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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08  July 2017                                          

How Tamils integrated the UN into Lankan Leadership

Majority in my world acknowledge that there is a Supreme Power/God Power. Minority in my world  attribute credit to that Power as Thanks-Giving especially when they think they have ‘custody’ over ruling power.  

In his Colombo Telegraph article headed ‘How The Tamils Could Really Free Themselves’ Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka presents his view as follows:
[“By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure…” The Dhammapada
I’m not a Buddhist in terms of affiliation or adherence, but the Buddha is part of my makeup since, as one of humanity’s most evolved minds and greatest philosophers, he sure got a great many important things right. What I’ve quoted above is just one of them.]

I interpret that as Dr. Jayatilleke confessing to be a Common person, which is likely to earn him a high status with the younger generation and the global community. The above is the opening of Dr. Jayatilleke’s review of the film ‘Demons in Paradise’ by Jude Ratnam which according to my first read of some reviews is about Tamil militancy. Dr. Jayatilleka concludes the review as follows:

[Based on my experience in Sri Lanka as an observer-participant of serial civil wars, and my experience in countries which have experienced civil wars, I have always felt that authentic accountability and reconciliation can come, not from Geneva resolutions or lacerating top-down, state-driven domestic processes, but through art. This movie proves it, because as we have known from the time of Aristotle’s writing, good dramatic art produces catharsis and catharsis comes only from good dramatic art.
The climactic scene of a conversation around a campfire can do more for accountability and reconciliation than a dozen co-sponsored resolutions of the UN Human Rights Council.]

While watching the old  Tamil TV serial Vazhkai / Life – I heard a spiritual speaker who looked like ‘Suki Sivam’ say ‘We are born with problems; we live with problems and we leave the world with problems’.  I then expressed the view as per my experience – that at both ends – we are balanced with Opportunities that  Equal those problems.  That is how the wonderful system of Nature forgives and gets us ready for the next chapter. The experiences is not in our conscious memory but is carried as ‘genes’.

If we take the generation of Tamil militants – as One Body – they were born Sovereign and when they died – they left the world in Sovereign state. In between they lost the balance between problem and opportunity and sometimes experienced the highs and at others lows.
The same manifestation would be a problem to one and opportunity to another of the same place or of that time.

Let’s take for example – Dr. Jayatilleke who is preaching Global Vedham / scripture by demoting the UN. During the 2009 when Tamils as a community experienced the darkest moments of our generation due to the incarceration of Tamils in Vanni when Tamils were summarily punished instead of being gradually disciplined – Dr. Jayatilleke was the Lankan Government’s representative in the UN, confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:

Jayatilleka was Sri Lanka's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva between June 2007 and October 2009.  During his tenure he was chairman of the International Labour Organization's governing body ; vice president of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC); and co-ordinator of the Asian group on United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2009). Jayatilleka is credited with shielding Sri Lanka from censure by the UNHRC for alleged human rights violations during the final stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War in 2009. Jayatilleka had been appointed for a two-year term but when his contract expired in June 2009 President Mahinda Rajapaksa extended his contract until June 2010.  However, on 17 July 2009 the Foreign Ministry told him by fax to "relinquish [his] duties and return to Colombo on 20 August".  According to Jayatilleka no reason was given for his sacking but it was suggested that Sinhalese nationalists were unhappy with support for the implementation of the 13th Amendment.]

In terms of that UN experience – the strength to influence other minds in 2009, came from UN structure which included in structural terms – the proposals made by  India through Tamil militants. In May 2009  Dr. Jayatilleka experienced the Pleasure of shielding the Government that appointed him to the UN. As per the above information – in July 2009 he had the pain of demotion. Dr. Jayatilleka of the UN family was born in 2007 and died in 2009.  Had Dr. Jayatilleka genuinely paid his respects to the UN power instead of taking personal credit – he would have become the UN in any part of the world that is ‘home’ to him.

As quoted in yesterday’s article – the same Buddha who Dr. Jayatilleka claims to be part of his makeup says:
["And what, monks, is right mindfulness? (i) There is the case where a monk remains focused on the body in & of itself -- ardent, aware, & mindful -- putting away greed & distress with reference to the world. ]

Which body did Dr. Jayatilleka focus through while he was in the (i) UN and which body is he focusing through when he identifies with (ii) Buddha and which body is he focusing through when he ‘saw’ freedom for (iii) Tamils around campfire?

One who switches body as per the entertainment available at that place at that time – lacks the steadiness of mind to balance the problem with the opportunity. This is highlighted by Wikipedia as follows:

[Despite his past support of the LTTE after Dayan began to support Mahinda Rajapaksa he is accused of becoming racist against Tamils and having double standards when Tamils are concerned as well not differentiating the LTTE from the Tamil people and democraticaly elected Tamil politicians. In his articles Dayan attacked the Wickremesinghe-Sirisena government for "serving the minorities" and claimed that the planned new constitution will federalize and divide Sri Lanka which will cause the "Sinhala national consciousness" to be atomized and disintegrate and empower the "Tamil consciousness". Further he claimed that the agenda of the "Tamil bourgeoisie" and "Diaspora capitalists" is to use the constitution to "rewire and reprogram" the Sinhala consciousness so they can never win another war ,divide and rule the "majority" and weaken the national state. His misleading and inaccurate statements have been harshly criticized by critics as fear mongering to the benefit of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his ethnic chauvinist camp]

Tamils who were equally clever as Dr. Jayatilleka, in global issues would have been overlooked for the position Dr. Jayatilleka held. THIS is where when we focus through our UN body – we would identify with that person being ourselves. Towards this we need to become the UN principles governing that position. In 2009, UN Administration was eliminated from the war area. As the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa stated – he was quoted as follows:

[To mention a case in point, during an interview former “The Hindu” Editor N. Ram had with Mahinda Rajapaksa in July 2009 the latter’s secretary Lalith Weeratunge had intervened to say: “It was about March 2006 when Mr. Solheim came to see H.E. after he became president and had also said, in the midst of other things: ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’ It was very prophetic. Later the President met Minister Solheim in New York and reminded him of their conversation on the ‘military geniuses,’ of the jungles of the North and South, and who would win. The East had by that time, in 2007, been cleared and the President had said: ‘Now see what’s going to happen in the North,[ it will be ]the same.” ]

If one accepts that Mr. Rajapaksa is from the jungles of the South – and the armed forces used his mandate to attack – then the rules of the war were animal rules and not the Thevar / Saintly rules of the UN. THIS is the reason why the Sri Lankan Government fears the UN.
 In terms of the Tamils – the militants were transparent about them being from the Jungles and acting as per their own rules. UN rules do not apply to them except through the official government.  Even to find fault with the LTTE – the UN has to go through the Government as part of its body. As per the latest news by Ceylon Today -  UN HR, terrorism expert is to visit Sri Lanka. This confirms war-crimes shown through the label attributed to the LTTE which is no body in Sri Lanka. That was how Truth seen through those of us who looked through our UN structures is returning the karma to cleanse the Sri Lankan Government of its imbalance. Tamil spirit is now very much part of the UN and why would we need to sit around the campfire in the jungles when our goal has been achieved to confirm our Sovereign status?

In addition to the above, Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution is now showing its other side – through Buddhists who look within through their Buddhist bodies and revealed their own weaknesses.  At a time when  Australian Catholics are looking into their Catholic body to cleanse their organisation, we of Sri Lankan origin are receiving emails regarding the parallel sins of Buddhist monks. (Appendix).

A Constitution is the legal body of the Country. It is Sovereign only when its structure is capable of surfacing both sides. In Democracy the two sides need to be surfaced at the same time. Hence Equal Opposition in Parliament.  In Sri Lankan Parliament – the opposition has Tamil face. Together they complete the Sovereign picture at the political level. This however is NOT represented in the Constitution which carries Buddhism foremost article. Non-Buddhists do not have a body through which to look within and experience article 9.

But the more non-Buddhists look within through their own religions and secular beliefs – the more partners they have in Buddhists who would look within to eliminate the pretenders. That was how True Sinhala Nationalists – looking through their Sinhalese bodies – voted to eliminate from power those who eliminated true Tamils looking through their Tamil bodies. One who looks through her/his Sri Lankan body would identify with this connection and be true to her/his birth and use even weapons to defend but never to attack.
Those who make this connection through the 2015 elections – contribute naturally to Sovereign Sri Lanka and they would be helped by Global Powers which now include the Diaspora – of global mind. An independent mind – whatever body it lives in – is a global mind.

A graphic video at the bottom. I wonder how safe the genuine (female) devotees are in the hands of these monks?  Hope the Mahanayake Thero of the Asgiriya chapter also would have viewed this and wonder what he would have to say? Would he insist on using a more venerable term than 'Thero' for them?
Subject: Fw: Fwd: The Darker side of the Buddhist Monks of Sri Lanka
Forwarded: (Received this from a Female contact.).
Please watch the Video on this attachment to see sordid behaviour of Sri Lanka's Buddhist Clergy,  breaking all 
moral and ethical principles of Buddhism, as preached by the Buddha!
   The Buddhists from Sri Lanka may be more angry at these Video exposures about their clergy, than be ashamed, 
as they should be! Unfortunately, the ubiquitous presence of the Mobile phone cameras have made these photos 
possible. The subjects of these Photos, knowingly or unwittingly  allowed themselves to be photographed, and 
have become notorious as a result. 
The Buddhist Clergy in Sri Lankan is well known for breaking all the laws enunciated by the Buddha! 
It was nearly half a Century ago that Ven. Somarama Thero was sentenced to death for the murder of the then 
Prime Minister, SWRD Bandaranaike, while the powerful Bhikku, High Priest of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihare,  Mapitigama Buddharakkita was sentenced to life in Prison, where he died. 
 Today's situation also appears to be drifting towards that of the Fifties/Sixties, when the Buddhist Clergy was very 
active in Politics, demanding exclusive privileges,and  when the murder of the Prime Minister took place.
 Quote from Wkipedia: (which quotes from Justice A.C.Alles' Book)
 Buddharakkitha's various notorious acts only surfaced after he was convicted. He was described as a rich businessman who was involved in various high profile businesses. Buddharakkitha routinely consumed whisky, which was an offense for a buddhist monk. He allegedly had a sexual relationship with Wimala Wijewardene MP, Minister of Health and the only woman member of the Bandaranaike's Cabinet in 1959.[5] Wimala Wijewardene was the sister-in-law of D. R. Wijewardena and the widow of Don Charles Wijewardene, author of The Revolt in the Temple. She was also an aunt of Ranil Wickremasinghe, the current Prime Minister in the Sri Lankan parliament.[6]

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