through their past. Following becomes easier when they think they are following Nallur Murugan. Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution is not practiced by majority Sri Lankans. Truth foremost has worked through minorities who value self-respect. 

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