Friday 9 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 June 2017

UN Mortgage & Power of One

My mother often asked me to settle my home-mortgage and be debt-free. Suraby & Kumar  when they came over with Vasanthi & Kathir to comfort me during my UNSW (University of NSW) pain said that as per some  of their elders –  some debts are good debts. The mortgage we have on our home unit is a good debt. It motivates us to work and/or save and elevate our social status.  Where we are genuinely committed to paying it off – the money is Capital – in return for which the Bank gets our interest towards employing its resources.

If the outer form of the value is less than the inner values AND we stay within our Truth,  we go into this Common Pool and  Natural Energies takeover the distribution and management of our real resources residing with those to whom we are ‘relatives’ / ‘family’. That has happened in my life so many times, and  it’s only recently that I made this connection between our outer ability and the real inner ability which includes Reserves residing with others helped by us. That outer form may change but not our Energy within the Common Bank of Natural Resources.

This home unit in Sydney was purchased from Prima Singapore owners and I worked for Prima Ceylon Ltd.   before I joined Airlanka – the National carrier of Sri Lanka.  I just walked over to pay my respects to Prima Chairman who demonstrated valuation not only for my standards but for the Tamil Community, attributing credit to us as hard-workers. That appreciation kept me linked to Prima at the deeper level and coupled with the work reserves accumulated there – I felt the inner Energy to approach the Chairman and pay my respects. Now I realise that that made me draw on my ‘Reserves’ with Prima family and gave me the confidence to settle the price at the right level for me. Back then they benefited  out of my costs  and when I purchased the property – the supplier side was lowered to show ownership powers developed in Sri Lanka to benefit Singaporeans. That is how global this home unit is. We now accommodate Airbnb guests in one part of the home.  Recently another Airbnb host asked me whether I changed for cleaning? I said ‘no’. I asked myself why that was the case? It’s that Common ownership where the whole is not divided / separated and charged for individually. It would be for economic purposes and not for higher experiences which keep us close to this Common Energy.  

Gandhi’s power was this power. Had Gandhi taken revenge against the British, he would not have had this support of Natural Powers.

Both work experiences – Prima and Air Lanka happened during the period of leadership of Mr. J.R.Jayewardene.  To my mind, the common connection is Tourism – in which area Mr. Jayewardene was a pioneer – confirming the support of Natural Energies.

Any institution, person, country where we draw less benefits than the costs we paid relative to others – especially those carrying high status, in that group at the time we were active – AND we do our best to take our earned position and absorb that which is denied – becomes our ‘Home’. Like with the virtues we carry from one life to another – we carry those reserves as Energy and this makes homes for us in our new environments without having to ‘lose’ the old to be the new. Once an environment is our home – we are supported by others to whom that environment is ‘home’.  Both Chancellors of my active time with the UNSW,  demonstrated that they carried this ‘Home Energy’ and hence confirmed support for me – each in their own form. Those who lacked this Energy and considered me to be insignificant / less significant than I was to them  – turned the karma on themselves. The return happened after I physically left the UNSW – to create a false picture that  I had not worked there. The damage happened at the American Vice Chancellor’s level. THAT was the real judgment from within the system.

 If Tourism was his natural strength, Religion was Mr. Jayewardene’s natural weakness. Mr. Jayewardene officially became Buddhist of his maternal lineage and left behind his father’s Christian heritage which would have been more and more difficult to carry forward as leader of a nation of majority who thought they were Buddhists. The entitlement to Buddhism must come from within and be above the human entitlement starting with the Constitution. Mr. Jayewardene brought forward into his Presidential structure – the Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution of 1972 – showing fear that people might slip back into Colonial structures during which time majority voters did not identify with their British masters.  

Where Buddhism is brought into the constitution for outer purposes, the gap between our real entitlement to Natural support and word entitlement widens – as if Buddha himself is rejecting us for abusing his name to ‘kill’ instead of to ‘heal’.

 Tourism in Sri Lanka and Buddhism in Sri Lanka are naturally conflicting interests and one naturally opposes the other. To succeed in one, one has to sacrifice the investment in the other. The lies we ‘show’ eventually weaken our own mental order. That was how Mr. Jayewardene lost his insight into himself and his own inner peace. To become Buddhism foremost leader – he needed to forego his status as belonging to the class of global leaders.

Those Sri Lankans to whom Sri Lanka was ‘home’ and continued to travel along the ‘global pathway’ including by carrying the Common values developed through British rule, were facilitated to enjoy the ‘Tourism’ side of Mr. Jayewardene’s structures, on the way to becoming President. I believe I am one of them. It was during that period that I bought also the land in Colombo which was later unlawfully occupied by a Sinhalese who claimed to be a Survey Assistant and who sold it to ‘insiders’ in a ring of unlawful invaders / occupants – the latest one showing large forms of outer status through money and living in a rich suburb developed by the former regime which ‘owes’ the real global community managed by the UN.

As per Daily News report the TNA Opposition leader who represents the REAL Opposition powers of Consolidated Sri Lankan Parliament said to the Apparent Opposition Leader representing only Sinhalese voters stated as follows:

[The Sri Lankan state is bound to implement the UNHRC resolution and it cannot be repudiated by Parliament as demanded by the Joint Opposition(JO), Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan said.
The Opposition Leader speaking at the Adjournment debate moved by Joint Opposition Parliamentary Group Leader Dinesh Gunawardena in Parliament yesterday, called for the full and expeditious implementation of the Geneva Resolution]

When the Sri Lankan Government pushed Tamil politicians to separate themselves from Sinhalese only pathway – the real powers that supported it became weaker and hence it was unable to elevate its operations to the global level. That would have been ok – if it had not enjoyed benefits from global institutions such as the UN. But the Lankan Government did take benefits without paying due respect to the Global community – which includes Sri Lankans of all ethnicities. We may borrow global status provided we are committed to settling the debt. If not – it makes us bankrupt in terms of global commonness while we shout we are Sovereign.

The UNHRC resolution is gateway to repaying that loan and to those who accept those standards and practicing them in their own local environments, Sri Lanka is a global home. They settle the debt of International Status under mortgage to the UN. I believe I am one of them. 

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