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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 June 2017                                          

Corrupt Lawyers indicate Corrupt Justice system
[Meehan’s LinkedIn profile features a quote from US lawyer Clarence Darrow that: “To be an effective criminal defence counsel, an attorney must be prepared to be demanding, outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous, a rogue, a renegade and a hated, isolated and lonely person.
Less than 24 hours before he pleaded guilty, Meehan updated his Facebook profile with a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator with the catchphrase: “I’ll be back.] The Courier Mail article under the heading ‘Former high-profile solicitor Tim Meehan has pleaded guilty to fraud

I smiled – placing the LTTE in place of Mr. Meehan. When Sinhalese celebrated the defeat of LTTE on the roads of Colombo in 2009, some young Tamils around me said ‘More Prabhakarans will be born’ – which is the parallel statement of Mr. Meehan’s ‘I’ll be back’ declaration. Each time a Sinhalese who is a ‘foreigner’ to Tamils calls the LTTE ‘Terrorists’ the ‘other side’ of that pleasure of unearned authority is born – at the deeper level of the two sides represented. When irrelevant judgments are delivered for ‘gossip’ purposes against one who upholds the Truth the roots of that side are damaged  and disorder happens beyond their control.

In a Court of Law, when Truth is published to uphold Natural Justice any relevant law would bow to that Truth to become a facility for that Truth to become the law in that environment. British Judges of Indian Courts expressed respect for Gandhi for that reason.

I learnt about corrupt lawyers when I expressed in Court  the Truth that the University of NSW (UNSW) needed as per my discovery. The law I used was the Racial Discrimination Act  1975 which is least practiced in Administration by Australian Administrators and Politicians, but is most needed to be part of the global community through higher education. The mandate of  a University is to seek and find the Truth through Research and share that discovery through Teaching.  I performed at the highest level of standards known to me even when I was paid far less than my White Australian parallels. The difference when absorbed developed ownership in the work of the minds that discovered the  Anti Discrimination Law in a Multicultural society.  By accepting my lower returns – I became one minded with them – and hence understand  the above quotation by US lawyer Clarence Darrow that: “To be an effective criminal defence counsel, an attorney must be prepared to be demanding, outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous, a rogue, a renegade and a hated, isolated and lonely person.

To be part of the disorderly system of the UNSW I had to demonstrate conduct that would show me to be disorderly and thus bring out the Truth of the Disorderly in a ‘free’ Association. In an environment that is true to itself – the ‘other’ side would become my opposition. Where this ‘other’ side includes ‘judges’ and I am punished, that environment makes me an enemy of itself and breeds pro terrorism karma.

 Gandhi expressed his Truth which reflected disobedience as well as actions in breach of the law and earned  the punishment of imprisonment through laws ‘foreign’ to majority Indians. When the judge so punishing merely applies the letter of the law as per his duty – it is like Gandhi punishing himself. But where judges went  further than the letter of the law and tried to ‘show’ authority – they bred pro terrorism karma which is still haunting Britain.

When we actively use current measures – we prevent past karma from invoking itself. But when we neglect current measures relevant to our current environment and our position in that environment we invoke our past karma for better or for worse. When we are naturally true to the position through which we earn authority to judge and to discipline insiders and punish outsiders, even our thoughts go towards repairing the roots of a damaged system. This invokes also similar Energies beyond time and place borders. That was how Sri Lankan Tamils won the position of Opposition Leadership in National Parliament, when majority race failed to uphold its own race’s stated principles and values of the past. Lord Buddha is one such elder to majority Sinhalese and like Thesawalamai for Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka, this was embedded into the Common Constitution in addition to the Customary Kandyan Law applicable to Sinhalese. In effect that provision ‘Buddhism Foremost’ effectively sets aside all other provisions of Constitution that do not show a connection to this root. One has to become a Buddhist Politician in mind to know this root. When such politician is at the root – there is no place for Buddha who renounced position benefits to discover the Truth at grassroots level.
Democracy in Administration is ‘foreign’ language to those who have the autocratic genes. I resigned from my UNSW position after hearing Ms Pauline Hanson in August 1998 say to us migrants who did not want to ‘assimilate’ with majority – to go back home. But the true Australians who were also suffering due to ‘foreign laws’ asked me to stay and I forewent the bigger opportunity to stay within their boundaries. Hence when I went to prison for ‘Peaceful Assembly’ I facilitated the Truth of the University to surface Itself – i.e. – that the University was so disorderly that it would threaten through armed forces rather than use the intellectual pathway to uphold its own Truth.

Yesterday Ms Hanson was in hot waters again for claiming that children with disabilities should have separate classrooms. One who was hurt by her observations in 1998 – that migrants who do not assimilate must go back home – would not be surprised by the above expressions. It’s all about separation so Ms. Hanson would mark herself ‘right’ as per the locals in her group who are yet to release themselves from the White Australia policy which was ‘right’ for the government of that time. Ms Hanson like the above lawyer was being true to her part of  Australian society. Like the more educated  Sinhalese in Sri Lankan society who were hurt by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa,  White Australians who have invested in global principles and values, are getting upset now for the same nature surfacing again – this time to damage their own investments. If  Ms Hanson had been disciplined back then by using Global principles that Australian Government has foremost commitment to – Australians would have been saved the pain and anxiety of Terrorism. The prevention Energy is within the control of migrants who have natural authority over their juniors who seek to exercise authority prematurely through the use of the gun. So long as they feel Australian – Australians are protected from such violence.

Given that Indigenous Australians have first authority – those who share in their pain are higher in status than those who separate them as untouchables.

We – each one of us develop our own natural structures as we go through life. Every one of us has the Natural Authority to enjoy ourselves and the benefits in our custody – so long as we have no knowledge of anyone else being affected by it one way or the other. As they say in the Indian system ‘it is an offence to give dowry or receive dowry’. In Sri Lankan Tamil Thesawalamai – dowry has positive value and hence renders dignity to the wife and her side of the larger family. Sri Lankan Tamils who are owners of Sri Lankan Tamil tradition would not therefore easily assimilate with Indian Tamils where the above law is relevant. Hence when the LTTE received money from the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister – they disconnected with all those who practiced the dowry system. Sri Lankan Tamils have their own structures as per their genuine investments in their local environments.
As per my knowledge of Hinduism – Matter is at the bottom end of order and Energy is at the highest end. Matter is the vessel in which the Energy is preserved. Land is one such vessel. Democracy  in Politics is based Land and those to whom that Land is home are relatives. Ms. Hanson has the authority to state in Parliament only those values that directly affect the electorate that she represents. Ms Hanson often behaves as if she is the Minister or Shadow Minister who represents the issue on behalf of the whole of Australia. That is the curse from indiscriminate use of majority power by producing more and more opposition – without connection to personal belief.
As per 9 News report :
[The One Nation leader made the comments during debate on the federal government's proposed schools overhaul.
Ms Hanson insisted parents and teachers had raised the matter with her.
Teachers were devoting much of their time to disabled children, to the detriment of other students in the classroom, she said.
Disabled and autistic children should be taught in special classrooms where they can be looked after and given special attention, she said.
"If it was one of my children I would love all the time given to them to give them those opportunities - but is it at the loss of our other kids?"]

The above confession confirms that Ms Hanson did not feel the need of her electorate but ‘heard’ those who lacked the courage to represent their beliefs directly to the Government or through experts in the field. This demonstrates that they want an easier time through smaller groups while others learn to ‘integrate’ by sacrificing easy time. It is the parallel of ‘Tamil Eelam’ and ‘Sinhala Only / Buddhism foremost’.

Like Mr. Meehan said about himself – Ms Hanson ‘came back’ – as did Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Joint Opposition – i.e. De facto Opposition. Stayed too long with the LTTE? Likewise, Ms Hanson who through her natural structure tries to be the ‘boss’ of those who seem lesser Australian than herself would merge naturally with those less developed minds taking  authority without belief. They are our internal Terrorist – killing our global investments.

When we as leaders turn blind eye to such disorder within, it grows silently to become Negative value to our heirs and exposes Itself when those who represent those negative values are greater than the numbers who represent positive value. This often happens through passage of time when the younger generation is more global and/or immigration when the migrants’ inherited value is more positive.  

The above lawyer’s mentors were Americans continuing to carry the ‘invasion genes’. In contrast, the  Vice Chancellor of  UNSW who sent me to prison – also brought with him the American mentality of treating Australians as juniors. He got dismissed by the system of Natural Justice when I did not physically resist that injustice. That was proof that I was deeper owner of University of NSW than the American trained Vice Chancellor.

We are free only when we stay within our earned structures. The rest – even if we are sent to prison belongs to those who opposed us – each getting their return as per their own structure. 

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