Thursday 15 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 June 2017

War & Immigration

It was saddening to read the article ‘Axe Murder Trial Highlights ‘Vicious’ Sri Lankan Tamil Gangs Feuding in UK’ . As part of the Common Tamil Diaspora the  question that came to my mind was ‘where we have failed?’ Are there forces beyond our control that manifest such behaviour? If yes, how do we manage them? Finding these solutions is needed not only for the Tamil Diaspora but also for the educated Tamils living in Sri Lanka – especially in Tamil areas.
As per this article:

[In May 2009, a bloody civil war in Sri Lanka ended after 25 years with defeat for a rebel group who represented the island's Tamil community. Thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils have migrated to Britain in recent years and a tiny minority appear to have been desensitized by the violence they witnessed growing up.]

Militants have always been in the minority within the Sri Lankan Tamil community. But once we lose consciousness of that Sri Lankan border, we become part of  Tamil Nadu Nation. The Spiritual power of Tamil Nadu would work only for those who believe in the Tamil Nation and not those who use it for selfish purposes. It is similar to English Nationalism in Australia.
The laws that are naturally applicable to us are the ones developed and contributed to by us and those who have contributed to our living – such as our parents and community elders. The other laws are ‘foreign’ to us. Some may use them for economic benefits but until they Believe in them – the laws would not naturally work for them. This applies to recruitment at national level.

When the Australian Police arrested me at the University of NSW – the real reason was Disobedience – against which there is no law. By assembling peacefully at the office of the Vice Chancellor – and staying within the reception area, I was quietly pointing to the Vice Chancellor failing in his duty to implement democratic management systems which require the senior in a relationship to listen and acknowledge the contribution by the junior as per the junior’s position  requirements but not heard and included by the junior’s supervisor/s and/or beyond the position requirements but needed by the position in its current environment. The reason given by the Police was Trespass. This was an abuse of Law common to both sides. I failed to uphold that in Australian Courts but my genuine contribution travelled beyond legal borders to invoke the real spiritual powers of the Land. That real judgment has taken its place in the National Library of Australia – through Natural forces. As an individual I did not influence in any way – its placement there. Hence to me those who did contribute to its placement are Divine powers who care about the whole of Australia.

The above example by British Tamils, clearly highlights that Britain also used global laws for economic purposes. Otherwise – the parents of these young ones would have been rejected by British immigration authorities. On the other hand, in Natural Terms – these Tamil youth could limit the growth of violence in more senior communities – including the Indigenous British who carry the ‘invasion genes’. Sri Lanka has shown that the Tamil militants did just that. The attack on Muslims by Buddhists is the manifestation of this reduced / weakened force.  So long as the Sinhalese outside his Buddhist ‘home’ carries the memory of Tiger force, he would stay away from attacking Disobedient Educated Tamils acting within the law.
The problem with the Diaspora – both Tamil as well as Sinhala – is that they fail to find the parallel in their new Western nations. Not one member of the Tamil Diaspora Group has moved to buy my book ‘Naan Australian’. I conclude that realising self-governance within their new Home-Countries is not a priority to them. They enjoy finding fault with the Sri Lankan Government and fool themselves that they are international. To the extent this covered-up  the Militants’ weaknesses -  those militants live through the bodies of juniors within their community.

The Indian Tamil cinema exaggerates and exposes the disorder within Tamil Nadu for its own economic benefits. When MGR became the Chief Minister this exaggerated form became the official form. Likewise, when Governments talk of ‘Terrorism’ for selfish reasons – the official system accepts that as the official form of individuals within that group. Once we become citizens of a new nation – we are the junior-most citizens of that nation. We should not be judged as per the judge’s opinion of the country of origin nor to show wider world which is ‘foreign’ to us. The Australian Police listed me as Sri Lankan and yet my complaint that that the discrimination was race based was ‘dismissed’ repeatedly.

In terms of structure – I had earned higher positions in Australia, than those who listed me as ‘Indian/Sri Lankan’ expressly or mentally.   Unless our Belief based thoughts and/or our intellectual discrimination through Common principles are stronger in our mind, the seen and the heard – drive our actions. If judges officially turn blind eye to this – the official system gets disorderly.

The British Tamil Diaspora has to first internally strengthen its British ownership before claiming to be ‘global’. This is achieved by keeping the weak ones close to the strong ones. 

The Sri Lankan Government by indiscriminately using the word Terrorists made foreigners of the LTTE. A stateless foreigner is effectively global orphan. By turning a blind eye to the disorderly violent conduct of these young ones while engaging actively in claiming to be victims of the Sri Lankan Government only – Tamil Diaspora leaders have neglected their own responsibilities to the community. When  keep repeating lies we start accepting others’ lies about us. The first job of the Tamil community is to become One – by internally allocating junior positions to the disorderly persons and/or their parents. Our family positions need to be lost consciousness of once we become adult, independent members of the wider world. 

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